Westcoast Navaratna SCAM? | Generation plan 10+ Income | 9 Stores

Westcoast navaratna is a new multi level marketing company which is claiming to be a huge retail chain in India. Murlidhar tripathi is director of this company, hiding no information.

Navaratna is having a generation plan with 10+ types of income and starting entry from 100rs. With presence of 9+ stores and manufacturing unit, company is getting in wide popularity.

Company is giving you a great opportunity to earn money in this harsh time of covid 19.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Business Plan
  4. Types of income
  5. Terms and condition

1. Overview

Westcoast Navaratna is having a good mission which is to create employment through their concept of health, wealth and happiness.
Their unique business plan with good quality product and services is getting in popularity worldwide.

In below image, you can check company’s products and services details.

Company is dealing in 6 different product categories in total with 80+ quality products at lowest price for the consumers.

Navaratna westcoast is already having 25+ years of experience and having 9 retail stores in total. In addition they have most advanced and hi tech spice manufacturing plant.

Also they have automatic hi tech and advance fmcg and grocery sorting and packaging plant.

2. Legal documents

Company is displaying all their legal documents so there is not doubt about legality to anyone. If anybody wants to join Westcoast navaratna in India, they can see their legal documents, get satisfied and join.

Join at your own risk.

Products in company

Below you can see company’s joint care, fmcg products and home care products. Many types of product company is providing to the associates.

3. Business Plan

If you want to become active business owner and start earning income from the company, you can purchase any product with 100rs.

When you do direct business of 100rs left and 100 rs right. You become qualified business associate.

4. Types of income

Westcoast navaratna is providing you multiple types of income to earn from :

  • Retail profit
  • Referral income
  • Matching bonus
  • Star club
  • Platinum club
  • Diamond club
  • President club
  • Crown president club
  • Generation bonus
  • Founder club income

1. Retail profit

Company is giving you 40% retail proft on your self purchase of products from the system. Only independent distributor have this opportunity to get discount.

2. Matching bonus

When 750 bv is matched in both the legs, you get 1 matching point.

How much matching point value will be in rs is written below. If company’s total today’s turnover is x amount then 40% of it will be separated and divided by total number of matching points in the company.

This gives the value of matching point in rupees.

40% of company’s daily turnover will be separated different for matching bonus purpose.

3. Star club bonus, Silver club, Platinum club , diamond, president, crown president club

On matching of 15,000 bv, you get 1 star club points. Company is separating 10% of company’s monthly turnover for this income and according to the same process, star club point value will be identified.

Remember in this income, power leg is carry forward.

In the similar manner, company is distributing silver club income that is also monthly. Here company will give you 3% from monthly turnover and power leg is carry forward.

On 50,000 bv match you will be eligible to get 1 silver club point.

Again company is distributing platinum club income that is also monthly. Here company will give you 5% from monthly turnover and power leg is carry forward.

On 1,00,000 bv match you will be eligible to get 1 platinum club point.

Similarly in diamond club company is seperating 3% of monthly turnover bv, president club is also 3%, crown president club also 3%.

4. Generation Bonus

You will get 10% of your total first level members income at the month end.

5. Founder club income

To be eligible for this, home stock point billing of 5000rs is required at minimum. This is also a monthly income as displayed below.

Start up package

If you are confused and want to know the startup package cost, you can join by ordering this product mentioned below.

5. Terms and conditions

If you are willing to join the company or associate your business with them, you must read their terms and conditions and get proper knowledge about it.

It is most mandatory to read the terms and conditions as you will be joining the company only at your own risk.

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