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With the outbreak of the global pandemic and lock down of cities, offices and some facilities, the Nigerian Government had made it possible for it Citizens to down their individual NIN Card from the comfort of their homes.

This article is a complete break down on how to print NIN Card from NIMC Mobile App is no time anywhere you are. The nimc app has been developed and available on PlayStore since early last year, but poor zero awareness has being it’s fate.

What is NIMC (National Identity Management Commission)?

The NIMC (pronounced as “Neem-See”) is the primary legal institution in Nigeria mandated by law to institutionalize identity management system and regulate the identity sector. (NIMC Act 2007; Sections 1, 2, 5 and 6.

To operate and manage the National Identity Management System (NIMS).

Carry out enrolment of citizens and legal residents and issue a unique National Identification Number (NIN).

The card is used for the verification and authentication of citizens’ identity via the platform to be provided by NIMC.

National identification number can be found on the front of the nimc slip issued to you while applying for the Nin registration.

Note that your NIN should not be confused for your bvn, the NIMC Mobile App has strictly warned that any bvn detected instead of a national identification number will result in the blacklisting of such profiles.


Everyone Hub Community

NIMC Mobile App 

Welcome to NIMC MobileID the new Mobile Identity ecosystem, published by the NIMC as a part of its Mobile Web Services (MWS) suite of Personal Identity Services.

Your Identity BELONGS TO YOU, and NIMC is using these resources to put power back in your hands. Below is some of the features of the NIMC Mobile App.

  • Uniquely Identifying Individuals
  • It provides a platform where no one is excluded socially or financially
  • Transforms the delivery of social welfare programs, especially those cut off from such benefits.
  • It enables people to claim their entitlement
  • It helps to eliminate duplicate identity
  • It helps to eliminate fraud
  • Reduces cost of resources 

How To Print NIN ID CARD From NIMC Mobile App

  • Download the app directly from play store 
  • After completing installation, launch the app.
  • A form will be provided for you to fill, please fill this form carefully as the form will require you to fill in your National identification number
  • Input your phone number (please use the phone number you used while applying for your national id card).
  • Click on submit and an attestation will be displayed to you on the next screen 
  • Click on I agree to continue.
  • Now wait for the system to generate encryption keys and verify your data.

After verification, you will be required to set a 4-6 passcode to the app.

After success logging into the app, click on “show my id” to display your id card in image format.

  • Screenshot the front side of the id card and click on it to flip it to the back of the id card, screenshot the back too and you are done.
  • You can edit the image from your phone or take it to any graphic shop or business centre for editing and printing at an affordable price.

Kindly, use the url below to download the NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) mobile app, supply your NIN and your registered cell number. Your Digital ID will come up. 

Now in about five minutes, you can Print your nin id card with your nimc mobile app.

Naabiae Nenu-B is a Medical Health Student and an SEO Specialist dedicated to flushing the web off fake news and scam scandals. He aims at being "Africa's Best Leak and Review Blogger" and that's the unwavering stand of Xycinews Media.



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    January 7, 2021 at 10:58 am

    It is not possible to screenshot from he app. it is deliberately made so for security reason. The app does not support screen shooting at all.

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When it comes to crafting an effective marketing plan, email marketing continues to have a strong impact. Email is low-cost and offers quick results. There is also significant customer engagement with email which is why it continues to offer a significant value proposition.

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Email marketing continues to play a huge role in ensuring SEO strategies remain effective. If implemented correctly, it not only boost traffic, but it could also improve your conversion rate.


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POANetwork Review – POA Network Open-source Ethereum Sidechain




POANetwork Review


Who is POANetwork?

POANetwork is behind the xDai Chain project and many of the tools that support xDai Chain. It is its own autonomous network as well, built on the Ethereum protocol. It uses a Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism, which makes all of its validators public. Validators are independent and pre-selected using a solid vetting process that ensures a selection of validators with good behavior.

The POANetwork has a strong R&D focus on Ethereum Ecosystem, which has resulted in several meaningful projects being developed since the POANetowrk was launched in 2017. These include a robust open-source explorer called BlockScout, which is now the primary explorer for Ethereum Classic and many other chains.


POA Network Open-source Ethereum Sidechain

The platform offers a framework for smart contracts which provides developers with an easy and effective way to code on Ethereum standards while leveraging the POA network. The team hopes that this will allow for greater scalability and interoperability.

The POA Network was designed as a clone of Ethereum and was meant to be its own public blockchain. This means it isn’t simply sidechain technology, and it comes with its own consensus mechanism known as proof-of-authority. With the POA Network there is a notary system in place that is used to solve any node trust issues that might arise.


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007concept Review – The Best Web Design Agency In Nigeria





007CONCEPT Review

007CONCEPT is Nigeria’s leading web design and marketing agency based in Benin City. In a bid to maintain the title as the best web design agency in nigeria they offer world-class responsive website design, e-commerce solutions, social media, web development, digital marketing, and branding services for small and large businesses.

Additionally, they we offer you the best web designing services that will take your firm through the way of success. Your website can get a perfect amount of recognition if it is being created by an extremely professional web designer.


007concept Services


007concept will help you stand out from the large number and create the very best adventure for your website visitors.



007concept technologies are the best SEO company in Benin, Nigeria. We have prided ourselves in 8 years+ experience in ranking every website on Google and other search engines using most top-notch and secure search engine optimization enactment. Basically, We devour SEO!!!



007concept is a digital marketing agency, building experiences for online and offline viewers. Services offered by 007concept include Digital Marketing, Social Media, Digital Strategy, Web/Mobile App Development.



The team at 007concept specializes in developing strategy and perform campaigns for clientele and agencies. The technology team has carry out application development and user experience optimization projects for top brands across the world.


The Best Web Design Agency In Nigeria

At 007concept, they use a change of techniques to create quality websites that can easily be located and read by the search engines. Your website will be designed and optimized to show up on all major search engines.

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Thw method is simple.

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007CONCEPT Contact 

  • 62 yusufu street Benin City, Edo State.
  • +2349018029894


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