Practical Steps To Record Your Song On Smart Phone Using Voloco

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Are you an aspiring musician, singer, or songwriter with a burning desire to share your musical creations with the world? The digital age has opened up incredible opportunities for creative minds to showcase their talents, and one powerful tool that has taken the music scene by storm is the Voloco app.

With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can transform your vocal performances into professionally polished recordings that rival studio-quality tracks.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the practical steps to harness the full potential of Voloco and create a stunning masterpiece right from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist looking to experiment with new sounds or a beginner taking your first steps into the world of music production, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of mobile music recording and unleash your artistic flair like never before.

What is Voloco?

Voloco stands as a revolutionary real-time voice-processing application that brings together a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge features including automatic tuning, harmonization, and vocoding. With Voloco, you’re not just recording your voice, you’re embarking on a transformative musical journey.

This ingenious app grants you the power to handpick a track from your personal music collection or explore Voloco’s expansive library of free beats, providing you with a canvas on which to unleash your creative genius, whether through soulful singing or rhythmic rap verses.

The magic of Voloco doesn’t stop there; it goes beyond mere recording to truly understand the intricacies of your chosen track. Through its intuitive technology, Voloco seamlessly identifies the key of the selected track and ingeniously tunes your voice to harmonize perfectly with that very key.

Features of Voloco Auto Tune App


Voloco allows you to record your performances in audio or video so you can easily share them.

Create and Share

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If you want to finish your mix with another app, that’s easy. You can rap or sing over a track, record yourself, and export just your vocals for final mixing elsewhere.


Check out some of the professional-quality tracks users have made with Voloco in the Top Tracks section of the app.


Select a beat from the beat library to rap or sing over.


Voloco features eight vocal effect preset packs that enables you on how to record your song on phone using voloco without going to the studio.

  • Starter: Two flavors of auto vocal tune, a rich harmony preset, a monster vocoder, and noise reduction.
  • Modern Rap I: Add stereo width, thickness, and heft to your vocals.
  • Modern Rap II: Extended harmonies and effects that are great for ad-libs.
  • P-Tain: Extreme pitch correction plus seventh chords. Perfect for RnB and rap.
  • Bon Hiver: Lush harmonies and auto vocal tune in the style of Bon Iver’s song “Woods.”
  • 8 Bit Chip: Bleeps and boops like your favorite games from the 80’s
  • Duft Pank: Funky vocoder sounds similar to a certain French electronic duo.
  • Sitar Hero: Inspired by Indian classical music.

How to Record your Song on Your Smartphone With Voloco

  • Download Voloco for Android or iPhone on Play store and Install.
  • Now open voloco and click on the + sign to record your song
  • Click the 🎶 to select a beat to use.
  • You can either buy beat from a beat maker or beter still use existing beat online.
  • But if you wish to use naija beats please download and then import them to the app to use because the online beat store provided doesnt come with naija beats.
  • When you done recording your song you can mix it and also set pitch and then its ready for others to listen just like you will in the studio.
  • Share your song with your friends and feel the vibe.
  • Dont forget to make use of your earpiece.

Now you know how to record your song on phone using voloco without going to the studio.


This ingenious app simplifies the recording process by allowing you to handpick a track from your personal music collection or select one from Voloco’s extensive library of free beats. Once you’ve chosen your musical backdrop, Voloco steps up its game by intuitively deciphering the key of the selected track.

This intuitive analysis becomes the bedrock of the app’s magic, as it deftly fine-tunes your vocal rendition to harmonize seamlessly with the chosen key.

In other words, whether you’re belting out soulful melodies or delivering a rapid-fire rap, Voloco guarantees that your voice remains in perfect harmony with the underlying musical canvas, transcending mere recording into a transformative musical experience.