13 LIES FOUNDED on Prosperi.academy Legit or Scam Scheme

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Prosperi Academy Investment

Prosperi Academy has zero social media presence, a poor connection with no tie to relatable medium for their users except via a virtual coach. 

Your mentor isn’t real but a Bot with programmed response.

The platform has the right to debit your card at will afterwards.

Fake payment proofs is their major propaganda.

A mind game is used to force the soft at heart to invest a one time fee of $10 else it increases.

No proof of registration as an organization approved to handle financial assets under regulations.

Zero or no information of the individuals behind the brand. 

A clear red flag as scam projects primarily love staying off the public space not to be tracked down.

Poor connection or relatable medium as they ghosted out of social media. This is to avoid streamlining their business location.

Info on domain registry hidden to avoid users tracing them apart from the forged or actual location on the website (Cyprus).

However, my streamlined research proves they operate from Mauritius

However, Facebook is their major social traffic backlink source. 

Why so? They could have possible ran Facebook ads for more Publicity in the past.



This video exposes all you have to know before Investing if you still feel prompted to.