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Zynga Poker Mobile Game
Global leader in interactive entertainment company Zynga reported its highest annual revenue ever in 2021. With $726.6 million by the end of last year, it beat analysts’ estimates of $711.3 million.

While this mostly came as a result of the stagnant months at home caused by the pandemic these games are continuing to gain attention today due to their convenience, accessibility, and genuinely engaging content.

Among the many mobile games offered by the company is Zynga Poker. Incidentally, it is also one of the longest-running poker apps and one of the biggest contributing apps to the company’s annual revenue.

What is Zynga Poker?

Zynga Poker is a free social game application launched in July 2007. Since then, it has allowed users to play Texas Hold’em games and participate in tournaments.

It’s considered one of the best poker apps, and that’s because, compared to other poker apps, Zynga prides itself as the best social poker app for casual players.

It doesn’t use real money, has an easily navigable UI, and offers the most popular (and easiest!) poker game on the market: Texas Hold’Em. It even has an active partnership with Facebook, which allows users to play with their friends.

What’s there to like about Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker has a lot going on for it, which makes the poker experience much more enjoyable. For instance, one good thing about this app is the many ways to earn free chips.

Aside from receiving 2 million play chips at the start, users can get chips from logging in daily, watching video ads, and completing in-app challenges. Of course, if this isn’t enough, there’s also an option to buy chips with in-app purchases.

Another thing to like about Zynga Poker is its easy-to-navigate interface and engaging design. Its graphics resemble an actual casino, unlike other apps that typically display a tabletop with a basic background.

The cards are also easily visible despite the casino-style graphics.

In terms of events, the app often has a Mega Fast Cash event active where players can get a large number of chips and other huge prizes, though they do offer more timed campaigns. They even hold seasonal events as well, such as the recently concluded pride month campaign.

App users were able to send pride-themed virtual presents to their table buddies and a special pride emote was temporarily available. The app hosts tournaments as well, such as Spin and Goes where only the winner gets the chips.

What’s not to like about Zynga Poker

There are a few things that players may find troubling with Zynga Poker’s gameplay. The first is that the bet sizes are only set to ½ pot, bet pot, and all-in, so the strategies that you can execute are very limited.

Note that there is a separate bet slider as well as plus and minus signs for bet adjustment, they take a long time to use. It can be difficult to get a precise amount using the sliders, especially since there are only a few seconds to place a bet.

Further, multi-table playing is not possible on Zynga Poker. While many online poker sites have this feature, this app only allows for one table at a time partly due to its mobile format. The number of advertisements on the app can also be very bothersome.

There are ads that appear on the main screen, which users will be forced to watch because there are no skip or exit buttons.

Zynga Poker offers a lot of advantages for casual players. While it has some notable features like the option to play against friends, there are still some improvements to be made that can make the gaming experience much more fun. Still, this app is worth a shot for online poker enthusiasts.

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