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AUTHOR: CyanahPEN et Ayei

Bed of thorns
Led for horns
Fed red as corns

Confusion surrounds the boundaries
Fusion got lost
Fission brought lust

No one believes
No more beliefs
DNA got rated

The bone straight tends curve
The cone got entangled
Every thing gone

Charlie Charlie made it out with pencils
The same pencils the majority hated
All for speed response it got noted

Amanda Gormens came out successfully
Not minding the process
She spoke out with courage

Being stingy became their game
All for fame and name
They made it an identity

A short period tends long
The year we thought to bear
A spirit we don’t know
Come with fun to burn

Light full of danger by the door
His spot light got drawn
They slot to make it right
Her nude made it bright

A month full of ups and downs
Everyone tends to blow and grow
No one wants a low and row procedure
In a flash they made their cash

We left 2020 all scarred up,
beat down by uncertainties
– stripes and wounds drawing minuses,
all of which couldn’t add up
So from a padded mouth hushed up by
we kept the secret of our losses like a
nude Bathsheba and David;

No one spoke of the silence, cos
we turned mute for a moment
Guess our tongues were all burned up,
cos the flames were consuming

New year came with challenges that
earned a space on the cyber
Then we gave room for some questions, guess only Charlie could answer
DNAs failing tests,
it took some years to decipher
We turned “seekers of truth”,
a self-acclaimed Richard Cypher

It was storm in the U.S, Donald Trump
versus Biden
Civility broken down, so who’s now
law abiding?
Got a gateway for truth, with a poet
as the doorman
History put on black skin
– painted Amanda Gorman

Life’s path’s never been straight,
always bent at the corners
Even roses got thorns, it ain’t smooth
for the lovers
Fingers crossed as we wait, it’s a
long walk to freedom
So in the shoes of Mandela, hope we
walk out of prison


Titled by: Re Ve Lation
Written by; CyanahPEN et Ayei