Wikifx Reviews – Does This App Work?

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Many people may have heard about the Wikifx App, or recently, who prides itself to be a powerful forex broker regulation information inquiry platform to tell whether a broker is regulated and legal or not. In fact, not many similar tools are seen in the market. As forex trading is largely expanding today, there should have been more such Apps to help forex traders to distinguish formal brokers from those unregulated ones. Then, here comes a question: Does this Wikifx really work?


Wikifx Reviews-Big Data

There is huge amount of forex brokers enlisted, more than 30,000. This is not easy, as many brokers come out today, then run away or disappear the next day. To get more detailed information, Wikifx makes field survey of each broker worldwide, including visiting the office, field interview and shooting, all for helping users know more about brokers. You can look through Wikifx official website to find the “Field Survey” section, more records displayed there. With Wikifx devoted efforts, forex investors can easily search all they want wherever they are just by one click. From this perspective, we can at least say this Wikifx is a true information searching app who is quite loyal to its original purpose.

Wikifx Reviews-Authoritative Data Source

All information of brokers are kept in pace with that in global regulatory institutes which shows the reliability and authority. Not all regulated brokers are safe to traders, for everything changes so fast. Some brokers even falling under tier one regulation still are involved in some terrible problems like severe slippage, unable to withdraw funds, large amount of complaints. Wikifx App is not just satisfying with spends lots of time to trace brokers’ condition, purely pursuing a more secure and transparent trading environment for traders. It is telling forex traders that they should think twice before trade with some broker.

Wikifx Reviews – Fake Brokers List

There is a “Forex Brokers” section on the Wikifx official website, providing a list of illegal brokers, clones, frauds with fairness and no mercy. Why these brokers are illegal? These assessments are made in accordance with several aspects including true reviews collected from forex traders, field survey, risks judgment, MT4/MT5 identification (with real-time supervision by professional team).  This is not proofless. There is a ridiculous saying on the internet that Wikifx making profits by asking forex brokers money monthly, or else, they will be given negative reviews. If a broker is regulated and reliable, how can an app twist the truth, turning white into black?


To sum up, Wikifx is an App deserving to have a try if you are a forex trader. With all-around information on its website, you can quickly find some important information you want to help you avoid illegal platforms and find suitable brokers in your forex trading activities.

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