These Catalysts Will Propel Ethereum Price to $6000, in the Short Term!

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The second-largest crypto by market cap is fathoming the glitter and buzz in the space. The digital asset is growing at a steady pace, claiming major milestones along with its rally. The altcoin has always been on the radar of traders and investors in the space. According to some sources, Ethereum is the fastest network to hit $500 billion valuations in less than 6-years.


Meanwhile, a rhythmic trend pattern can be seen on the charts, which hints at a forecast of prospects. On the other hand, several catalysts continue to fuel Ethereum’s presence in the industry. Consecutively, Traders are keen on yielding maximum returns from coins this season.

Catalysts Nurturing Ethereum’s Northward Flight

  Several catalysts have been acting in favor of the top altcoin. Which are a major source of the digital assets leg-up, left aside the abilities of the protocol. Below mentioned are the catalysts, which hold immense potential for Ethereum’s fortunes.

  1. CEO of Discord hints at Ethereum compatibility, as he shares a screenshot that shows Discord and Ethereum connected. In a reply to another social media user, who writes in support of Discord’s Web3 sleeper. 
  1. Reddit converting karma tokens into ERC20 tokens, holds immense potential for the altcoin. As the massive user base, and the individual’s karma points sums up to huge influx to the network. Moreover, it is believed that the transactions would incur negligible charges, as the Arbitrum would come into picture.
  1. Onchain statistics suggest that, amount of ETH supply last active 6M-12M (1dMA) reached a 5-year high of 39,623,449.526 ETH. The mining difficulty has peaked yet again. The futures contract open interest also reached an ATH on Bitfinex. ETH number of addresses in loss (7dMA) just reached a 5-month low. The previous ATH were reported by CoinPedia only a day ago.
  1. Analyst expects Metamask will likely do a token, which could probably go to people who used the in app swap feature.

 Is Ethereum Price Rhyming Its Previous Price Movements?

   ETH at press time is trading at $4808.66 with gains of 1.5%, while the market cap is around $569,533,202,719. The trading volume for a day and a night is about $19,841,175,529. The coin hit its ATH of $4,857.25 a couple of hours before press time. The coin is currently climbing up the stairs towards higher highs.

A keen look at the charts suggests that the digital coin has been rhyming its price movements from the past. A double bottom formation can be seen at several instances, where the digital coin has retraced from the neckline. The asset can be seen conquering peaks, correcting its prices, and heading upwards again. The spikes have been as high as over 100% at instances. While the dips have been significantly lower.

We can expect, the catalyst fueling the altcoin towards $6000 in the short term. Meanwhile, the analyst expects a massive bull cycle, with the breakout of the bull pennant. This is evident from the chart.

Collectively, Ethereum holds several catalysts nurturing its growth. Apart from the previously mentioned ones, Ethereum is one among the top 10 watch-listed tokens on CoinMarketCap. While Bitcoin maximalists hail Bitcoin over its market cap ranking surpassing Tesla, Ethereum is not far behind at the 15th position. Moreover, NFTs and De-Fi have always been a blessing in disguise. ETH will achieve the said target if the situation persists.

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