Tips for Using Pinterest for Business 

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Connecting the globe and tying them with the band of their broadband can be fairly assumed as the initial role of social media platforms. Friends and pals all over the world are now just a click away. The influx of cheap and affordable internet has also defied the geographical boundaries of market places and subsequent marketing strategies all across the social media platforms.

The world is here, where are you? To mark your brand presence over the internet, you must expand your horizons of business over various social media platforms. One such quite popular and emerging giant of social media marketing has to be Pinterest.

Pinterest Marekting Tips 

Widely popular for its vibrant , colorful and interesting themes and feeds, can definitely act as a sprouting opportunity for the marketers to publish their targeted ads and run endorsement campaigns on the Pinterest portal as to garner more traffic, tweak pinners’ interest and eventually convert them into potential buyers of their product/ service offered. A few ideas for businesses to apply and keep in mind are discussed below.

Orienting and creating a business account

Stand apart to stand out, rather than making a simple account on the platform business marketers should consider going in for a dedicated business account. This would entirely be focusing on endorsing the product/service directly and blatantly to reach the consumers. If the brand deviates from being a business account to a normal account it might not be able to focus completely on its goal for achieving more and more targeted clientele and desired sales.

Channelize your content

Streamlining the content creation process will help the business steer in the correct direction. As viewers would only want to engage and interact with a page that knows what it is offering and displaying to the masses. The brand should be specific in its about page, genuinely informing and detailing the consumer about their product and its insights. This also means putting up vibrant and colorful pictures regarding the brand services or aesthetically using color grading and schemes to make the wall attractive.

This channeling process would provide insight about the product and tweak interest among the potential buyers along with creating a visually appealing and interactive pinterest feed to attract more traffic in future. 

Trend specific posts

Brands should create a social media calendar that guides them about the upcoming events in the year which helps them abide by the trends which might be followed and searched for. The brands should be prepared beforehand with their content so that they don’t miss out on covering any trend. For example, the brands should already be up to date with the upcoming trends such as Halloween  with spooky and quirky content.

Embed Pinterest account on the website

One of the most promising strategies of the upcoming social media marketing trends is to embed Pinterest board on the brands website, which helps to drive traffic. This acts as the digital word of mouth and helps to create an aesthetic and vibrant web page. The embedding process does not require much technical knowledge; you can easily do this with the help of social media aggregator tools such as Tagembed, Sprinklr and Hootsuite, etc. These tools allow the users to collect -curate-publish the desired data from the suitable social media platform and make this process hassle-free and convenient for the users.

Campaigns and contests 

To keep the pinners hooked to your brands pinterest wall you must run some fun and interesting contests, this will not only help you to gather more audiences but also give you a chance to interact with your niche. Brands should have attractive and informative ways to launch a campaign which helps them sustain their clientele, acquire new consumers and also increase the virtual footfall on their Pinterest wall. Campaigns and contests are vital because they bridge the interaction and communication channels between your audiences and your brand. 

Publish FAQs and How-to videos

The brands can also publish some FAQs and How -to videos on their Pinterest walls so that it helps people pouring in for information on their wall. This helps the brands to maintain a certain brand presence and goodwill in the virtual market.

Concluding note

Summing up we can say that Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms to display your products and convert the pinners into potential buyers. Pinterest feeds not only make your website aesthetic but also helps in driving more traffic onto it. Businesses must understand the dynamic market’s needs and trends, cater to those needs and bridge the gap between them and their consumers. This can be achieved by out-and-about advertising and endorsing their respective product and service on portals with an already existing huge user base such as Pinterest.