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Every marketer and Blogger out there wants to grow their Organic Traffic without the hassle of creating more content or backlinks all the time.

With that solidly in mind, I took it up to update this Clickflow Review Article.

Some persons will honestly ask, How can I grow my organic traffic without having to build backlinks or new contents ?


You must know, this review about Clickflow isn’t condemning backlinks and content daily building, this is because they are still the top two most important things to do when it comes to SEO but there are other ways to increase your traffic.



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What is Clickflow About

ClickFlow is the world’s first content intelligence platform that lets users measure the impact of refreshing decaying content, testing new title tags and meta descriptions, and so much more.

Running A Clickflow Review Test

ClickFlow is all about quick SEO wins and with Clickflow, running an SEO testing is important especially if you create a large volume of content. This is because it’s influenced by some many factors depending on the brand size.

Contents Length And Serf

Most times, we write shorter length artivcles and the first page of Google’s search results features article with longer lengths, this might be discouraging but reviewing how Clickflow works, a test is necessary.

Though using a tool like SEMrush to identify pages that rank for a lot of keywords but don’t appear on the first page of the SERPs and expand them to 2,000+ words is the best option, try also combining several articles on the same topic into a single comprehensive guide and see if it works.

Snippet King

If you ranked in the top 10 for a particular keyword that doesn’t have a featured snippet in the SERPs, you must ensure that the title tag of your article is clearly asking the question in the search query, and then answer it in 40-60 words.

It may take a few months, but if your pages are fully optimized for Google, but it’s worth the wait.

Inline DNA Links

Don’t get it twisted here, it’s not technical but SERF related here. As a Blogger or Content Creator, the beauty of Internal links can help drive traffic throughout a web page and builds page time too, which is an important Google ranking factor and Clickflow content decay tool isn’t a step far. This is another beauty of it where it plays a role in page fishing.

Don’t hesitate to add an in-line and related links to your blog posts, pages, and other related spots. Start with your most popular pages and then work outward from there.

Most times, a cornerstone content is best being boosted with multiple related online article links pointing to it.

Meta CTR

Still on Clickflow Review, the beauty of Meta descriptions may not be as important for Google rankings, but they are definitely important for Click-Through Rates, which have an impact on how well your content ranks.

At times when Google don’t give it so much preferences, Bing does and you must know your also ranging there. Sadly, many users ignore the Bing webmaster tool.

If you are satisfied that your title tags but still can’t see the conversions you want. Try edit your meta tag and make it unique as it’s also a CTR consideration factor

It’s simple, just create keyword-rich descriptions of about 160 characters and make it relevant.

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Remove Dates from URLs

If your blog is on a CMS like WordPress, your default URL will often include the date. If you’ve updated an article from 2019 to make it relevant for 2020, but it still shows 2019 in the URL on the SERPs, users may be less inclined to click.

And depending on the topic, Search Engine may consider it old and Inrelevant.

Reviewing Clickflow Working System

ClickFlow Content decay tool scans your website and finds pages that have the potential to improve in terms of click-through rate and make conversions and possibly rank on Google’s SERPs.

You can test how changes to your post’s title and meta description affect the ranking of your page.

Below I will be discussing of the ways ClickFlow can help boost your Serf with testing.

6 Simple Ways To Boost Serf With Clickflow Testing

Run Grouped URL Testing

If you have a large content blog or website, running single tests can be overwhelming.

That’s why ClickFlow allows you to run tests using the group testing feature where you can test multiple URLs at once.

Automatic Reporting

ClickFlow automatically records each test that you run so that you can check how much success you have had with this tool over time.

Stay Up-to-Date on Opportunities

ClickFlow sends you notifications every time there’s a new opportunity for you to boost CTRs and improve ranking in the SERPs.

Revenue Calculator

The results of your tests are recorded automatically and are displayed in a revenue calculator that shows how much your company will benefit from the increased traffic.

CTR Goal

In the suggestions tab, ClickFlow shows you the average click-through rate for the top 100 pages. You can set your CTR goal and check how many clicks you can gain by improving the click-through rate by a certain percentage.


ClickFlow also shows you how each page on your site is performing over time, the top 50 keywords for each page, average position in the SERPs, impressions, clicks and CTR.

This can help you identify your top-performing pages quickly and gives you more ideas for writing better titles.

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How Do I Run An Effective Blog Test ?

You may be tempted to implement all of these tactics at once. The good news is, if you do that, you will definitely boost your SEO pretty quickly.

The bad news, however, is that you’ll have no idea which of the tactics were most successful to reimplement and grown other pages.

Least mentioning, I recommend picking one or two to start, and then when you’re satisfied that you’ve learned all you can from each test, move on to the next one.

That way, the next time you create a piece of content, you’ll know exactly what to do to ensure that it’s well-positioned for top ranking. (At least until the next big Google algorithm change!)

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