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We finally get a good look at Subaru’s first EV: the Solterra



Truth be told, Subaru has been taking it slow when it comes to EVs, as it announced earlier this year that its first one will hit the US market in 2022.

In May, when the company released its first teaser, we got to know just a few things.

1. It’s an SUV.

2. It has a beautiful name. It’s called Solterra, from the combination of the Latin words “sun” (sol) and “earth” (terra) to “represent Subaru’s  commitment to deliver traditional SUV capabilities in an environmentally responsible package.”

3. It features a new, dedicated all-electric platform named the e-SUBARU Global Platform.

4. It’s created in partnership with Toyota.

Subaru also revealed two images that were totally unrevealing.

The Subaru Solterra EV
Credit: Subaru
We got a general from and the suspicion of LED lights.
The Subaru Solterra EV
Credit: Subaru
The name…

On Wednesday, Subaru gave out some more info, which is not that much admittedly, but we’ll take what we can get.

Firstly, we now know that it’s a crossover, off-road, and all-weather electric vehicle — that sounds promising. Most notably, it comes with standard symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. The company also hinted at safety features as a key element of the EV, without revealing anything more on the matter.

And that’s about it.

There are some more photos, however, that give us a better glimpse of the Solterra.

The Subaru Solterra EV
Credit: Subaru
Okay, there’s nothing much to see here…
The Subaru Solterra EV
Credit: Subaru
We can definitely see reptile-like LED headlights.
The Subaru Solterra EV
Credit: Subaru
The Solterra’s angles look sharp and sleek.
The Subaru Solterra EV
Credit: Subaru
The infotainment screen and the dashboard controls look COOL.

For those of you who can’t wait to know more, Subaru’s website offers a signup option to get the latest updates.

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