Varaah Onion and Black Seed Hair Oil | Ingredients, Customer Reviews

Varaah Onion and Black seed hair oil ingredients, hair benefits, customer reviews and all the potential threats is what we are going to learn from this Blog.

In the previous blog, we just read about the facts and adverse effects of mineral oil, castor oil on hairs and most popular brands which are using the same for more profit. [ Click here if you missed it ]

While being in the process, we studied about many brands and filtered the best for our audience.
One on which millions are trusting and applying on their hairs. One which is worth studying, experimenting and implementing daily not only on yours but on your loved ones hairs too.

Topics covered

  1. Hair concerns which are making people unhappy.
  2. Ingredients of Varaah Onion and Black seed Hair Oil
  3. Know more about Varaah Onion and Black seed Hair Oil

1. Hair concerns which are making people unhappy.

Everyday we are watching our loved ones being unhappy because of hair problems like dandruff, falling hairs, thinning of hairs, scrambled hairs etc.

Due to the use of hair oil brands with toxic perfumes, harmful ingredients just to lower the cost of the product, people are facing so many problems.

To Solve each one of them, every single one of them, we started our detailed study on Hair oil and all the ingredients to look for healthy hairs.

Varaah Onion and Black Seed Hair Oil is what we are going to completely cover and review in this Blog.

2. Ingredients of Varaah Onion and Black seed Hair Oil

People using the brand are extremely overwhelmed with happiness and love for these products.

Major concerns which is solved by Varaah Hair Oil :

  • Supports Hair Strength, makes them shine and more soft.
  • Brings up natural hair growth.
  • Reduces the breakage by strengthening from roots.
  • Many more to discuss..

Most important factor to note is Varaah Hair Oil is completely FREE from Mineral Oil, Silicone, Phthalate or any kind of chemicals.

Ingredients which are used to prepare the product is listed down below :

  • Onion Oil
  • Black Seed Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Amla Extract
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Bhringraj extract
  • Baobab fruit Oil
  • Brahmi extract
  • Sesame oil
  • Coconut oil ( Base for Hair Oil )

1. Benefits of Onion Oil

Onion oil which is known for it’s hair caring benefits is one of the major ingredients to focus on in Varaah Onion and Black seed Hair Oil.

  • It is Rich in sulfur, Vitamin A, C, E and helps boost immunity.
  • Nourishes Hair follicles
  • Restore nutrients
  • Minimize breakage and thinning of hair
  • Fights Dandruff and promotes growth
  • Helps increase Strength and volume of hairs
  • Prevents and lowers the Grey areas.

2. Black seed oil

It is extracted from Nigella Sativa which is found in south,west asia. The seeds of sativa is the origination of black seed oil.

2000 years ago when there was no branding, products like this, Sativa seeds were used as the healing pigment for most of the disease due to it’s insane health benefits.

  • Black seed oil is having Antioxidants, anti inflammatory, anti microbial properties which is extra ordinary.
  • It helps treat dry skin areas and removes dandruff.
  • Hydration is one of the prime factors of this oil.
  • It moisturizes the roots and softens the hairs.

3. Bhringraj Extracts

Bhringraj is extracted from white flowers of it’s herb and it belongs to sunflower family.

How it is prepared ?

  • White leaves are crushed properly and exposed to sun for 3 days
  • These leaves are added in coconut or sesame oil
  • Again it is left for sundry for 3 days until it’s color turns green

Benefits for hairs :

  • It is rich in iron, magnesium, Vitamin D,E.
  • Acts like a hair tonic which prevents hair fall, dandruff and improves strengthening of hairs.
  • It increases the blood circulation in roots and scalp.
  • Promotes hair growth and strengthens hair follicles.
  • Reduces the stress level and nervousness in the mind and body.

These were a few benefits of Bhringraj Extract.

3. Know more about Varaah Onion and Black seed Hair Oil

To contact and know more about this product, kindly drop your email at ( ) or you can directly contact at 9870763481.

Hope you got to learn everything about hair oil from this blog, stay tuned for more upcoming blogs.

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