Fastplay24 Questions and Answers Review

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FastPlay24 is an online system designed to pay users for answering questions and testing their knowledge.

FastPlay24 allows you try and stand a chance to win up to N15,000 with just ₦35 every 20 minutes by answering 10 simple questions in just 10 minutes every day. –

We are yet to confirm that.


How to Participate 

To participate in this online brain quiz game, you must be at least sixteen (16) years of age and have a personal bank account.


How Fastplay24 Works

In each game session you can win thousands naira (About N15,000 or more). If the session has exactly 10,000 players at the end of the game.

This only happens when you are the first to answer all ten (10) questions correctly within the stipulated time.

Also, a minimum of five naira (N5) whether you finish last or get all answers correctly or not. This five naira (N5) bonus goes to all players.

The system dynamically calculates users expected Earnings and displays it to them at the end of the game session.
Finishing early means better winning opputunities. More players can still join the game after you have answered all ten questions so long as the ten minute session has not elapsed.
This has an effect on users Earnings, as there are chances of it increasing or reducing minimally, depending on the number of players at the end of the game.
Fastplay24 has proclaimed to be so lucrative and easy to earn.
Well, this article is just a guide before joining.