The Kponee-Shovein Foundation Scholarship – Meet The Philanthropist That Reformed Me

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Kalé Z. Kponee-Shovein and Zachary J. Kponee-Shovein
Kalé Z. Kponee-Shovein and Zachary J. Kponee-Shovein
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About The Kponee-Shovein Foundation

The Kponee-Shovein Foundation is founded on the voluntary will of Dr. Kalé Z. Kponee-Shovein and Zachary J. Kponee-Shovein

Dr. Kalé Z. Kponee-Shovein is an Ogoni Industrious woman who fled the military dictatorship’s violence during the 1990s in Nigeria and later immigrated to the United States as a refugee. Kalé sustained her commitment to the Ogoniland throughout her diaspora and pursue a career in epidemiology and environmental health from her desire to use scientific methods in service to her community.

She received joint Doctor of Science degrees in Epidemiology and Environmental Health from Harvard University, making her home Nation and Community proud of her deligent commitment.

Mr. Zachary J. Kponee-Shovein was born in Minnesota in the United States. He became aware of the Ogoni and Niger delta issues through his studies of Global Political Economy.

Knowing the historical suffering of Rivers State indigenes, and the especially acute needs of Ogoni youth, the Kponee-Shovein Foundation exists to provide financial assistance to scholars and small business owners in Rivers State, Nigeria, and service initiatives to Ogoni communities.

This is so awesome and well commendable of them.

How I Benefited from The Kponee-Shovein Foundation

Born and raised in the oil stain soil of the Ogoni Kingdom, the temporal crises that timely crashes, the hardship of sustainability and infrastructural breakdown, as an individual making a big difference has being the goal.

My childhood days was truly fun and it really shapened my mindset aside how regular kids how the world’s affair.

Fast track to my Tertiary University Admission, my 200 level was a blissful one as The Kponee-Shovein Foundation considered my scholarship application approved. The joy was overwhelming, I never wanted to let them them, and am keeping to that tracklist.

The Reformation

Knowing I was an Ambassador for the Kponee-Shovein Foundation, reading the stories and short Bio of Dr. Kalé Z. and Zachary J. Kponee-Shovein from the website and LinkedIn, I knew I had no set back.

Well, edified with courage, I was glad to represent the University of Port Harcourt in a Physiology National debate titled “The Viability of Physiology as a Career in Nigeria”, gladly I took the first position home.

The bounty positive impacts is much but I will take a brief halt here.

Endless Gratitude

It’s undeniably true the heart expresses itself based on how you truly feel.

I want to well commend the foundation for their care and support also caring about the needs of others with the foundation.

Thank You.

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