Where can I trade the Crash 300 and BOOM 300 DERIV index?

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Boom 300 and Crash 300 synthetic indices aspect of forex trading, With Crash 300 index, there’s an average of one drop in the price series that occurs at any time within 300 ticks. With Boom 300 index, there’s an average of one spike in the price series that occurs at any time within 300 ticks. Often times it’s hard to study how to trick the market, no 100% perfect strategy.

Trading boom and crash required a good analysis, a trader need to identify support and resistance before entering a trade. It advice able for a trader to have a trading account First before thinking about going into boom and crash strategy or how to be successful.

There are so many things that can hinder one from get a good result in trading boom and crash such improper money management, traders psychology and strategy, according to my research trading psychology is most important thing in trading as it carry 55% ,money management carry 35% and strategy carry 15%, . While some trader spend so much time in strategy, living money management and psychology behind.

As many trader lack this especial beginners move quickly and trade with being discipline, He or she might win several time but in a long run he wipe his account. To master how to trade boom and crash required a good knowledge of the trend market and chart together with discipline.
Below you will find some of my articles on how you can trade well. Kindly make sure you watch all the video for good understand on trading boom and crash.

Personally I trade synthetic indices than currency pairs, am not too good with fundamental analysis so I find it easier doing technical analysis and place my trade for profits.( Technical analysis is only needed in Synthetic indices so it gives me an edge to win always).
Strategies for trading Boom and Crash

Forex trading is hard for all newbies, the first problem you will face is where to learn a good strategy to make good money from trading.
This problem might lead you to join some signal groups on Facebook or telegram that will help you blow your account by giving you bad signals.

One thing people fail to understand is that, no one will give you free sure signal, if the provider is pretty sure about the signal, he/she would use it for their personal trade, they literally gain nothing from giving you free signals that will help you make huge money, they lose nothing too but then they acquire the knowledge at a cost so at some points they will want to earn from it.

So there is risk attached to every signal out there, the best of traders don’t give signals, they don’t have that time. So I will advise you stay away from signal groups. The second mistake people make is portfolio management, don’t entrust your money to someone who claims to be Pro at forex trading to help you manage, it doesn’t work that way.

The said Pro might face some bad market and help you lose your money as he/she is trading under high pressure. Some account managers are just scammers that will do away with you money. Moving on to boom and crash trading strategies, I will be explaining just 2 strategies here.


  1. First strategy is with the use of a special custom indicator which will help you analyze the market easily.

Boom And Crash Scalper

Boom and Crash Scalper will assist Boom and Crash traders on how to scalp quick profits when trading Boom and Crash index. This strategy is a combination of five common Meta Trader 5 indicators. Basically, the indicators are moving averages, Average Directional Index, Adaptive Moving Average, Bollinger Bands and Force Index.

The ideal time frame that is suitable for this strategy is 15 mines time frame. (Please try this strategy on a demo account before going live).You can use Boom and Crash Scalper and Scalper 2 strategies for scalping Boom and Crash).Binary dot com also known as Derive dot com is the only broker that has Boom and Crash Index).


However, I won’t advice you to jump into it and start trading immediately, because it’s simplicity makes it highly addictive for one, and before you know it you get carried away by how easy it is to make money until you meet up with the all mighty Crash that can wipe off all your money within seconds.

Yes, you heard me right, your money could be wiped off in seconds by the Crash itself. If you check the image above you will notice that the normal movement is upward movement, however, it is important to know that it goes up for a while, and all of a sudden it crashed down with a very Long Bearish candle, which is long enough to wipe off all your profit and even your trading capital. This is a major Monster faced by the traders of this special asset.

How do you Trade Boom 300 Successfully?
Very good question. For you to trade it successfully, it is important you have a full knowledge about the asset and the Psychology behind it. You also need to have the right tools that will aid you in having a successful trade. With these 2, you will be able to identify where the crash will occur, and once you know this you will be able to trade successfully and exit the market before the crash.

Another advantage of knowing where it is going to crash is; it will help you to be able to sell the crashes, which can give you even more profit within seconds.


To become professional in trading boom and crash one need to understand how boom or crash move. Unlike other index boom and crash move in a unique way.

When you can understand this you can able trade it. Boom 300 and Crash 300 is the easiest way to trade and make money and also very easy to wipe ones account if care is not take. First of one need to identify trend, support and resistance, and also use a right knowledge in applying.

It is not advisable to quickly jump and trade without mastering trading. Here are things that differentiate professionals and amateur. Professional are care about what they lose while amateur care about what he will gain.

To explain it better amateur do not put stop loss and always greedy thinking he will always win but professionals have design a system and rules that guild them. When they lose they admit it and move on.

But if amateur lose he become annoyed try to get it back were by losing all. Professional in trading study and try to get better believing that is all about getting better. Amateur don’t even read to get better. Trading boom and crash required a skill that is why professionals in trading treat trading a business while amateur treat it as a gambling try to get rich quick. There is no such thing in trading especially if you’re trading boom and crash.

What is CFD Trading

A Contract for difference (CFD) is a financial derivative that allows you to potentially profit by speculating on the rise or fall of an underlying asset, without actually owning that asset.
The movement of the underlying asset determines your profit or loss — depending on the position that you have taken.

Advantages of CFD trading

  • Trade with leverage
  • Trade a larger position than your existing capital.
  • Hedge your portfolio
  • Offset potential losses to your investment portfolio by hedging with CFDs.
  • Go long and short
  • Trade long and short positions, depending on your preferred strategy.

How To Trade Boom and Crash Successfully and Make Money Every Day

Trading boom and crash can be very challenging especially for a beginner who don’t know what boom and crash is all about. If you have been looking for a place to gain knowledge on were to trade boom and Crash indices then you’re in right place.

Trading boom and crash require an understand before one can start making profit. First of all one need to Sign up in binary.com and create account for boom and crash platform which you need to choose Meta trader first and then click create new .After then you choose Demo or real.


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