Plumter Dollar Card Limit, Withdrawal, Verification, Referral …

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Plumter dollar card comes with it mobile banking app, a seamless e-banking platform with multiple features for ease of transaction in dollars and naira.

On Plumter, you are allowed to pay and get paid from around the world via various channels without hassles.

Plumter Dollar Card

Plumter Dollar Card

Plumter dollar card ease sending money to your Nigeria bank account with a click. Also, all customer is provided with a multicurrency wallet together with a virtual debit dollar card bundled into an amazing mobile app.

With Plumter you can also get paid by fellow users in different currencies without charges. To get the Plumter dollar card, you must download the mobile app.


Plumter KYC Verification

As part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, they check on the ID information you supply during signup. Also, Plumter runs further checks with the credit bureaus to check if they can offer you an overdraft. 

Also, they might run background checks to be sure you have not flouted any AML laws/policies in the past, or are not part of any criminal activities if notice anything suspicious around your transactions is observed.


Plumter for Business

With the simple Plumter for Business, you can send and receive large payments in global currencies to and from your business partners at the best rates all under 48 hours.

For Africans, the platform provides easy foreign payments across 40 countries and more. Pay or get paid globally in multiple currencies, create virtual dollar cards that truly work where others fail, all from a single app.

Plumter Dollar Card

Plumter Referral Bonus

For each person you refer, Plumter automatically credits both of you $1 each after they create a dollar card or do a Dom transfer or do an international payment. If you don’t have a dollar card, the platform will pay your bonus in naira.

  1. Open Plumter
  2. On your dashboard, click on the Home tab (top-right corner of your screen)
  3. Click on Invite & Earn
  4. Tap on your referral link to copy the link, share it with your friends, and start getting paid in dollars.


Plumter Dollar Card Withdrawal

To withdraw from your dollar card into multiple currencies, follow these simple steps:

  • Tap the card icon from the dashboard
  • Click Tap the view card details

Tap withdraw at the top right of the page and type the amount you want to withdraw.

Funds withdrawn from the dollar card will appear in your Plumter Naira wallet where you can then withdraw to your local bank account.


To withdraw from the Naira wallet

  • From the homepage, tap send money icon
  • Tap To Nigerian naira account
  • Fill in your details
  • Enter your 6 digits pin
  • Multiple currencies enabled

To withdraw from a USD card/wallet

  • From the homepage tap the card icon
  • Tap View dollar card
  • At the top right corner, tap withdraw
  • Type the amount you want to withdraw (in USD) and tap withdraw funds
  • Funds withdrawn from the USD card will reflect in the Naira wallet.

To withdraw from GBP/EUR wallets

  • From the homepage, swipe to the wallet you want to withdraw from
  • Tap withdraw
  • Type the amount in GBP/EUR you want to withdraw and tap Withdraw funds
  • Funds withdrawn from the GBP/EUR wallet will reflect in the Naira wallet.