How to Trade Boom 300 and Crash 300 Index on Deriv

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Boom 300 and Crash 300 are synthetic indices aspect of forex trading, these are markets that ticks base on simulation from stocks, often times there are single future assets like Boom 500 which might be simulated by over 100 company’s stocks, this is known as constituent so it’s hard to study how to trick the market, no 100% perfect strategy.

This makes it harder for brokers to game the traders as the market is volatile enough on its own. Personally I trade synthetic indices than currency pairs, am not too good with fundamental analysis so I find it easier doing technical analysis and place my trade for profits.( Technical analysis is only needed in Synthetic indices so it gives me an edge to win always).


Strategies for Trading Boom 300 and Crash 300

Forex trading is hard for all newbies, the first problem you will face is where to learn a good strategy to make good money from trading.

This problem might lead you to join some signal groups on facebook or telegram that will help you blow your account by giving you bad signals.


One thing people fail to understand is that, no one will give you free sure signal, if the provider is pretty sure about the signal, he/she would use it for their personal trade, they literally gain nothing from giving you free signals that will help you make huge money, they lose nothing too but then they acquire the knowledge at a cost so at some points they will want to earn from it.

So there is risk attached to every signal out there, the best of traders don’t give signals, they don’t have that time. So I will advise you stay away from signal groups.

The second mistake people make is portfolio management, don’t entrust your money to someone who claims to be Pro at forex trading to help you manage, it doesn’t work that way.

The said Pro might face some bad market and help you lose your money as he/she is trading under high pressure.

Some account managers are just scammers that will do away with you money.

Moving on to boom and crash trading strategies, I will be explaining just 2 strategies here. You will do well to subscribe to my Youtube channel to watch educational videos to help you trade better for greater profitability


Moving Average 9 (M9) and Alligators

The second strategies is with the use of Moving Average 9 (M9) and Alligators, Below is a video for you to know how this works and you can set it up and use it to analyze the market and trade successfully.

Below are other videos that might help as well, start learning today , open a demo account, practice till you are sure you can trade well then move on to deposit real money and start earning.