The Complete Squadco Review – Features, KYC, Registration, Payments

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Squad is a payment solution that enables all types of businesses and individuals from around the world to make and receive payments in a smarter and simpler way.


Squadco Review

Squadco Solutions are suitable for individuals in business, small and medium-sized enterprises, large corporates, and aggregators. Firstly, anyone can use Squad to start receiving payments even if you are not a registered business.


We are a group of young and vibrant people with one goal in mind; to simplify payment for businesses in Africa. – Team Squadco


Squadco review entail it as a product of HabariPay Limited – A subsidiary of Guaranty Trust Holding Company, that provides payment solutions to businesses.

Through Squadco, HabariPay provides business owners with the tools they need to thrive in a digital economy while also promoting their business and introducing them to a market beyond their current reach.


Squadco Founder

Knowing the profile behind a project is a stepping stone in assuming it long term projection. WHY SO? Credible platforms with open minded founders find it no challenge to discuss about their project and stand up for it.

SquadCo is a payment solution by GTCO Plc (owner of Guarantee Trust Bank GTB) that was launched on the 1st of June, 2022 with the aim of providing African businesses with the best payment tools to help them grow easily.

SquadCo came with big promises and a bigger vision for Africa: “Our vision is an Africa where every payment is digital…” said Segun Agbaje, CEO of GTCO.


Squadco Transaction Fee

Local transactions attract a charge of 1% plus N50 per transaction and 3.5% flat per transaction for international transactions. Find out more about our pricing. 

There are no hidden charges. All charges are listed on our pricing page or clearly visible on your merchant dashboard.


Squadco Registration

Squadco Registration on the site isn’t so complicated, but it’s really necessary to have the below information handy is a as it will be needed of you.

  • Visit 
  • Tap Signup
  • Enter your first and last names
  • Enter your Business Name, as you want it to appear in all you business dealings
  • Enter your phone number and email
  • Create a strong password
  • Submit


Squadco KYC Verification Guide

Once you complete the listed tasks, your KYC request will be reviewed by the Squad Team, and a response will be issued 24 hours from when you registered.

Without upgrading the KYC, you may be able to do some transactions but you will definitely be limited.

  • Verify your email address
  • Verify your phone number
  • Enter your NIN
  • Verify your BVN
  • Enter a verifiable physical address
  • Add other business details
  • Link your bank account
  • Create a USD account (if need be).


Squadco Login

Before you have access to Squadco login page, it’s obvious you must have registered successfully.

To login Squadco, only the below is needed;

  • User  
  • Password


Payment on Squadco Steps

Adding payment to your website should not be rocket science, let’s worry about that while you worry about things that matter to you.


Create an account

Sign up for an account with your name, email, phone number and business details.

Verify your account

Verify your email and update your personal details to enable you start receiving payments immediately.

Accept payments

Start accepting payments via any of our products in minutes.


Why use Squadco? 

This review on Squadco has talked a lot about it seemless transaction and the digital sphere. The dashboard (after creating the account) was also elegant.

On the left you can find a number of tabs, including the Get Started, Overview, Online Payments (containing Transactions, Settlement, Customers, Transfers, Disputes), e-Commerce, POS, API Library, and the Sandbox tabs.

There was a pretty looking chart on the Overview tab where you can see your transaction history. And On the top are the tabs for Online payments and POS transactions (which appear after you complete your KYC).

Squadco features are so magnificent and the platform is worth the trial as it’s really easy to use.



By using this platform, merchants unconditionally agree to be bound by laws, rules, regulations and official issuances applicable on the matter, now existing or which may hereinafter be enacted, issued or enforced.

These terms and conditions also comprise the agreement between Squad, its sponsored platforms and/or its affiliates and the merchant in connection with the use of its Platform.