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Mighty Networks was founded in 2017 by Gina Bianchini, Tim Herby, and Thomas Aaron to drive community innovation and offer a different kind of online business more people could participate in and be proud of.

This article focuses on over 20 keynotes on Mighty Networks Review.

what is Mighty Networks used for

Prior to Mighty Networks, Gina was the CEO & Co-Founder of Ning, a pioneering social platform that flipped the script and offered creators and brands the opportunity to build their own social networks.

Under her leadership, Ning grew rapidly to serve 100M people around the world.


Who’s Behind Mighty Community?

Mighty Community is brought to you as a service of Mighty Networks. Welcome! Throughout Mighty Community, you’ll be seeing our Mighty team including: 

  • Tony Bacigalupo, (me) Director of Mighty Community
  • Gina Bianchini, Mighty’s founder and CEO
  • Brady, Kyle, Marc, and other members of the Mighty team you’ll see with a “@ Mighty” handle

An Introduction sake Video



Mighty Networks Review

Gina has had a front row seat to the growth of nearly 1M successful online communities and businesses and shares a proven framework for powering business through community in Mighty’s Community Design ™ Accelerator.


Independent Community

Before diving into Mighty Networks review proper, its notable how it unlocks a new era of independent communities creating and mastering something interesting or important together.

Whether you’re moving your social media followers or migrating from another platform, Mighty makes it easy to bring your vision to life with a branded community across all platforms.

  • Web, Android and iOS
  • Custom landing page
  • Custom domain
  • Organize with custom topics
  • Migration specialists

The best community platform lets you start where it feels natural and easy.


Scaling Communities 

Whether you’re just starting out with 30 members or have grown to 300,000, your member experience and community management will remain uncompromised and that is one keynote on this Mighty Networks Review

The Mighty Effect™ personalization technology means the activity feed is unique to each member, serving them relevant content

Welcome and Discovery sections make it easy for new members to get oriented

Unlimited members, Hosts, and moderators on every Mighty plan.


Build a Business

Native course builder—gate your content, add a course community, or teach a live, cohort-based course.

Charge for courses or memberships as recurring subscriptions or one-time purchases

Charge in hundreds of local currencies

Create an Ambassador program to incentivize members to refer new members.

Courses and premium memberships are a billion dollar industry. With Mighty, you don’t need to add another tool to charge or build an online course.


Share a smile

When building community, there’s no substitute for live human connection. And when that connection happens on your own platform, instead of a standalone one or on social media, the benefits pay long-term dividends.

  • Livestreaming
  • Live events and meetings
  • Event calendar
  • Native video uploads
  • Group chat events


Spark member connections

With a personal brand or social media following, it’s all on you. With a community, your offering grows the more your members connect with each other. And Mighty makes it easy for them to find each other and start talking.

  • Rich member profiles
  • Private direct messaging
  • Small group chat
  • Match by location or interest
  • Member categories


Get Paid Directly From Members

Charge members any price you want, sell access to online communities, courses, and livestreams.


Get off the Content Treadmill

YouTubers spend only a few hours a week running massive paid communities with Mighty Pro. Your members don’t just consume, they contribute and teach each other.


Own Your Audience

This is your platform with 100% ownership and no algorithms, no trolls, or walls standing between you and your people.


Team Building 

For a successful and profitable community, you can expect one team member to spend between five and ten hours per week.

These hours include community moderation, content planning, posting (polls, questions, quick videos), answering questions, and running weekly livestreams or events. 

One of the largest communities hosted on Mighty Pro—Yoga With Adriene—for example, only spends five hours per week on community management. This time includes all posting, moderation, and content planning. Their community has 218,000 members. 


Video – The Best Community Platform



What is Mighty Networks used is a common question but is the only community platform that allows you to run your community and online courses, content, video, events, memberships, and digital subscriptions together in one place, under your brand, and instantly available on web, iOS, and Android apps.


Teaching Community

It is proper to point out on this Mighty networks review that Mighty Community is a Teaching Community integrated on the platform.

Have you ever heard of a teaching hospital? It’s a special kind of hospital where they do research and development and train the next generation of doctors coming into the world. 

Well, we want you to think about Mighty Community in the same way—as a place to learn and practice the most modern, cutting edge strategies for hosting a thriving community, online course, or membership in a supportive culture of teaching, learning, and awesome people. 


Building Impact

Intrigued by the potential of building a thriving community but don’t know where to start. 

Seeking something more—more impact, more purpose, more scale, or more profit—from your already successful digital coaching, course, or content business.  

Ready to level up in how you structure your offers and offerings—finally bringing more pieces of your business together in one place for smoother transitions, deeper engagement, and fewer administrative headaches.


Community Design

As more people spend less time on social media, and more time in communities with a purpose, it means more people have access to richer, more rewarding, and more fulfilling experiences that matter. 

Looking for the absolute easiest, most successful way to launch a paid community, online course, or membership for the first time.  

Of not on this mighty networks review is that they are going to share with you an entirely different way to think about designing your community. It’s called Community Design™ and it’s going to help you avoid the traps that make community-building seem harder than it actually is. 

But Community Design™ has a bigger purpose. Communities are the single most powerful way for people to:

  • Navigate a rapidly changing world.
  • Build new practices and create new habits.
  • Get results and transformation nearly impossible to get on your own.

Your community—even if it’s just an idea at this point—is something that needs to exist in the world. There are people who need you to build it. And we’re here to help.


Brand launching 

No Algorithm

Your members can see everything that you post in linear feeds, sorted by topic. Everything you post, people see.


Stop The Content Grind

Step off the content treadmill and watch your community naturally grow. With a community, your people learn from each other and you play the role of Host, not a content creator.


Way Higher Engagement

We can’t talk about mighty networks review forgetting the engagement. You’ll discover the secret: people pay attention to what they pay for. Most creators charge $40 per month, per member, which adds up quickly.


The Hard Stuff

We know you’re busy—adding a community isn’t going to drain your time. You get a fully stacked community team: world-class design services for your app listings, launch support, and technical experts on call.


It Can Scale Into Something Massive

Mighty Pro delivers everything you need to sell digital subscriptions & build a multi-million dollar membership business.


Empire Building

How to use Questions & Polls—not content—to launch your community and start to connect your members to each other. 

Mighty Networks is used to expand engagement with Quests, or the activities that build relationships between your members and bring them the value they are happy to pay for.  

Where to find your first members and how to create what we call an Ambassador Culture where your members share and invite more members. 

And more is also what is Mighty Networks used for. The app will take you through these stages with livestreams, guides, workshops, and conversations throughout Mighty Community. Much more importantly, you’ll also meet amazing fellow community Hosts like you on a similar path. 


Community Design Accelerator

Join in the Community Design™ Accelerator. It’s a step-by-step course and course community right here in Mighty Community that will fast track you through the process of successfully growing  a thriving community, online course, or membership you can charge for. 

The price of the Community Design™ Accelerator is $349. 


Share Stories

Join in. Add your stories, experiences, and ideas to our prompts and take and use the guides and resources here to help you make your community awesome.

And ask away—there are no dumb questions here in Mighty Community.  


Explore your community

Another purpose of what is Mighty Networks used for is to Explore your community, course, or membership ideas generously.

Mighty Community is here for you to explore your ideas around what is going to make your community, course, or membership not only meaningful and important to you, but successful. 



Might networks review extends to show it is used a lot and you have clearly read that above. Below are a few testimonials.

“Mighty Networks is the single best thing that happened to me (and my course) this year.” – Shravan K, Host and course creator.

“The difference between Facebook and Mighty Networks is that when they come to our community, they’re coming there on purpose. It’s been such a relief to have a more focused audience that is more engaged.” – Ami Mackey, Host of PLANTSTRONG

“Mighty Networks is a breath of fresh air compared to other platforms that are overwhelming with distraction. ” – Benjamin Warsinske, Host of Bricks & Brands


What is Mighty Networks used for? 

Welcome! You’re joining 62,000+ members passionate about the power of community online and IRL as the source for each of us to realize our full potential.

A Mighty Network is the best place to bring together your content, courses, community, events, and more and to be this is a keynote on what is Mighty Networks used for.

You’ll unlock your own Mighty Network Effect through its unique combination of structured features, like courses, with more spontaneous ones, like live-streaming and group chat. Of note, this content on mighty networks review has broaden a lot.