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Did you know that 53% of mobile users will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load?


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About ClickFlow

I recall writing about Clickflow we one of the world’s first content intelligence platform. ClickFlow lets you measure the impact of refreshing decaying content, testing new title tags and meta descriptions, and so much more.

ClickFlow Review

ClickFlow can be a powerful and effective tool for growing your organic traffic, but it’s not for everyone.

If you’re a new business without any content or traffic, this tool probably isn’t right for you at this particular stage.

The same goes for companies that haven’t perfected their sales and marketing funnels, or those that don’t generate revenue through their websites.

Click flow is a platform-level website for varying blogs on varying niche. Some examples includes;

  • Sites that get at least 25,000 visits from Google organic traffic per month (SEO traffic)
  • Businesses that drive revenue from their sites.
  • People that have invested in SEO and content in the past and see themselves continuing to do so for the long term.
  • Businesses that already have a working marketing and sales funnel on their site.
  • Businesses that have an web/engineering that is open to making simple SEO changes on their site.

Sadly, Clickflow is poorly optimize for the below categories;

  • Businesses that are just starting out.
  • Sites that get LESS than 25,000 visits from Google organic traffic per month (SEO traffic).
  • People that are NOT investing in SEO and content and believe SEO is not for them.
  • Businesses that have NOT figured out their marketing and sales funnel.
  • Web/engineering teams that see SEO as a lower priority.

Logical Helpful Tips

Below is a short list of logical tips for your Content:

  • Expand the word count and add more depth and examples.
  • Replace outdated stats and references that “date” the post.
  • Re-promote this updated content to your email list and on social.
  • Add in ternal links from other posts to these pages.
  • In many cases, that’s enough to win back SEO traffic.

Boosting SERF Ranking with a Content Decay Tool – Clickflow Review

Practical Steps to Optimize SEO Opportunities

  • Identify Pages with the Best SEO Opportunities
  • Using Google Analytics great as it is the gold standard for exploring website metrics, but it can take time to mine the data it provides for actionable insights.

  • Bring Back Your Old Blog Posts Back to Life

  • Let’s say you wrote that in 2019 and all the advice is still up-to-date and relevant.

    You can run a test on ClickFlow where you change the title to “SEO Tips for Your Website in 2020” or, even better,

    “The Best SEO Tips for Your Website in 2020” and see if that improves your ranking.

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    Headlines That Generates CTR

    • Headlines with numbers tend to get more clicks: “10 SEO Tips for Your Website”
    • Headlines with brackets or colons get more clicks: “10 SEO Tips for Your Website [UPDATED for 2020],” “SEO in 2020: The 10 Best Tips”
    • How-to headlines get more clicks: “How to Boost Your SEO in 2020”
    • Phrases like “the future of”, “X ways to” and “need to know” get more clicks: “The Future of SEO Is Here,” “10 Ways to Boost Your SEO,” “The SEO Tips You Need to Know in 2020”

    2019 Tips – How To Get High Dofollow Backlink From Reddit

    Clickflow Affiliate Marketing

    ClickFlow analyzes page speed and highlights areas where you need improvement.

    Simply making a few tweaks can speed up your pages and mean the difference between a user making a purchase or abandoning your site for a competitor with a faster

    Regarding ClickFlow Affiliate Marketing, I am not a member and can give information on that. But I think it will be targeted to driving signups to premium plans.

    SEO Contextual Meaning of Addiction Drug Rehab Center near me.

    Clickflow Registration

    Clickflow registration is free and you have an insight to your blog. For bigger brands go for Pricing Plans.

    Clickflow Login

    Before you have access to Clickflow login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

    To login Clickflow only the below is needed;

    • Google Account
    • OR

    • Facebook Account

    Is Clickflow legit

    Clickflow is a great Platform, those asking if it’s legit might be referring to their pricing. If you scroll up to the sub heading “Clickflow Review”, I already mentioned the targeted brands.


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