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When Is the Right Time to Buy Altcoins?



Bitcoin’s market dominance is back in the crypto space. Meanwhile, traders are eagerly waiting for the right time to grab some coins. We can expect altcoin to remain distant from the buzz until the BTC’s dominance subsides.

Bitcoin Dominance and Its Effects on Altcoins

 The representation in the section is from The Birb Nest. Which gives a clear picture of how Altcoins react to the dominance of the star crypto. In simpler terms, when BTC dominance grows alongside BTC price, altcoin plummet. While the price of BTC falls, when the dominance of BTC grows, altcoin fall. 

In addition, when Bitcoin price consolidates, altcoin consolidates, while the dominance is still growing. The price of altcoin coins rises with the price of BTC rising, while the dominance falls. altcoin tends to rise or move sideways, while the price and dominance of BTC fall. altcoin rise, while the Bitcoin price consolidates, when the dominance falls, altcoin rises.

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Amidst growing curiosity regarding altcoin purchases. Popular analysts opine December/January to be the best time to buy some altcoin. The analyst expects USDT pairs with ALT coins to perform well. While altcoin paired with BTC might witness corrections for 6-8 weeks. 

Collectively, from historic price movements, it is evident that altcoin will be interrelated to the dominance and price of the star crypto. In addition, we can expect the dominance of Bitcoin to continue until the end of the year. Hopefully, by the first quarter traders and investors will be able to grab some coins for their portfolio.

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