Success story of Popular Blogger, Remedy Nwankwo, Biography and Net Worth

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Remedy Nwankwo is a Nigerian Blogger and Lawyer. He lives in Abuja, Nigeria.

Remedy came into limelight with the tremendous results of his blogs and is currently rated, one of the most successful bloggers in Nigeria.

His blog provides latest updates on scholarships and study opportunities for international students.
The blog also amasses humongous monthly visits from over 83 countries of the world.

Remedy Nwankwo has trained and mentored hundreds of successful bloggers in Nigeria and across the world.

Today, we take a look at Remedy Nwankwo Networth, biography, age and career.



Remedy Nwankwo was born on August 8, 1992 in his hometown – Ihotor Ameka, Ebonyi state, Nigeria.

He is single. He started off attending both primary and secondary schools there.

Remedy Nwankwo came from a humble background but he has never allowed that to deter him.

His Parents where unable to see him through school but, against all odds, he doggedly self-sponsored himself through school and acquired his law degree in 2017.

To get into school, Remedy had to leave his hometown Ebonyi state in search of a greener pasture.

He traveled to Anambra state where he started hustling in the street. He Hawked on the street, engaged in different menial Job just to raise enough money to further his studies.

After 2 years of hustling and some money saved, he relocated to Ebonyi state to further his tertiary education.

He sat and aced Jamb’s Utme in flying colours and was consequently and meritoriously admitted to study Law at Ebonyi state University in 2012.



While studying Law at Ebonyi state university, Remedy won 4 scholarships and proceeded to graduate in flying colours in 2017.

The scholarships include:
– Nnpc/Chevron National Scholarship Award.
– Hillcity Foundation ESP Scholarship Award.
– MUSTE Scholarship Award.
– Ebonyi State Government Scholarship Award.

From his experiences applying and winning scholarships, Remedy Nwankwo in 2016, wrote a free book to help Nigerian students win multiple scholarships while in school.

The book titled “16 secrets on how to win multiple scholarships” has guided hundreds of Nigerian students to win various undergraduate scholarships.

It can be downloaded for free on Remedy’s blog – Scholars Arena.

Upon graduation, Remedy Nwankwo was admitted into the Nigerian Law school in 2017.
He sat and passed the Law school Bar finals Exams and was duly called to the Nigerian Bar as a Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 2018.

In 2019, Remedy transited from Law practice to Blogging. He decided to focus squarely on growing online platform and has never looked back since then.

In 2022, he founded an online academy focused on helping young Africans acquire in-demand digital skills for self reliance.

Since its launch in April 20222, Skillar Academy has grown in leaps and bounds with over 3,200 students learning top rated courses on the platform.

Remedy Nwankwo believes that the fastest way to sustainably transform any young life is through digital skills.



Remedy Nwankwo started his blogging journey in 2016, his first major blog is

Remedy blogged from 2016 to early 2018 without earning $100 but he persevered.
Today, he makes a fortune from blogging and training budding bloggers to success.

Remedy is generally seen as a mentor and motivation to young bloggers in Africa.

He holds the record of being the first african blogger to sell a  blogging course “Fundamentals of Niche Blogging” to over 1,600 students from 13 countries, within 14 days.

Remedy currently charges $1000 for his popular blogging mentorship program.



Remedy Nwankwo earns thousands of dollars from his blogs every month.
He charges $1000 for his mentorship program, with many students rushing it.

Remedy also makes money from his online courses academy –

Remedy own luxuries cars and properties in choice areas of Abuja and south east Nigeria.

From the foregoing, it would be likely to estimate his Net worth should be around $500,000



You can find Remedy mainly on Facebook with the handle @Remedy Nwankwo.