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WikiFX Review: wikifx helps me get rid of forex investment scams



The eagerness for instant success and overconfidence are the weaknesses of some forex investors. The frauds know this very well. The unsuspecting investors tend to be dragged into the well-designed traps of those frauds who claim to ensure high profits.

This is my real experience. I have been dealing with forex for several years, with low profits though. This year in June, I got introduced to a forex platform called MMC through a friend by chance. I did get considerable profits at the beginning, and then I increased my investment, but the hopes of high returns did not last for long. After only four months, I found that the trading software of the MMC forex platform required system maintenance and I was unable to log in to check the account status. This situation had continued for several days, and the platform’s technical maintenance was still not completed.

During this period, I had also repeatedly asked the customer service staff about the situation, but they simply told me to wait patiently. While waiting, my account was finally able to log in some time ago. But to my great surprise, after I logged in to my account, I found that my account had lost huge amounts of money! At that moment, I hurriedly opened the company’s official website on the MMC platform, but the company’s official website could no longer be opened. Subsequently, I found that the previous customer service also lost contact. It was then that I suddenly realized that I was deceived.

After trying hard to ask for help in various ways, I came into contact with WikiFX, a very useful service platform for information inquiry, complaint protection, risk exposure, and credit evaluation in the field of forex. WikiFX provides global investors with regulatory information, platform monitoring, platform appraisal, forex news and other services.   

Before the forex investment, if I had verified the authenticity of the trading platform through WikiFX, I could have effectively avoided the tragedy of being cheated. According to WikiFX, I learned that MMC, the forex broker, has no forex license, no risk control, and no regulation. The WikiFX score for MMC is only 1.25. It is marked in red letters that this broker currently has no valid regulatory, which is likely to be a black platform.

WikiFX also gives special tips to forex investors to stay away from the broker – MMC. “Warning: Low score, please stay away!” Also, It’s important to note that the the broker is registered in the Seychelles, but it has no regulation, no company profile, no customer service phone, and no official QQ.

From the above information obtained by WikiFX, it is clear that MMC is indeed a black forex trading platform. The so-called high-yield investment is a typical network scam, rather than a legitimate investment. In the face of the facts, I was able to regain my composure in the state of eagerness and overconfidence, thus avoiding being cheated by scammers.

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