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AG is a new type of money-making platform jointly created by KDDI and au. It is everyone’s business to complete digital transformation and enable users of any age to successfully profit in the era of big data.

Therefore, with the joint help of KDDI and au, our plan is unlike any other, and we can guarantee fixed income for investors regardless of market conditions or international issues.

Join us to develop together .Maximum profit, up to 6% profit per day.


Is Legit

This company is 💯%scam I invested around 2435usdt in,it was normal for awhile one day they blocked my account , contacted customer service they resolve the problem ,and then in few days again contacted customer service and they told me that my account has invaded by criminal from different countries,so they demanded me to pay the same amount in order to secure my account which does not made any sense.when I refused they blocked me completely,I told that in the telegram group they deleted the comment blacked me from the group.


This site is a scam. deposited. The site was discontinued yesterday and today it is back in service. I tried to access my account. I was told that your information is wrong. As for YouTube videos, the company gives them a fee for defaming the site. I do not recommend investing in the site



Is Scam

You will have to judge from the already posted testimony above.





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