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How Choosing  the Right Shipping Company Boosts Mini Importation Business

In recent years, the E-commerce sector of Nigeria has experienced a huge boom. People now trade on the internet more than they ever have, and the decline in the economic situation of Nigeria is also a huge factor in this. 

Online trading is now a side hustle for a lot of Nigerians as people are taking up as many side hustles as possible to make ends meet. One of the most common and profitable E-commerce businesses that Nigerians engage in is Mini Importation. 

In this article, we shall examine the common difficulties faced by mini-importation business owners in Nigeria, solutions to such problems, and how to choose the right Shipping company for mini-importation.

Choosing The Right Shipping Company to Boost Mini Importation 

As we all know, the bedrock of any successful business is the ability to supply the demand for its goods and services in time. Mini importation business depends greatly on DELIVERY in time.

Your goods get delivered to you from outside the country and you in turn deliver them to your customers. Be sure to choose the right shipping company for your mini importation to help boost your business. To do this, contact a reliable shipping company like Terminal Africa Inc for all your mini-shipping needs. 

With Terminal Africa Inc, you can trust us for all your importing and exporting needs. Your goods get to both you and your customers easily, quickly, and in perfect shape without any complaints. 

We make sure your customers trust and rely on you not to fail them which will in turn make you a trusted household name in the competitive mini importation industry in Nigeria. 

Reasons Why Mini Importers Face Challenges in Shipping and How To Correct Them

There are quite a lot of challenges faced by mini importation business owners in Nigeria but we will discuss just four of them. 

  1. Lack of Understanding of The Business: A lot of people get into the importation business without proper knowledge of how to successfully run the business, they just follow the crowd. The best way to not fall into this category of people is to get proper training before you venture into the business. 

Also, there are a lot of people on the internet claiming to be mini importation experts, make sure you learn from the right people. This will enable you to know the business in depth for you to be successful.

  1. Pricing Based On Google Exchange Rate: Doing this will make you suffer a great loss as your pricing should be done based on how much you are buying the products from the company and not how much the Google Exchange Rate is.
  1. Lack Of Knowledge On Nigerian Importation Law: In order to avoid having your products seized by customs officials on landing in Nigeria, you must always be in the know about the latest rules and regulations of Nigerian importation laws. Know the goods that are prohibited and also the required documents if needed.
  1. Choosing the wrong Shipping Company: Choosing the wrong shipping company can totally ruin your mini importation. After going through the trouble of the stress of getting your goods down to Nigeria, not having the right shipping company to get them to you or your clients will totally render your business useless. This brings us to the question of which shipping company is the best shipping company to go with and that is Terminal Africa Inc.

Why You Should Choose Terminal Africa

Mini importation can be very profitable if done well and with your phone and a little capital, you can make hundreds of thousands without hassle. However, the mini importation business in Nigeria is highly competitive and it might be quite difficult to break into the industry and stand out, let alone make profits.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should choose Terminal Africa Inc to handle your mini-shipping needs:

  • Fast and Reliable Delivery Services: We are a tested and trusted shipping company with over 50 thriving businesses that rely on us for their shipping needs. Our Delivery services are fast and reliable with over 13 courier services to help you get your items to the delivered destination, either from the port to you or from you to your clients, we have got you covered.
  • Cheap Service Rate: At Terminal Africa, we understand how expensive it is to successfully run a business in Nigeria, we, therefore, do not unnecessarily charge high costs for our delivery services. We charge less for tremendously exceptional services. 
  • Enjoy Excellent Customer Services: Terminal Africa offers premium customer support services, our staff members are always available to give you the needed support and answers to any questions you have.
  • Safety: With Terminal Africa we would not tell you stories that touch, you can rest assured that your products will get to your desired destination safely without any damage as we have a team of trained staff members who have a vast knowledge of the proper ways to pack a product to ensure its safe delivery.


Choosing the right shipping company to work with will play a great role in the success of your mini-importation business. Regardless of how much knowledge you have about the business, perfect DELIVERY of your goods will be the determinant of your consistency, reduced cost of delivery, reliability, and how much people trust your business.

 All these will determine the success of your business and all these can be achieved by simply choosing Terminal Africa Inc. We hope the information given above is useful and helpful to you.