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Thomas Alva Edison and the Bulb Invention, a False Claim Cleared.



The bulb has surely proven itself to be inevitable in this modern world of lighting and technology advancement. All
homes, offices, stores, rooms and building undoubtly has a lightning of bulb in it domain. But some simple question Is posed to you to feed on before reading ahead, maybe to wet your appetite; 
Ÿ  Was the bulb a mysterious object from trace of time back? 

Ÿ  Did it really had an inventor ? 

Ÿ  If it had an inventor, then who really is that inventor? 

Ÿ  Was a man name Thomas Alva Edison the sole founder and owner of  the world bulb supplies?

Somebody might say I do not know to all the above ask, while some might admit of having ideas partaking to it. Well let trek through the questions in a simple summary.
Some research documentaries have spotted out names like Jean Foucault, Humphrey Davy, Hiram Maxim and Joseph Swan to be the real pioneers of bulb invention from their various sources. But another pioneer of today bulb named Heinrich Goebel dating back to 1854 developed the source ideas. But of important note, the invention of bulb is a cumulative work from various men with a common idea in innovation, but unfortunately, all fame and attribute to one person.

The man Humphrey Davy for over two (2) decades observed that heat through a medium produced as a result of  electric current flowing through a wire. But the light duration was so short, with no proper result. So the need for an alternative medium to make the bulb last long was on the go.

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Then the smart idea of vacuum and carbon burner came to life through J.W. Starr in the year 1845.
Then rose Alessandro Volta with more means and smart idea of distributing the electricity with a copper wire connected at it two ends to zinc and copper respectively in a socked salt solution in the year 1800.
The year 1878 brought to light a hard working man named Joseph Swan. All the earlier never completed their work due to lack of adequate material to produce an efficient and long lasting bulb. During this era Joseph Swan used thick filament for lighting causing the carbon burnout to be so rapid. Though good had it own flaws.
Then the modern father of electricity Thomas Alva Edison, though without the founding ideas of bulb making and inventions, adopted ideas and efficient men to begin a work creating his fame. First he observed the flaws of other previous inventors and their invention technique, then he use thin carbon filament with better vacuum to produce his own lightning in the year 1879. After observing little, though poor success, he quickly went and announced his inventions, creating recognition in the public but some poor work behind the scene. As earlier mentioned, he never worked alone.
The year 1879, their was an improvement when one of his worker found another improved means of making the bulb last long with required filaments.
Many materials were tested to determine the lasting strength of the bulb, but fortunately his work mate found a Japanese bamboo which was tried and observed to last over 600 hours.
Then Joseph Swan saw his ideas and inventions stolen, and Thomas Alva Edison were really doing good with them quickly went to court and created a case on his adopted inventions. A resolution was upheld and Joseph Swan with Thomas Alva Edison had the choice of partnering together, this formed the Edison-Swan United Company. The smart ideas of modified vacuum in bulbs to cut off oxygen reduced burning process and also increase the lasting time of these bulbs. This partnership in production continued until Thomas Alva Edison with dominant influence had the company bought to his name Edison Electrical light company.
It official lightning was in the year 1882, New York city from the Edison Electrical light company in Perl street.
Then the struggle of fame was resolve to rest upon Thomas Alva Edison for concluding the hard work of the electrical bulb invention. And more still, his ideas were more practical in most cases of practical application.

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