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Over the past several years we’ve seen a number of social media platforms built on blockchain technology. These platforms, like Steemit and Hive and Synereo, all advocate for data-privacy and free speech, which is great, but their features and messages haven’t seemed to resonate enough with the broader crypto-community.


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Torum Review

Torum is built on the notion that there is one thing that interests and draws cryptocurrency users more than any other. That’s cryptocurrency and blockchain technology of course.

By focusing on this discovery Torum is working on making itself the very first crypto-focused social media platform. By placing the focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency Torum is forming a community that’s primarily made up of cryptocurrency users. 

And they believe that as that community grows it will create a network effect that draws even more cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain projects to the Torum platform.

Torum has also distinguished itself by eschewing the traditional blogging platform approach and creating a platform that has a better interface for users, and improved scalability for its features and functions. 

Torum’s development team believes that as it grows it can easily scale and grow its ecosystem, and that this scalability will also allow it to easily integrate new features that benefit its crypto-enthusiast users.


How To Earn XTM

There are a number of ways you can earn XTM, but by far the easiest is to simply log into Torum each day and collect the daily mission reward for logging in. 

That will get you 7 XTM through the course of the week, and at the end of the week you’ll also be eligible to complete the weekly mission “Stay active for 7 days consecutively” and you’ll receive an additional 40 XTM.

There are other missions available, but those will take a bit more time and effort when compared with the daily and weekly login missions. Of course every XTM earned is far more valuable than the time spent on one of the centralized social media platforms, where you’re simply there to help them earn advertising money.


XTM Token and Tokenomics

XTM is the native token of Torum. Initially conceived as an ERC-20 token, the team has instead decided that XTM will be released as a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain, with a bridge enabled for cross-chain swaps on the Ethereum blockchain. 

As mentioned previously, token utility is one of the problems facing crypto projects, particularly when the market enters a bear period. To address this issue Torum has created XTM as the primary medium of exchange across the entire ecosystem. 

The XTM token is designed to be the backbone of the ecosystem, creating a consistent value-driven network for all XTM holders.

  • Buying & Selling in Torum NFT Marketplace. The Torum NFT Marketplace is planned to become a one-stop gateway for the Torum community to list and trade NFTs using XTM.
  • Gain access to DeFi-related services on Torum Finance. Torum Finance is envisioned as a DeFi Portal that will provide the Torum community with the ability to use XTM for a variety of DeFi services such as lending, staking, farming and token swapping.
  • Boosting a Post or Thread Content. Boosting posts and threads allows Torum members to promote their post or thread on top of the home page of the community by spending XTM.
  • Bidding Advertisement Slots. Advertisement Slots are precious spots that anyone can bid to showcase his/her project, business, NFTs or other crypto-oriented services using XTM.
  • Performing in-game purchase in Mining Simulator. The Mining Simulator is an in-house developed game that allows the Torum community to perform mining in exchange for 10% of the ecosystem’s quarterly XTM profit.



Is Torum Safe and Credible

The entire platform is driven through the utility of the native XTM token, which was created as an ERC-20 token, and will now be issued on the Binance Smart Chain as well. 

The XTM token has many different use cases on the platform, which we’ll go into more detail about later in this review.

Already there are plans for a community NFT marketplace, a mining simulator, a mobile app, and a DeFi platform. 

With the project currently still in private beta anyone joining now can consider themselves an early adopter, and as we have all learned it’s the early adopters that reap the greatest benefits when a project becomes popular.


Is Torum Legit 

As we’ve seen during the crypto bear market, the failure to capture significant market and community interest is the primary reason that most blockchain projects die or simply fade away. Torum believes this can be avoided by building an entire ecosystem on top of the social media platform.

A social media platform should be able to maintain community engagement in a number of ways and by bringing together all the cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide into one ecosystem Torum will build a platform that will reach the necessary critical mass to become self-sustaining.


Is Torum Scam

The integration of a social media platform expands the synergizing potential among all the components of Torum’s ecosystem. Below are some examples from the Torum whitepaper of how a social media platform contributes a compounding value-adding effect:

  • Artists can spread their artworks from Torum NFT Marketplace and promote them directly on social media.
  • The community can gain access to a variety of DeFi services like token swapping and liquidity farming on Torum Finance without involving any non-ecosystem projects.
  • Project supporters can maximize their chance of voting a new “Favourite Coin” successfully through “Promoted Post” and “Ad Slots”.


In Summary – Is Torum Legit or Scam

The Torum project is undeniably very ambitious, and it is off to a good start, however there are many unfinished features already, such as the Mining Simulation and Premium Features, and the team is already announcing they will add an NFT Marketplace and a DeFi platform. All while migrating the entire ecosystem to the Binance Smart Chain. With 18 team members.

I would never shoot down optimism and confidence, but maybe the team has more on their plate then they can comfortably swallow? Perhaps some of their ambitious ideas need to go on the back burner while they continue to flesh out the actual social media platform and the features that go along with it.

Or maybe they will go on a hiring spree so they can accelerate development progress. That would work as well if they had one team for core development, another small team for NFT Marketplace development, and a third small team for DeFi development.

Of course everything remains in private beta as well, so maybe there’s no rush.

I also take issue at the development team taking 25% of the total coin supply for themselves. It seems excessive and unnecessary.



This Torum Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Torum nor is it targeted to promoting them. 

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective because we strongly believe every brand needs a good background check.

Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with us via the comments box below so as to further improve this Torum review.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any queries whatsoever. 


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