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Welcome to Xycinews Media, this article about Trolex Income Program Review entails a lot about it from scratch to finish. I assume you might have probably searched Google for any of the following keyword about Trolex Income Program which possible lead you to you to Xycinews Media. 

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Nonetheless, this article is primarily going to focus on trolex income program review and features. This is because I have already published a blog post about it being scam or legit in details. Scroll down to view the article beneath this.




How Works

With Trolex revenue system members earns residual income bonus by commenting, performing splash tasks, affiliate, submitting articles and the likes, here are the break downs 

  • Affiliate Offer: You’ll earn ₦1200 per anyone you refer!
  • Monthly Raffle: It’s done every month and lucky winner will go with ₦50,000 cash!
  • Comments: Earn ₦5 for each comment you made on every post.
  • Splash Post: You’ll earn ₦100 For eash Splash post you made.
  • Successful Post: For each post your submit (must be approved) you earn ₦100
  • Sign Up Bonus: For every successful registration, you’ll ger ₦500 as a welcome bonus.


Trolex Income Program Founder

The founder of Trolex income program is Raji Ibrahim Babatunde, a young and passionate entrepreneur who has the interest of Nigerians by heart. 

The major purpose of creating trolex income program is to help eradicate poverty in Nigeria. However, I’m still researching if it’s the same individual behind Giftal World.


Trolex Income Program Withdrawal

You can withdraw both your activity earnings and referral earnings once you reach a minimum threshold of ₦5,000

Both referral and non referral earnings are calculated together, the juicy part of it all is that even if you have just one referral with a referral commission of (₦1,200) and ₦4,000 activity earnings you will be eligible for payout.

Withdrawals can be placed anytime any day so long as you have earned a minimum amount of just ₦5,000


Trolex Income Program Referral Program

For every online platform, the referral model follows a pattern, all company wants to promote its product, app or site so they offer all potential users the opportunity to share their link, make a new member, and earn a bonus as reward.

You earn ₦1200 referral commission for everyone you refer under your link.

However for those who find it very difficult to convince and refer people to join, you can checkout how to get referrals easily for any income program.

I also have a premium package E-book that will also help you get massive referrals


Trolex Income Program Registration

Trolex Income Program Registration on the site isn’t so complicated and it cost only ₦1,700, but it’s really necessary to have the below information handy is a as it will be needed of you.

  • Email Address  
  • User Name  
  • Phone Number  
  • Bank Details
  • Investment fee
  • Password


Trolex Income Program Login

Before you have access to Trolex Income Program login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

To login Trolex Income Program only the below is needed 

  • User name  
  • Password



In Summary – Is Trolex Income Program Legit or Scam


Is Trolex Income Program Legit or Scam – Withdrawal, Registration, Login 


To Join the platform send me message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Philiptechs : 09025904808

warning , Before you Click On The WhatsApp Icon make sure You have your Money Ready To Join ??Oforum



This Trolex Income Program Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Trolex Income Program nor is it targeted to promoting them. 

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective because we strongly believe every brand needs a good background check.

Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with us via the comments box below so as to further improve this Trolex Income Program reviews.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any queries whatsoever. 


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