Wenaira Loan App Review – Digitalizing Funds Availability

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WeNaira is a personal loan platform for borrowing needs. Purposes for personal loans can include financing a large purchase, covering an emergency expense and consolidating debt. Personal loans, which are typically unsecured, are paid back in monthly installments with interest.

All loans consist of three components: 

  • The interest rate
  • Security component  
  • Term and conditions

Obviously, it must be comfortable with you before proceeding with any platform.

Getting a personal loan is a good idea if you have a stable income and a good credit score because you will then be offered a low rate of interest.


WeNaira Loan App Advantages

  • Application on mobile phone
  • Online instant personal loan
  • Affordable low interest rates
  • High loan approval rate
  • The application materials are safe and confidential.


Wenaira Loan Scale

Loan amount: ₦2600-₦26000

Loan period: 92-366 days

Annual interest rate: 36%-360%

Age; must be 18 or above.

Example calculation: A user loan is ₦10000, the annual interest rate is 100%, and the term is 92 days. After deducting the handling fee, the interest payable is ₦2513.6

Calculation method: ₦10000*100%/366*92=₦2513.66


How to get a Wenaira Loan

-Download the WeNaira app

-Register with your phone number

-Click “Apply” on the homepage

-Answer some simple questions

-Select amount and period

-Accept loan offer

-Submit waiting for our review

-After approval, confirm the loan and enter bank details

-Our money will be directly transferred to your bank account


Wenaira Loan App Statistics

App Category: Finance

Downloads: 50,000+

Most Popular Country: Nigeria

Last Updated: 12/11/2020

File Size: 8.3M

Minimum OS Version: 5.0 and up


Wenaira Loan App Alternatives

  • Sokoloan
  • Gocash
  • Zedvance
  • Renmoney
  • Baobab
  • Specta
  • Lidya
  • Palmpay

And so on….