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I am The Blogger Scientist 🕴💼 , best known as Nenu-B.

Site rankings is dependent on a lot of things, though I can’t discuss all now, you must remember the web is filled with information.

Anyways, this article is Primarily reviewing ClickFlow and as well highlighting important SEO Tips.


Did you know that 53% of mobile users will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load?


Read this Clickflow Review carefully and also share this article.

In this article, you will find satisfying response to entries like :

  • Is Clickflow scam or Legit
  • What is Clickflow about
  • Clickflow Review
  • Logical Helpful Tips
  • Clickflow Registration & Login
  • Disclaimer Issue

And so on….. Use The Table of Contents.

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About ClickFlow

I recall writing about Clickflow we one of the world’s first content intelligence platform. ClickFlow lets you measure the impact of refreshing decaying content, testing new title tags and meta descriptions, and so much more.

ClickFlow Review

ClickFlow can be a powerful and effective tool for growing your organic traffic, but it’s not for everyone.

If you’re a new business without any content or traffic, this tool probably isn’t right for you at this particular stage.

The same goes for companies that haven’t perfected their sales and marketing funnels, or those that don’t generate revenue through their websites.

Click flow is a platform-level website for varying blogs on varying niche. Some examples includes;

  • Sites that get at least 25,000 visits from Google organic traffic per month (SEO traffic)
  • Businesses that drive revenue from their sites.
  • People that have invested in SEO and content in the past and see themselves continuing to do so for the long term.
  • Businesses that already have a working marketing and sales funnel on their site.
  • Businesses that have an web/engineering that is open to making simple SEO changes on their site.

Sadly, Clickflow is poorly optimize for the below categories;

  • Businesses that are just starting out.
  • Sites that get LESS than 25,000 visits from Google organic traffic per month (SEO traffic).
  • People that are NOT investing in SEO and content and believe SEO is not for them.
  • Businesses that have NOT figured out their marketing and sales funnel.
  • Web/engineering teams that see SEO as a lower priority.

Logical Helpful Tips

Below is a short list of logical tips for your Content:

  • Expand the word count and add more depth and examples.
  • Replace outdated stats and references that “date” the post.
  • Re-promote this updated content to your email list and on social.
  • Add in ternal links from other posts to these pages.
  • In many cases, that’s enough to win back SEO traffic.

Boosting SERF Ranking with a Content Decay Tool – Clickflow Review

Practical Steps to Optimize SEO Opportunities

  • Identify Pages with the Best SEO Opportunities
  • Using Google Analytics great as it is the gold standard for exploring website metrics, but it can take time to mine the data it provides for actionable insights.

  • Bring Back Your Old Blog Posts Back to Life

  • Let’s say you wrote that in 2019 and all the advice is still up-to-date and relevant.

    You can run a test on ClickFlow where you change the title to “SEO Tips for Your Website in 2020” or, even better,

    “The Best SEO Tips for Your Website in 2020” and see if that improves your ranking.

    Top5 SEO Ebooks PDF Free Download 2020 + Bonus Books 

    Headlines That Generates CTR

    • Headlines with numbers tend to get more clicks: “10 SEO Tips for Your Website”
    • Headlines with brackets or colons get more clicks: “10 SEO Tips for Your Website [UPDATED for 2020],” “SEO in 2020: The 10 Best Tips”
    • How-to headlines get more clicks: “How to Boost Your SEO in 2020”
    • Phrases like “the future of”, “X ways to” and “need to know” get more clicks: “The Future of SEO Is Here,” “10 Ways to Boost Your SEO,” “The SEO Tips You Need to Know in 2020”

    2019 Tips – How To Get High Dofollow Backlink From Reddit

    Clickflow Affiliate Marketing

    ClickFlow analyzes page speed and highlights areas where you need improvement.

    Simply making a few tweaks can speed up your pages and mean the difference between a user making a purchase or abandoning your site for a competitor with a faster

    Regarding ClickFlow Affiliate Marketing, I am not a member and can give information on that. But I think it will be targeted to driving signups to premium plans.

    SEO Contextual Meaning of Addiction Drug Rehab Center near me.

    Clickflow Registration

    Clickflow registration is free and you have an insight to your blog. For bigger brands go for Pricing Plans.

    Clickflow Login

    Before you have access to Clickflow login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

    To login Clickflow only the below is needed;

    • Google Account
    • OR

    • Facebook Account

    Is Clickflow legit

    Clickflow is a great Platform, those asking if it’s legit might be referring to their pricing. If you scroll up to the sub heading “Clickflow Review”, I already mentioned the targeted brands.


    This Clickflow Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Clickflow nor is it targeted to promoting them. This article is strictly for educational purpose and a honest guide other review sites might not publish.

    Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any complients whatsoever.

    Tap Icon Below To Reach Out To Me ⬇️.

    @The Blogger Scientist 🕴 💼

    Sharing is Love 💕

    Naabiae Nenu-B is a Medical Health Student and an SEO Specialist dedicated to flushing the web off fake news and scam scandals. He aims at being "Africa's Best Leak and Review Blogger" and that's the unwavering stand of Xycinews Media.

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    Saviynt Review – Scam or Legit Intelligent Identity Access for Cloud




    Saviynt is the #6 ranked solution in “Itcentralstation” list of top Identity Management (IM) tools. It is most often compared to SailPoint IdentityNow.

    Customers, practitioners, and analysts agree that Saviynt is the most innovative and complete identity governance, provisioning, and access management solution designed for modern enterprises.

    Built for the cloud to deliver extreme flexibility and scale, Saviynt customers achieve greater ROI and faster time to value.

    Symplifi Review ; Is Symplifi Scam or Legit

    Saviynt Review

    Saviynt provides intelligent identity access management and governance for cloud, hybrid and on-premise IT infrastructures to accelerate enterprise digital transformation. Their platform integrates with leading IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS applications including AWS, Azure, Oracle EBS, SAP HANA, SAP, Office 365, SalesForce, Workday, and many others. Their innovative IGA 2.0 advanced risk analytics platform won the Trust Award and was named an industry leader by Gartner.

    They are best for;

    • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)
    • Data Access Governance (DAG)
    • IaaS Governance
    • Segregation of Duties (SoD)
    • Consumer Identity 
    • Access Mgmt (CIAM)
    • Cloud PAM
    • Cloud Security
    • Hybrid IT


    Saviynt Identity Management

    You have access to the following;

    • Access Certification
    • Compliance Management
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Password Management
    • Privileged Account Management
    • Self-Service Access Request
    • User Provisioning


    Understanding Saviynt Functionality

    With Saviynt, the business has achieved faster cycle times, much more efficient processes, and a much better user experience. 

    Customers, practitioners, and analysts agree that Saviynt is the most innovative and complete identity governance, provisioning, and access management solutions.


    A Single Identity Platform

    Unify identity, application, and privileged access governance with a single cloud platform that doesn’t require bolt-on products or additional service packages.


    Flexible and Fully-Featured

    Embrace a SaaS solution that’s customizable out of the box. Saviynt adapts to meet individual business & compliance requirements, and scales with your organization.


    Built-in AI & Machine Learning

    Leverage built-in machine learning & AI from day one for continuous compliance monitoring, documentation, and remediation of access violations. No additional integrations required.


    Faster ROI & Time to Value

    Deploy an enterprise-grade identity and access governance solution in weeks, not months. Saviynt eliminates complexity, lowers TCO, and helps you achieve ROI faster than the competition.

    Is Ahmadimado Tron Mining Legit or Scam 

    Is Saviynt Safe and Credible

    It’s certainly a very worthwhile and solid product from my observation on Saviynt Review. I think organizations need to understand what they’re trying to achieve before they start these projects. If they’re looking for the range of things that Saviynt offers, then it is a very solid product. I would rate Saviynt an eight out of ten. Nothing is a 10 and it’s got some edges that need to smooth out as it matures. There are certain things that it doesn’t do as elegantly as it could, but that’s like most products, nothing’s ideal.

    The advice I might give to someone who is new to Saviynt is to be aware of Freshdesk. It is the community area for Saviynt users. It is good to have that community as there will be people wondering about the same questions and it makes it easier to find out the answer.

    One thing I noticed about other popular products like SAP or Microsoft Azure, is that when there is a large user-base you can Google a question and most likely you will find the answer somewhere. Saviynt’s profile and usage is still expanding.

    It’s a highly functional system and a very well rounded solution. The onboarding of applications is solid. Their user access reviews are very good. Their role-based model and their identity life cycle stuff are solid. It’s a very well rounded, strong product.


    Growsyn Cloud Hosting Service; The Honest Review For Clients

    Is Saviynt Legit 

    My Saviynt Review has shown that the platform sadly lacks a broad user base which makes it difficult sometimes to find answers to questions about the product.

    The company needs to do more to establish standard practices within the product itself that are common in the industry.

    In terms of improvement, it’s really just a matter of them getting more mature. It’s a relatively new solution and they probably need to streamline a few of the processes as they mature. But there are not too many problems.

    The biggest drawback is that for every change you want to make, you have to go back to them and ask for it.

    Investigative ltcminer Review; Is ltcminer Scam or Legit

    Is Saviynt Scam

    Primarily, Xycinews Media contents is to give an overview of platforms and what they entails to help you decide if proceeding with them or Investing only what you can afford to lose.

    • Do you think Saviynt is scam?
    • How you being defrauded?

    With a lot of platforms on our desk to review for the general public, we might not be able to keep track of Saviynt on a regular. Please help us by dropping a comment and this will help other potential investors from falling prey or proceeding to invest.

    Community Staking Experiment Review; Scam or Legit; CSE Tron Review


    This Saviynt Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Saviynt nor is it targeted to promoting them. 

    This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective because we strongly believe every brand needs a good background check.

    Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with us via the comments box below so as to further improve this Saviynt reviews.

    Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any queries whatsoever. 


    @The Blogger Scientist




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    Science Review – A Database Designed For Unbiased Ratings and Ultramodern Platform Sorting


    on review by Xycinews Media entails how it is unveiling two pioneering approaches to cryptocurrency investment. The first is the Evai ERC20 token that is available for investors to purchase and will also be used to reward developers who support the evolution of our unique ratings system.

    The ultimate objective of the Evai business is to deliver an unbiased ratings system that is fit for purpose in an environment of rapidly advancing technology.

    It was conceived in response to the failure of financial ratings in the run up to and following the 2008 financial crisis.




    Evai is an ERC20 token that runs as a decentralized application (DApp) under the terms of a smart contract.

    The ultimate objective of the Evai business is to deliver a Ratings system that is fit for purpose in an environment of rapidly advancing technology. It was conceived in response to the failure of financial ratings in the run up to and following the 2008 financial crisis.

    The Evai platform aims to combine a self-correcting protocol and a governance mechanism to manage ratings modifications and runs on Turing complete smart contracts.

    Many of the ratings issues of the past can be attributed to the centralisation of the rating structures which inevitably leads to bias. Evai seek to decentralise the ratings process by employing a consensus protocol to drive upgrades and modifications to the ratings process.


    How Works

    Evai works by creating incentives for users to want to participate in the core development of the Evai ratings protocol. However, the blockchain also uses formal mathematical proofs to ensure that certain critical properties of the Evai protocol are maintained, thus keeping the network decentralized.


    The Evai Founders have created and managed successful algorithmically traded funds overseen by the UK regulatory authority the FCA (Registration 673552), which generated 27% net profit. 

    The AI systematic funds were the first step in our development as we now apply our expertise to the cryptocurrency marketplace.


    Is Safe and Credible

    Evai has built an ever-evolving decentralized rating ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain. To further cement its status as soon-to-be industry leaders, the Evai team consisting of diverse and qualified industry experts has also incorporated machine learning and artificial intelligence technology into its rating system. 

    This system will inevitably be heralded as the long-awaited standardized rating system in the Crypto industry. At the heart of the Evai ecosystem is an unbiased rating system called the bridge, which ranks Crypto projects from AAA to C in order of decreasing technical solidity based on 6 individually weighted principles including Liquidity, systematic risk, profitability, momentum, peak to end value demand and investment.


    Is Legit 

    Evai encourages the engagement of token holders and developers.

    Evai Expertise in Algo Trading The Evai Founders created and manage a successful algorithmically traded fund overseen by the UK regulatory authority the FCA (Registration 673552). 

    Since its inception, the fund has generated profit in 95% of months over a 3 year period. But that was just the first step as we will now apply our expertise to the cryptocurrency marketplace.

    Decentralisation is key to Evai avoiding any tendency to bias. Additionally, Evai will not accept any compensation from the companies or investments it rates for issuing the rating. 

    Nor will it give them an opportunity to preview the ratings or suppress their publication for any reason. Evai is totally independent and unbiased.


    Is Scam

    On the basics of this review, No one has reported it’s scam to me yet and due to number of logged files on my checklist, always share your opinion in the comments section. 

    The Evai system is fully automated with AI used to determine the most optimal way to combine these embedded factors. AI and Machine learning also present a way for the Evai system to effectively automate data processing, learn from past data, and constantly updated itself. All of these are integrated with the ethereum smart contracts assigned. 

    Evai provides a fair and unbiased way to interact with the network by creating a governance system that incentivizes and empowers users to participate and influence decisions via a consensus algorithm. 

    You can keep track of your Evai assets using the Evai token wallet now available on Google play store. This is an unprecedented approach to rating systems, and the benefits are endless. First, it presents the opportunity for a standardized decentralized rating system in the Crypto industry that everyone can get behind to rate cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency

  Review – Is Legit or Scam is  indeed every investor’s dream because it’s based on principles that influence actual investment performance.

    Many can see the unprecedented potential of Evai tokens: 39 million tokens have already been bought across 3 Tiers of successful funding. Only 20.8 million up for grabs.



    This Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming nor is it targeted to promoting them. 

    This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective because we strongly believe every brand needs a good background check.

    Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with us via the comments box below so as to further improve this reviews.

    Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any queries whatsoever. 


    @The Blogger Scientist


    Sharing Is Loving 💕


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    How Does Zoom Make Money & How To Make Money With Zoom App



    Zoom is a cloud-based conferencing tool allowing users to virtually interact with each other through audio, video, and chat. The company’s competitive advantage is it high-quality audio/video output.

    After a careful survey, I found out a lot of users keeps searching Google for some terms such as how does zoom make money from clients, what are zoom alternative free apps, how to make money with zoom app, can zoom meeting be hacked etc.

    The business model of Zoom is actually built on charging businesses a reoccurring subscription fee for the various products the company offers. On top of that, Zoom makes money from the promotion of hardware products industrially.

    For a quick introduction, you have a lot in store to read about, use the table of content and navigate around the content. Importantly, please endeavor to share.


    Zoom Meeting Review – What is Zoom Meeting App About

    Zoom is a cloud-based SaaS application that allows private individuals as well as businesses to virtually interact with each other. Communication can occur via chats, audio, video, or a combination of the three.

    Users can hold one-on-one meetings or conduct video conferences with up to 500 participants. Screen sharing allows meeting participants to better coordinate within meetings and distribute Information remotely.

    Zoom is powered by its two core products:

    • Zoom Meetings and Chat 
    • Zoom Rooms and Workspaces.

    Rooms and Workspaces, allows businesses to utilize hardware such as a computer, tablet, camera, microphone, and more to hold virtual meetings. 

    However, it’s aimed at larger-scale organizations, which need to hold meetings across different offices.


    What Are The Features of the Updated Zoom Meeting App

    The updated Zoom Meetings App has all the features a company needs for holding an online meeting, no matter how big or small it is.

    Participants can join in from a computer or a mobile device anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection and invitation link. I will be discussing more on Zoom Meeting Review in a general scenario.

    They can turn on their cameras so others can see them or keep them off in case they want privacy.

    Additionally, each individual can also turn off their microphone as well to make sure there are no background noises when someone speaks.

    The updated Zoom Meeting App offers loads of useful features which includes:

    • Screen Sharing: Participants can share their screens with others, which comes in handy for various presentations and educational workshops. Anyway, this is highly flexible from the end of the Host or Co-host.
    • Chatting: Every Zoom Meeting has an integrated chat feature, this enables each participants to communicate with each other during a meeting and ask questions.
    • Virtual Hand-raising: When you desire to make a contribution, you can signal it to the host by raising your hand virtually. This improves communication during a meeting, preventing multiple people from talking at once and causing poor coordination.
    • Polls: A host can create a poll and share it with participants in the meeting to gather their responses and opinions on a given topic. This is pretty for general users opinion and thoughts
    • Mute A Participants: The host of a meeting has the ability to mute the mic of any participant. This is a vital feature that’s used when someone forgets they have the mic and their children are screaming in the background.


    6 Zoom Alternative Free Apps

    Founded in 2011 by a former Cisco executive – Zoom became an instant success as businesses had to revert to working smartly and digitally.

    But the question is, what about other video communication platform before this time? Nonetheless, I have made a list of other zoom alternative free app for having video conference communication.

    Google Duo

    Google Duo is a household name when it comes to the video calling sphere. However, the app is more suitable for informal communication, the maximum number of participants to 12, much like a class room or a micro community platform.

    Google Hangouts

    This is a free tool from Google and certainly one of the best alternatives to Zoom app. It allows users to create, schedule and host video conferences and also provides a great option when it comes to holding panel discussions.

    MS Teams

    MS Teams is a unified communication and collaboration tool from Microsoft. MS Teams offers both a free and paid version of the platform, with certain advanced features on the paid plan.


    ClickMeeting is an easy to use alternative to Zoom. The tool allows users to schedule and share meetings and also lets them record live meetings if they wish to share it with others. 


    Ekiga is an open-source video conferencing tool that may also be a decent alternative to Zoom Meetings, but it is currently not available for Mac users.  


    GoToMeeting is another zoom alternative free apps alternative to Zoom Meetings, although it’s a bit expensive. The features are just as useful as Zoom and the app comes with a simple to use interface.


    How Did Zoom Come About

    Zoom was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan (CEO), a former executive at the video and web conferencing company Cisco WebEx.

    Prior to starting Zoom, Yuan spent 14 years leading engineering teams – first at WebEx, then at Cisco after its acquisition of WebEx in 2007.

    He joined WebEx as one of the company’s first software engineers in 1997 after his 9th visa application finally got approved.

    At Cisco, he often saw how frustrated the company’s customers were with their inability to listen to their demands and the slow product iteration process.

    For instance, every time a user logged into a WebEx conference, the company’s systems would have to classify which version of a product (Android, iPhone, Mac, or PC) to execute, which slowed things down. 

    If too many people were on the line, the connection would be severely strained, which led to bad audio and video quality. Plus, the applications lacked features such as screen-sharing for mobile phones.


    Who Is Zoom App Founder – Eric S. Yuan Biography

    Taking our mind of the zoom meeting review to the brain behind it, this is a very brief biography of the founder.

    Eric S. Yuan (born 1970) is a Chinese-American billionaire businessman, and the CEO and founder of Zoom Video Communications, of which he owns 22%.

    As a first-year university student in 1987, he was inspired to develop videotelephony software while he took 10-hour train rides to visit his girlfriend and was looking for an easier way to “visit” her. 

    He earned a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics with a minor in computer application from Shandong University of Science and Technology, a master’s degree in geology engineering from China University of Mining and Technology in Beijing.

    Upon arriving in the US, Yuan joined WebEx, a web conferencing startup, where he was one of the first 20 hires.[4][3] The company was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2007, at which time he became vice president of engineering.

    Yuan pitched a new smartphone-friendly video conferencing system to Cisco management, the idea was rejected, Yuan left Cisco to establish his own company, Zoom Video Communications.

    Yuan married at age 22, they have three children and live in Santa Clara, California. 


    Can Zoom Meeting App Be Hacked

    In the recent COVID times, Zoom rose to worldwide prominence as many companies use it to conduct meetings and organize their work processes. With its rise to worldwide fame, the company received some backlash for its handling of security matters.

    Reason: The black hat guys won’t stop looking for a way to attack any platform within their capacity.

    Multiple government entities, including the US or Germany, advised its administrative workers to avoid using Zoom, but today – they app is firmly secured and can’t be hacked.

    This is why I asked the features of the updated zoom meeting app to encourage you to download it.


    What is Zoombombing?

    Zoombombing is the act of unintended people joining existing meetings. For instance, a recent Holocaust memorial was attacked and bombarded with images of Hitler.

    Furthermore, more than 500,000 Zoom accounts were supposedly being sold on the dark web and hacker forums.  

    Yuan apologized for the problems in a blog post on Wednesday, writing “We did not design the product with the foresight that, in a matter of weeks, every person in the world would suddenly be working, studying, and socializing from home.”

    He added: “We recognize that we have fallen short of the community’s — and our own — privacy and security expectations. For that, I am deeply sorry, and I want to share what we are doing about it.” Obviously, this affected how zoom makes money from the video app.


    How Does Zoom Make Money

    Apart from offering special packages to organizations in the Education, Finance, Healthcare, and Government industries, there is a Slsubscription package.

    For instance, schools will have to pay 1,800$ annually to unlock 20 hosts and access the company’s premium features.  

    The Zoom Freemium Plan

    The company operates on a freemium model, which means that customers can use Zoom’s Meetings and Chat product for free. This allows users to host group meetings with up to 100 people and 40 minutes only.

    If more advanced features or simply a greater capacity (in terms of users and time) is needed, premium plans must be bought. The freemium model allows potential customers to get to know the products, which increases awareness for Zoom through word-of-mouth.

    Limited Zoom Meetings & Chats

    Zoom Meetings and Chats is the company’s flagship product, allowing people to jump on a (video) call or chat over the application. Customers can access the application through multiple sources, including Zoom’s desktop or mobile apps.

    The free version limits usage time to 40 minutes while limiting user count to 100 attendees. To lift these restrictions, customers will have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Sooner as you read on, I will teach you how to make money with zoom app from smartly implementing their strategies.


    The Zoom Premium Plan

    The free version limits usage time to 40 minutes while limiting user count to 100 attendees. To lift these restrictions, customers will have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

    Businesses will have to pay $14.99 when billed monthly or $12.49 for annual billing.

    Unlimited Zoom Rooms & Workspaces

    Zoom Rooms are conference rooms systems that allow organizations to run video meetings. Customers can utilize their existing hardware providers such as Polycom and Cisco or purchase from Zoom-certified hardware providers.

    The company’s Professional Services unit then ensures that the installation of conference rooms runs as smoothly as possible.

    Customers are charged a monthly subscription fee, which comes in at $49 a month per installed conference room (or $41.58 per month when billed annually).


    Zoom Phone

    Zoom Phone is a cloud-calling solution designed for users who want to have quick calls without video. Users can launch a VoIP call instead, while using the same Zoom tools available in its Meetings product. Other features include:

    • AI-assisted call management and routing
    • Call recording and voicemail
    • Secure HD audio for clear conversations
    • Auto-attendant and IVR tools to redirect calls to the most qualified agents

    …and so on.

    Similar to its other products, Zoom charges a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 for every host (or $12.49 per month when billed annually).

    Zoom Video Webinars

    Zoom Video Webinars is a web conferencing service that allows users to broadcast a Zoom meeting to up to 10,000 view-only attendees. Webinars start at a capacity of 100 participants and scale up to 10,000 participants, depending on the license bought.

    As the organizer of the webinar, one can share your screen, video, and audio. Furthermore, attendees can use the chat or question and answer options to interact with the webinar host.


    Zoom Funding, Valuation & Revenue

    According to Crunchbase, Zoom has raised a total of $146 million in six rounds of venture capital funding. Investors include the likes of Horizons Ventures, Emergence Capital, Sequoia Capital, and many others.

    Zoom raised another $356.8 million in its IPO, which was announced in April 2019. The company made its debut on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol ZM. Many of Zoom’s tech counterparts that went public in 2019 did so while still losing money. 


    How Much Has Zoom App Generated

    Meanwhile, Zoom was already profitable and earned $7.58 million in net income for the fiscal year 2018.

    For 2019, the company posted revenues of $622.7 million, up 88% year-over-year. Net income rose to $21.7 million. Currently, Zoom is valued at close to $47 billion.


    What Is Zoom Founder’s Net Worth

    The value of Zoom shares has more than doubled in the past three months, sending Yuan’s net worth up as well, according to the Financial Times. The majority of Yuan’s $7.57 billion fortune derives from his 19% stake in Zoom.

    Yuan is now ranked No.192 on Bloomberg’s list of the 500 richest people in the world. Before 2020, he wasn’t even on the list.


    How To Make Money With Zoom App

    The thought of making money is obviously everyone’s concern, but making the money is the challenge because what works fkr some doesn’t work for others.

    Therefore, how to make money with zoom app certainly vary according to individuals, the below is a listing of some possible profession to learn about and decide if it’s cool to venture into.

    • Translator
    • Desktop Software Development in Nigeria
    • Ecommerce Development in Nigeria
    • Game Development in Nigeria
    • Mobile Development in Nigeria
    • Product Management in Nigeria
    • QA & Testing in Nigeria
    • Scripts & Utilities in Nigeria
    • Web Development in Nigeria
    • Web & Mobile Design in Nigeria
    • Database Administration in Nigeria
    • ERP / CRM Software in Nigeria
    • Information Security in Nigeria
    • Network & System Administration in Nigeria
    • A/B Testing in Nigeria
    • Data Visualization in Nigeria
    • Architecture in Nigeria
    • Chemical Engineering in Nigeria
    • Animation in Nigeria
    • Web Content Writing in Nigeria
    • Audio Production in Nigeria
    • Academic Writing & Research in Nigeria
    • Resumes & Cover Letters Writing in Nigeria
    • General Translation in Nigeria
    • Technical Translation in Nigeria
    • Market & Customer Research in Nigeria
    • SEO – Search Engine Optimization in Nigeria
    • Telemarketing & Telesales in Nigeria.

    In my next article, I will be explaining all the above listed profession one after the other.

    For those who read this article carefully, and sure you won’t ask the question how does Zoom make money, what are the features of the updated zoom meeting app – what are zoom alternative free apps, can zoom meeting be hacked and so on.


    Sharing is Love ❤️♥️


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