Tron Machine | Joining 20$ | Non working 6.4k$ | SCAM?

Tron Machine is a new decentralised multi level marketing concept which is going to launch very soon with a global auto pool system. Here you can choose to work in decentralised concept and earn from non working income.

Company is having very cheap joining amount so everyone can book their slot in the non working pool. With this, company is 100% secure and decentralised just like all other concepts launched yet.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Tron machine, a dollar based tron decentralised verified crypto currency concept which is running on TRON block chain.

To visit Tron machine Official website [ Click here ]

Fluctuations in TRON value will not affect your earnings since the joining is in dollars. You will earn profit in TRONS.

Company’s technology and website is 100% transparent and decentralised. Nobody is governing the concept, this digital platform is running on internet and it will run as long as internet works.

Your curiosity will be satisfied with this below picture where you can go through the working of Tron machine.

2. Business Plan

If you are willing to join the company or associate your business with them, Joining amount in the system is 20$.

3. Types of income

Your joining amount is distributed in two streams, direct income and power pool income.

Tron machine is giving 5 different types of income to earn from.

  • Direct income
  • Power pool income
  • Direct sponsor income
  • Level income
  • Matrix income

1. Direct income

Company is giving you 10$ direct referral income. You can sponsor any number of people in the network, on every joining from your referral link, you will get 10$.

2. Power pool income

Here 10$ from your joining amount will go into power pool income distribution. The next 3 person which comes below you in the empty slots, you will get 10$ from each person.

Fourth person 10$ will be used as a reinvest in the system. Again it will restart and you can keep earning.

3. Direct sponsor and level income

Company is having 2 by 8 matrix. When you bring 2 new people in level 1, turnover will be 20$ from which 10$ will be used for upgrade and 10$ is your income.

On level 2, when 4 associates join the network, turnover becomes 40$ from which 20$ is upgrade for level 3 and 20% is your income. Sponsor income is 50% and the id under which it is placed also gets 50%.

Similarly in level 3 when 8 people joins with 20$, turnover becomes 160$ and you get 120$ income on level completion.

4. Smart matrix income

This is a global matrix, whoever will upgrade their id with 10$ in the global pool, they will join below your id.

By this manner your matrix will fulfil and you will get non working income.

7 different levels are there which you can upgrade and earn more as non working income. Till diamond matrix where 128 people will join in your team.

Hope you got to know everything about Tron machine, stay tuned for more upcoming blogs.

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