Top8 Tips To Get High Dofollow Backlink From Reddit – My Experience

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Why do many bloggers ask, How do I get high dofollow backlink from reddit ?

Well, you may have noticed, Reddit makes Google first page so often. So trying it out is a wise option.

In the meantime, according to Alexa rankings, below is a summary of Reddit traffic statistics.

When this article was written, Reddit is the 6th most popular site in the United States, according to Alexa, and the 17th globally.

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In today’s age of Google Rankings, one of the most important factors for any website is their backlink profile. Backlinks are links from other websites that point back to your website. They are considered a “dofollow” link, which means the link will show up as a green icon in search engines. Having high dofollow backlink ratios is essential for gaining higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

1. Increased Traffic and Visibility – The more backlinks your website has, the more traffic it will receive from search engine users. This increased traffic can lead to increased visibility and ultimately greater sales.

2. Increased Trust – A high dofollow backlink ratio conveys trustworthiness to potential customers and partners.

Talking About SEO, Backlink and Dofollow Links is really broad. With the best of my ability and your patience, I will certainly teach you how to get high dofollow backlink from reddit without having a strike.


NOTE: Other persons are certainly searching for this information too. Me writing this means I shared my knowledge, so sharing this article is a sign of appreciation 💕.


What is a Dofollow and Nofollow Link


Dofollow Link

Simply explain, dofollow links are links crawled by search engines which point positively to your sites, and get recorded as a positive quality vote.

A dofollow backlink is one that is placed on a website by the website’s owner or publisher. This type of link helps boost the SEO (search engine optimization) of the website because it increases the trustworthiness of the site. Dofollow links are usually placed in blog posts and other online content, making them an invaluable asset for websites looking to improve their ranking.

Ordinarily, dofollow links pass along what the SEO Community calls “Link Juice.” Learning which webpages links are pointed to, search engines can determine how high a website should rank for a search results.

Here is an example of what a dofollow link looks like in HTML:

<a href=””>backlink guide</a>

Also, dofollow links are technically any links that don’t have a rel attribute with a nofollow value.


Nofollow Link

In contrast, nofollow links have a bit of information that ask search engines to ignore crawling them or viewing them as votes with positive quality.

Every link on a website is important. A backlink is a link from another website to your website. Backlinks are important because they tell search engines that your website is important and worth linking to.

A nofollow backlink means that the link will not be counted as part of the link indexing of the page it’s on. This is useful for pages with limited space, or for pages with sensitive information that you do not want indexed by search engines.

In bold is what a nofollow implementation looks like in HTML:

<a rel=”nofollow” href=””>backlink guide</a>


How To Get High Dofollow Backlink From Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet. It’s a platform where users can share links and content, vote on other users’ submissions, and engage in other conversations. Recently, Reddit has been growing more interested in backlinks as a way to improve its search engine ranking.

Backlinks are links from websites that are important to your website or blog. They are indicators of quality and authority, which can help boost your website’s ranking in search engines. When you get backlinks from high-quality websites, it shows that your content is valuable and deserves to be shared.

Getting a high dofollow backlink from Reddit or high DA sites has proven quite draining because these links are scrutinized carefully before made dofollow.

This section is just the secret you have been waiting for. Moreover, I will also be writing an overview of reddit here as well.

Generally, in the bloggersphere, high dofollow backlinks are the cornerstone of sites. Subsequently, nofollow links pass no SEO boost to your site.

Dofollow links from Reddit and other sites can have a huge impact on your website’s Google rankings.


Sign Up First

In this case, reading this far means you are interested in reddit. Signing up is the first step.

Firstly, visit the login page and do the following things carefully and correctly –

Select The Desired Username

Choose A Strong Password

Input Your Active Email

Prove Your Not A Robot

Confirm Your Email

Login Back


Choose a Suitable Login Platform

Choosing a suitable and comfortable platform to log in from is the next option. Reddit requires its members to download their Android and iOS app.

Dispite that, you can also use the normal web version. It is all about what you desire.


Choose Your Community

For those joining reddit for the first time, finding a suitable community might be confusing. This is because reddit has hundreds of hundreds of communities on its platform.

Well, reddit will give you some feature community, and in time you will understand how it works. And this is your introduction to having a high dofollow backlink from reddit to your blog.


Prepare Your Content.

Next, prepare your content. Reddit is so interesting for so many reasons. Below this sub title Content is Linking, you will see my point. Importantly, your content to be published must exhibit some amazing features below –

You can copy and paste

The must not be unique

It could just be 50 words.

It must be easy to read

Neatly arrange

No more than two links per post.

Always drop a maximum of 5 posts which includes your links daily. For others, it means you spamming and would be banned.

Your Content Predict Your Backlink and Upvote

If you post content just to obtain traffic and a backlink, your readers may be aware and give you multiple downvotes. This will lead to restriction or a ban.

Below is the link to one of my articles on reddit, preview it and drop an upvote if you are already on reddit.

Here is A Sample Article – A

Here Is A Sample Article – B



So interesting, Reddit allows users to post just Links without content included. What you must do.

Give your link a Suitable Tittle.

Post your link.

Include a few descriptions of what the link is about.

Post in a suitable Subreddit.

Confirm you are not a robot.

This is pretty simple, below is a sample link of mine on reddit. Give it an upvote if you appreciate this.

A Sample Reddit Text


High Dofollow Backlink From Reddit

Select a Subreddit.

Choosing the right subreddit or category is the most important step. You can choose or join as many subreddit as possible.

If you are in a Sport Subreddit, discuss only sport-related topics. Don’t go there to talk about Health. Don’t also get popular for spamming.

Subreddit is the Heart of Reddit

Reddit got hundreds of hundreds of communities known as “subreddits,” each covering a different topic.

Every subreddit is administered by a moderator. If you post an un-relevant topic, he will not be merciful sometimes.

The name of a subreddit begins with /r/, which is part of the URLs that Reddit uses.


Read Subreddit Rules First

This is one of the biggest mistake I repeat every time. This is very important for some reasons.

Some subreddit are strict, if you don’t read the rules and just publish your posts there, am SORRY for you. Between 10-20 minutes, the moderator would delete your post.

I Never Read Rules And I Had 80% Of My Post Deleted.

Example – A Subreddit called YouDontKnow, if you publish anything here without starting with YAK, it gets deleted.

So always read group rules first.

High Dofollow Backlink From Reddit


Although, this has been mentioned earlier. Subreddits are governed by “moderators,”. They dictate what sort of content is allowed and even remove posts or content or ban users from the subreddit.

Never Ever Insult A Moderator.

Reddit as a whole is governed by the admins, employees of Reddit who have the authority to even ban entire subreddits from the site.


Reddit Algorithm

Because of spammers everywhere, Reddit developers built an algorithm for users to by downvote or upvote a topic.

Every time a new post is published, if an external link is included in it, the content is by default a nofollow attribute.

The Fate of Your Article on Reddit Depends on it Downvote or Upvote.

If your post does not get upvotes, that does not imply it is spam. Maybe the topic is not so interesting.


Never Get Reported

The only reason when a post is viewed as spam is when it gets too many downvotes or worse it gets reported.

When I joined reddit, I didn’t understand much about it, I posted a spam article with a misleading title in a Subreddit of over 5 million people.

I had so many downvotes and my account was reported. I was suspended and warned. If this happens again, I will be BANNED. You have to learn from my mistake.


Be Considerate

Do post spam content with low quality, most people use Reddit because they want to see information that is helpful. Don’t spoil their search results.


Avoid Multiple Accounts

Do not try tricks by creating multiple accounts and trying to upvote yourself in order to get a dofollow backlink. if your content is good, it will be upvoted naturally for sure.


Never Buy Reddit Upvote

Don’t buy any services that offer to sell real upvotes from real users.

usually, this type of services have bots who create fake accounts and is a matter of time until Reddit anti-spam bots will find out.

Don’t Force Upvote

Do not ask reddit users to upvote you on their platform. This is risky but not so dangerous. Just against their rules.


Protect Your IP

Buying upvotes, spamming, and going against reddit terms and conditions will have your account and IP banned.

Just follow all I have said here and don’t forget to share this article.


Reddit Backlink Secret Shot.

I will not say so much here. Above all, once your post gets 5+ upvotes and generally positive karma, the link will change to a dofollow link.

This is no stress. Some Subreddit got over 1 million members, compare that to 5-10 upvotes.

You have a sure backlink.


Reddit Domain Authority is Trusted, being almost fifteen years old got millions of links pointing to it. It is extraordinarily valuable as a backlink source.

Especially, it is one of the most trusted sources of organic traffic and potential customers on the web.

Naturally, On Reddit, the links are default nofollow, but they can be switched to dofollow if they get a few positive votes.

High Dofollow Backlink From Reddit


Why You Must Ignore  Some Other Forums.

Some other forums are very important, especially for growing brands and getting traffic.

I will publish a new article with very important secrets and disadvantages of other forums in detail.

But let me summarize just one.


Disadvantages of Nairaland

Though this section might bring some controversies, it still won’t change the truth.

Nairaland had a lot of disadvantages and advantages as well.

Though Nairaland is Africa’s biggest forum worth millions of dollars. It is also one of the world’s most populated forums.

So why am I criticizing it among other forums now?

Well, don’t get it wrong. All forums are worth the try and I don’t consider reddit the world’s best forum. But I want to expose the little disadvantages of other forums.

Apart from the fact that you can get a high do-follow backlink from Reddit which is incomparable with Nairaland, your articles fate lies on the hand of a moderator moving it to first page.

But on reddit, it’s already on the first page waiting for moderation.