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Where to buy the iPhone 13 unlocked and through your carrier



Apple has finally unveiled the new iPhone 13 series, boasting a number of awesome new features and improved performance over last year’s iPhone 12 series. They don’t offer a radical redesign like the iPhone 14 is expected to do, but they are the best iPhones ever built. Of course, because of that, you may be wondering where to buy the iPhone 13 series.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide. Want to get your hands on one of the iPhone 13 devices? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Where to buy the iPhone 13 unlocked

As in previous years, there are multiple iPhone 13 models. There’s the standard iPhone 13, along with the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The phones will go up for pre-order starting on Friday, September 17, and fully on sale starting on September 24. As you might expect, they’ll be available for purchase straight from Apple. Here’s a rundown of the pricing of the new phones.

  • iPhone 13: $799, or $33.29 per month for 24 months
  • iPhone 13 Mini: $699, or $29.12 per month for 24 months
  • iPhone 13 Pro: $999, or $41.62 per month for 24 months
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: $1,099, or $45.79 per month for 24 months

Apple is offering some solid deals for those who want to trade in their old phone. In fact, customers can save up to a massive $1,000 on an iPhone 13 with an eligible trade-in directly from the Apple Store.

And, you can buy the phones through your carrier. Here’s how.

Where to buy the iPhone 13 through your carrier

Prefer to buy your new iPhone 13 device through your carrier? Perhaps they’re offering a sweet deal on the device you want to buy. Or, maybe you prefer to wrap payments for your phone into your phone bill. Whatever the reason, here’s pricing for the iPhone 13 series from your preferred carrier.

AT&T iPhone 13 sales

AT&T is selling all models of the iPhone 13. Pre-orders for the iPhone 13 series on AT&T will start on September 17, and they’ll be fully available on September 24.

AT&T is offering some great deals on the iPhone 13 series too. Notably, users can get the iPhone 13 Mini or iPhone 13 Pro for free if purchased on an installment plan, with an eligible trade-in and on an unlimited plan. The iPhone 13 can get $700 off.

T-Mobile iPhone 13 sales

You’ll also be able to get the iPhone 13 series through T-Mobile. Pre-orders for the iPhone 13 series on T-Mobile will start on Friday September 17, with full sales on September 24.

T-Mobile has some iPhone 13 deals of its own. For example, with an eligible trade-in and on a Magenta Max plan, you can get up to an impressive $1,000 off an iPhone with 30 monthly bill credits, on T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan. Also, customers can get $800 off a new iPhone every two years with T-Mobile’s Forever Upgrade plan. Customers not on Magenta Max can get deals too. T-Mobile is offering up to $500 off a device in the series through 30 monthly bill credits with an eligible trade-in, on any T-Mobile plan.

Verizon iPhone 13 sales

Last but not least is Verizon, which is also selling all four of the iPhone 13 models. Pre-orders for the iPhone 13 on Verizon will start on Friday, September 17, while official sales will begin on September 24.

As for deals for the iPhone 13 series on Verizon, there are a few. Verizon is offering up to $800 off any device in the iPhone 13 lineup with an eligible trade-in, on select unlimited plans, plus $500 to help cover costs of switching to that plan. Also, customers that purchase an iPhone on a Verizon device payment plan will get $250 off select iPad models on another device payment.

Visible iPhone 13 sales

Visible is offering the iPhone 13 too, with availability set to begin on September 24. The carrier is offering a free HomePod Mini to customers who purchase an iPhone 13 and port their number from another eligible carrier. Those customers will also get $200 to spend online.

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