8 Keynotes on Truzact App Review – Safe & Invest in Crypto

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Truzact app isn’t just a wallet but rather a lifestyle. Ron Lewis said “It is never too early to encourage long-term savings” & Truzact is right at the center to encourage this habit.

With the constant adoption of Cryptocurrency, there has been an influx of several exchanges and wallets which affords users the opportunity to save, invest, store, and transact their favorite crypto assets.

However, stumbling upon Truzact has been more than a blessing in disguise for me, a global brand that is here to provide the best services to anyone regardless of his/her country, and available to over 170 countries.

Although Truzact was launched on 1st of March, 2022 & available for download on both Google Playstore & AppleStore, it has garnered interest from several people with its users increasing daily.

Truzact is a simplified and customer oriented platform that caters for every crypto enthusiast who is looking to start, grow and preserve their financial freedom via crypto.

Now, let delve into the amazing features that Truzact offers.


8 Key Reviews on Truzact App


1. All in one Platform

The ability to not just transact your favorite crypto asset but also to save, store and invest these assets is what Truzact gives. Not only does it have a user friendly interface that makes all these possible but also has added features.


2. Next of Kin Policy

Ever wondered what happens to your digital assets when you cease to exist on this earth with no one having access to it, well it most likely becomes lost. Truzact app helps in preserving and transferring wealth. One can be rest assured that the case of your crypto asset being lost after your demise as your next of kin will be able to access it. 


3. HedgeFund

The Hedge Fund option is an investment feature that allows you to lock your digital assets for a certain period. With security at heart, Truzact is built with multiple security layers that help protect your account from hacks.

At the investment level, your assets are traded and the security of your capital is the most important thing regardless of the volatility in the market.

Truzact takes a customer-friendly approach that puts into consideration customers’ risk appetite.


4. The AutoSave option

Thistle by provides you with the ease of saving. If you are into periodic savings, the autosave option is there to automatically debit based on your frequency from your deposit wallet into your savings wallet.

While The Instant Save option gives you the flexibility you want when it comes to saving.

You can move your digital asset from your deposit wallet into your savings wallet on Truzact whenever you find the need to.


5. Dollar-cost averaging (DCA)

This is an investment strategy in which an investor divides up the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases of a target asset in an effort to reduce the impact of volatility on the overall purchase.

Truzact allows you to stay in control by auto investing at intervals of your favorite crypto asset. 


6. Donations

Truzact allows one to be able to crowdfund for several purposes on your favorite crypto assets.


7. User Support

With an highly efficient and pretty responsive system as they provide users with immediate resolution.

Users can contact support on support@truzact.net, live chat or through its social media platforms on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Truzact community of over 10k plus active members on Telegram.


8. Transfer

By entering their username or selecting from your contact list, easily use the transfer feature to send and receive crypto in seconds.



Truzact is built with your financial projections in mind, this is an all in one suite app that helps you build wealth from the blockchain tech economy. Your assets here are your net worth whereby you can start, build, grow and secure it. With the finest security, you are rest assured that your investment is safe

To get started visit PLAYSTORE or APP STORE to download now.