Success Story: My Achievement as Mr. Red Cross Port Harcourt 2017/2018.

Table of Contents

Far into the West of African shore lies the Nigerian Red Cross Society, south-wards is the Port Harcourt division. With motivation and enlightenment, all the neighborhood get touched and impacted.
Welcome to my story,

for the first I was going to bear a title that would mean am a representative of the Nigerian Red Cross Society in my state. It a long story with lot of events spaning for a period of 7days. Let journey together and learn some great hits. 

With a joyful smile ☺ on my face, I walked into the bus, I was heading for the “16th Nigerian Red Cross Annual Division Training Camp”, the title “Find The Volunteer Inside You” seemed like a trailer to me. 
With a shy and suspence filled feelings I walked into the camp ground facing another world were smiles radiated and love for showing help was an order of the day. Designated to my camp room, a little briefing where the Trainers and Guest stood admonishing us on some prons and cons.
The division training was set to officially lunch with the following to be learnt
  • The basic first aid,
  • The practical first aid,
  • The standard first aid training,
  • Basic training on fire 🔥 fighting,
  • Basic training on life support,
  • Health safety and environment,
  • Disaster management,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • and so much to be learnt. 
Spicing the events up was the accompanying of sister organisations like the 
  • Doctors without boarders,
  • The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency 
  • The Nigerian Police,  
  • Among others.
Truly I wasn’t here for some joke or kids play. I got my mindset ready to be impacted upon. My journey for succes began. 
The Camp Key Themes 

Day1 to Day8 had varying planned activities to tackle, each with an inspiring theme to bare behind our minds.
  • Day1: Farmilarity
  • Day2: Humanity for all
  • Day3: Intergrity 
  • Day4: Self Improvement 
  • Day5: Determination 
  • Day6: Self Esteem
  • Day7: The Dream. 
Woa Woa Woa, great themes to surely make a weak heart grow mature.
Running my story short with a brief summary of each day activities,  it was of note that we had daily sport time, film shows, Life News Streaming, Dramas, Scrambled words, Aerobactics and many many more
You certainly agree it was really great. 
Early Day7: A Night of Fun, Suspense and Honor

At last I found myself in day7, recalling one of Mum past motivational word “don’t stop trying till it finally final” my next 8 hours was ready for challenge to befall. 
From the day great activities ranging from Cultural display, Red Cross carnival, a social night and dinner night event.
Many awards were given out, lot of gifts was given, I was not in yet, tears rolled in my subconscious mind. 
But, the greatest unprepared moment was getting close, the Mr and Mrs Red Cross Port Harcourt award night Compition. 
Late Day7: My Last Minute Decision and Great Award Victory.

Only one guy was out without any one else to challenge him for the honor of Mr Red Cross Port Harcourt 2017/18. Two ladies were out already and a challenge was in place. With fear I may never win, I decided to try and lose with a reputation, and respect for trying.
A toss wouldn’t be thrown to pick the winner, many things were put into consideration, many things from our assimilation of event for the past few days was tested, history of Red Cross, among others.
Examination was over, but no winner decorated yet,  bowing our heads, each one prayed to their God for victory. Now I wanted to win and not my initial desire to just try. Heart beating fast, face looking moody from suspence and fear we motivated ourselves.
Minutes later a winner was declared. That was Naabiae Nenubari Mee-eebari “yeaaaaaaaahhh” I screamed with sincere tears of joy. I was a winner, I won. 
Decorated, I was now the Nigerian Red Cross Society, Port Harcourt Division, Mr Red Cross 2017/2018. I stood by the side of my pretty miss in her white glowing gown. Love ♥, joy 😂, and cheers filled the air.