DRWAI Partners with Renowned Indian Brokerage to Usher in a New Era of AI Quantitative Trading

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Under the leadership of Abhinav Rajput, the team endeavors to amplify wealth growth for investors

In a groundbreaking collaboration, DRWAI — a global frontrunner in AI quantitative trading, ranking among the top twelve — has joined forces with a prestigious Indian brokerage firm, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of AI-driven trading strategies. Spearheaded by Abhinav Rajput, the Director of Operations for the Asia-Pacific region and partner in India, this partnership signifies a leap towards redefining investment methodologies through advanced artificial intelligence.

Abhinav Rajput, a seasoned trader with an illustrious career spanning various top-tier financial institutions, including over eight years at OPEN AI and LKP, has accumulated extensive expertise in stock market operations. Currently, as DRWAI’s Director of Operations for the Asia-Pacific, Rajput not only has a keen grasp of market trends but also specializes in AI quantitative trading strategies.

Collaborating closely with a leading Indian brokerage, Rajput, with his vast experience and unique perspective, has elevated AI quantitative trading to new heights. In 2023, leveraging AI to tactically trade TATACONSULTANCY FUTURES (TCS) by buying at lows and selling at highs, he adeptly predicted market movements, securing a staggering 300% monthly profit for Indian stock investors. This achievement is not just a testament to numerical success but also a reflection of his acute market insight and precise execution.

The alliance between DRWAI and the renowned Indian brokerage has yielded fruitful outcomes, offering investors substantial profits. Under Rajput’s leadership, his team employs cutting-edge AI technology to provide investors with efficient and accurate quantitative trading services. With over eight years of experience in the field, particularly with notable firms such as OPEN AI and LKP, Rajput’s profound market trading expertise and exceptional leadership have propelled DRWAI into the global top twelve in AI quantitative trading.

This collaboration has enabled thousands of investors to reap substantial rewards through AI quantitative trading. In 2023, under Rajput’s guidance, his team achieved a 300% monthly profit record, delivering remarkable returns to Indian stock investors.

DRWAI monitors 50 stocks daily through AI and big data, selecting the top 3–5 for intraday trading, thus ensuring consistent returns for investors. For premium members, DRWAI offers services that track significant capital for intraday swing trading, guaranteeing a minimum profit of 20% per day.

Consider the case of Prakash Chandra Nema, a novice to AI quantitative trading who, through DRWAI’s training and guidance, gradually mastered investment skills, eventually earning significant profits that enhanced her quality of life.

With its professional team, advanced technology, and outstanding performance, DRWAI provides a secure and reliable investment platform. Under Abhinav Rajput’s leadership, DRWAI is set to continue leading the development of AI quantitative trading, bringing wealth growth and investment returns to more investors.

AI Quantitative Trading: Elevate Your Investment to Be Smarter and More Efficient

Are you tired of traditional stock investment methods, spending extensive time and energy analyzing market trends with unstable returns? Do you wish to leverage artificial intelligence technology to make your investments more scientific, simpler, and more engaging? Are you looking to join a professional quantitative trading platform and collaborate with a renowned Indian brokerage to enjoy premium services and data?

If yes, then DRWAI’s AI quantitative trading product is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss. As an innovative enterprise specializing in AI quantitative trading, DRWAI boasts years of industry experience and technological advancements, having assisted over 100,000 users in achieving an average annual return of over 30%.

AI quantitative trading employs algorithms and big data analytics to automate stock buying and selling based on predefined strategies and models, aiming for maximized returns. Its benefits include intelligent strategy adjustments according to market fluctuations, high efficiency in processing vast amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns and opportunities, and simplicity, requiring no specialized stock market knowledge from the investor.

DRWAI offers two AI quantitative trading products: the standard service, which tracks 50 stocks daily to select the best 3–5 for intraday trading, and the premium service, targeting high-end users with strategies focused on tracking significant capital for more precise and efficient intraday swing trading. Choose according to your needs and budget to enjoy a hassle-free investment experience with DRWAI.