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This is When Solana Will Enter the Top 5 List!



Solana has come out as the latest altcoin to set a new all-time high in the second quarter of 2021. The SOL price surged by 310% within just 2 weeks from $41.1 to ATH $146.58. With this three-digit milestone, SOL is ranking at 7th position in Coinmarketcap. The network aims to enter the top 5 in the next few weeks! Wondering how it would beat other prominent Altcoins? We caught up with some data that hints SOL could leg up to the top 5.   

Currently the SOL market cap is at $41,181,483,791. And the price is booming with a three digit number. There is a strong possibility that SOL price would outperform other altcoins  to acquire position in the top. Currently the price is trading at $140.89at the press time. If it continues the same uptrend next two weeks then $230 to $235 would be easily achievable.  concerned about that range? Because that price will be $67 billion taking it top 5 list.

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Analyst Predicts SOL Price To Hit $240 by October

A popular crypto trader and analyst Bluntz recently shared his view on Solana’s performance. He predicted this possibility before SOL started its rally. On August 18th, sharing a chart he compared SOL’s pattern with Binance coin. Indicating that BNB came out victorious in January when it broke at $43.52 skyrocketing to $600 in May. So, he is anticipating the same thing to happen with SOL because the altcoin is showing the same pattern.

As the analyst shared chart, he indicated that SOL broke at $57.36. Straight a way it rallied to $140 within two weeks.  Pointing to Solana perpetual feature analytics, he predicted the price may rally to $250 by October. With slight pullbacks in November he expects SOL price to hit $200 by year’s end. Also he pointed out at BNB’s another major resistance level at $398.125. If it breaks that zone then he is hoping for BNB price to skyrocket to its next level.

Solana labs recently announced that it has raised nearly $314 million funding. In response to this Solana CEO Raj Gokal revealed that the network is anticipating to reach 1 billion users via dApps, NFTs, Gaming and more. At present the SOL price is trading at $140. Considering all the developments and expert analysis with current top-notch performance the currency has a good opportunity to enter the top 5!

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