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I’m sure you agree that productivity is one of the most important things in our work. We all want to get more things done in less time, without sacrificing quality or well-being.

However, sometimes we face challenges that can hinder our productivity, such as poor communication, hard-to-find information, low employee engagement, or un-integrated systems.

That’s why I want to share with you about Assembly, an intranet platform that is designed to simplify the way teams work together, enabling businesses to create a sense of community among employees.

In this article, I will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Assembly as an intranet, as well as some tips and tricks that can help you maximize its benefits.

I hope you enjoy this article and find useful information. Let’s get started!

Intranet software is nothing new, but they’ve recently gone through a revolution. Intranets are no longer just closed networks where employees access corporate policy documents. Instead, modern intranet software combines communication, engagement and workflow tools all in one place. You’ll still be able to access corporate policies, but now you can do so much more.

As a central hub for engagement, a dynamic and flexible intranet is crucial. In many ways, your intranet acts as the inward face of your company. With more employees working remotely, a friendly and secure place to interact is essential.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the top intranet software solution (Assembly) available today, and how they can help your business. Since 90% of intranets fail, it’s important to make an informed choice.

What is Assembly?

Assembly is an employee recognition, engagement, and collaboration platform designed to drive long-term employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, and increase overall engagement. Our intuitive platform offers an extensive catalog of rewards, including gift cards, custom swag, culture rewards, and charity donations, that help to foster a workplace culture where employees feel valued, appreciated, connected, and seen.

With powerful analytics, managers can gain insight into overall company sentiment and ensure they are creating an environment where employees feel heard and understood.

Assembly Description.

Unlock your team’s potential by boosting engagement, collaboration, recognition, and community with Assembly. Our platform has helped thousands of companies break down communication silos, increase collaboration between peers and cross-functional teams, and celebrate their wins along the way! Engage your team with Assembly and see the benefits of increased productivity, better communication, and a stronger sense of community!

Get past the information overload

Streamline your communication. Empower your team to share knowledge. Announcements are now effortless for all departments and locations. Stay informed and take control.

Information at your fingertips

Say goodbye to tedious searches. Store, locate, & manage documents or presentations across all tools and apps effortlessly with our streamlined intranet workplace search.

Simplify the processes

Take back your time and put the repetitive tasks on autopilot. From scheduling an engagement survey for the end of every quarter, simplifying the feedback loop to automating onboarding, we got you covered.

Automate Milestones and Anniversary Recognition

Never forget to recognize an employee for their birthday or work anniversary. Assembly can automate that process for you.

Assembly has helped thousands of companies achieve 95% employee engagement. Assembly works great for teams of all sizes. Try for FREE!

Distinctive features of Assembly

Recognize Your Team in the Way that Matters

Easily align core values with recognition to encourage the team to embrace them every day. Make their recognition even sweeter with an extensive catalog of rewards with gift cards, custom swag, culture rewards, and charity donations

Automate Milestones and Anniversary Recognition

Never miss a teammate’s birthday or anniversary milestone with automated custom shoutouts.

Seamless Integration – Microsoft Teams and Slack

Engage where you already work. This means that you get secure integration and real-time data updates. You only have to input the data once and it will immediately update the other system.

Improve employee engagement with CEO & executive updates, employee engagement surveys, employee recognition, employee nominations, employee pulse surveys, employee recognition surveys, weekly check-in templates, weekly template updates, and employee satisfaction surveys.

Improve internal communications workflows with the ask me anything (AMA) template, general news feed, get help template, group feed, icebreaker template, idea management template, internal wiki tool, knowledge base, daily standup meeting, team retrospective and weekly updates.

Boost team productivity with daily recap template, daily agenda template, idea management template, meeting notes template, product feedback template, wins list, and a lightweight sales CRM template.

Simplify HR & Recruiting with templates such as employee benefits survey, contractor time tracking, employee exit interview survey, employee satisfaction survey, Apps score, internal referral program, interview questions template and new hire survey.

Assembly offers an easy-to-use, modern, and secure intranet that will help your team work smarter, not harder. Their software helps organizations simplify their employee communication and productivity through digital forms and surveys, tasks, workflow automations, and more.

Assembly’s flexible intranet can also help you improve communication, drive idea management, and simplify your common processes too. It’s a flexible intranet platform that brings people, knowledge, and engagement together into one secure place.

Assembly’s system also makes it easy to celebrate staff achievements publicly through their employee recognition tools. These include employee recognition templates, peer-based nominations for Employee of the Month, and tools to celebrate important dates like work anniversaries or staff birthdays. In addition, you can set up a rewards and incentives program directly through their platform too.

Assembly integrates with 35+ commonly used software applications to create an all-in-one knowledge base, including ADP, Axomo, BambooHR, Ceridian Dayforce, Freshteam, Google G Suite, Gusto, HiBob, HR Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, Namely, Okta, Personio, Rippling, SAP SuccessFactors, Slack, TriNet, UKG Pro, and others. Get started with Assembly Here.

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