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I’ve long been a fan of DaVinci’s marijuana vapes: they’re lovingly crafted, constructed with premium materials, and deliver a fantastic smoking experience. This trend hasn’t changed with the just-launched DaVinci IQC.

Over the past two weeks or so of testing, it has become my portable weed vape of choice. And, in this DaVinci IQC review, we’re going to find out exactly why that is.

First though, let’s talk about DaVinci.

Who is DaVinci?

Nope, nothing to do with Leonardo — DaVinci is a company that makes some of the most popular marijuana vaporizers on the market.

Are DaVinci’s weed vapes good?

Yep. The company’s flagship device was the IQ, a product I was a big fan of. Since then, it’s released the IQ2, its successor, and the MIQRO, a smaller version of the weed vape.

So what is the Davinci IQC?

Shockingly, it’s the latest weed vape from DaVinci.

The IQC has an interesting place in the company’s product line though. Rather than being a sequel to the IQ2, a DaVinci spokesperson told me that it’s “a new and improved version of the IQ.”

In other words, its aim is to be a high quality entry-level vape, rather than an experimental or flagship device with crazy new features. This is also why it’s retailing for $230, rather than the $295 of the IQ2.

Davinci ICQ weed vape press shot
Here’s a nice press shot of the DaVinci ICQ — which looks similar to the rest of the company’s vapes. The exterior is sandblasted aluminium and it feels gorgeously premium in your hands.

How does the DaVinci IQC work?

Almost exactly like DaVinci’s other marijuana vaporizers. There’s a full breakdown of that here, but we’ll sum it up again quickly.

At the base of the device is a glass-lined ceramic conduction oven. Here’s where your dried bud goes. There’s a mouthpiece on the top of the device that you pull on to access the vapor.

davinci iqc weed vape outdoors

The LED lights on the front display either a specific temperature you can set using the side buttons, or “smart paths,” which are effectively pre-set temperatures if you don’t want to get that granular.

This ability to customize precise temperatures on the device been one of my favorite aspects of DaVinci vapes. While the LEDs on the front can be a little hard to see in daylight, I love being able to control my high setting specific temperatures without the need for an app.

It really makes the IQC and other DaVinci models truly independent, bud-blazing machines.

What’s new with the IQC?

Now we’re getting into the meat of what makes the DaVinci IQC a good buy.

Probably the most important aspect of the new vape is all about battery and charging. Because of the introduction of USB-C, the IQC can now be fully charged in about two hours. To put that in perspective, the IQ2 could take up to six hours to be filled with juice.

davinci iqc battery in device and mouthpiece
Here’s the battery. To access it, you pull up the mouthpiece and then open a compartment in there.

The 18,650mAh capacity battery is still replaceable, which is good for two reasons. The first is you can keep a spare one to keep sessions going. The second is that your device has a longer life, because it’s not chained to an internal, irreplaceable battery.

Eventually, the battery in my IQ2 began acting up and it’s comforting knowing that while this could brick other vapes, it’s merely an inconvenience with the DaVinci range — and easily solvable.

While we’re talking about batteries, I found I could get around eight sessions per charge with the ICQ — which is a solid hit rate. Still, this is bound to drop over time.

What other stuff is fresh with the IQC?

Here’s a big one: the magnets securing the top and bottom of the device are stronger. I had an issue with these sometimes creaking open, and that isn’t the case with the IQC now.

What’s the difference between the DaVinci ICQ and IQ2?

The biggest difference is the removal of airflow dial from the IQC.

davinci iq2 airflow dial
This little wheel on the base of the IQ2 (pictured above) rotates, so you can get more air through the vape.

This is a bit of a shame, as I thoroughly enjoyed the vaping experience with some airflow. When I asked Davinci about why they didn’t include this, a spokesperson told me they “received feedback” that many people “enjoyed the simplicity” of the IQ.

In other words, DaVinci saw a public hunger for a simple vape.

It makes sense that’d you’d remove something that’s “nice-to-have” like the airflow dial — especially when I’ve read other reports online of it not being wholly reliable.

Aside from this, the IQC and IQ2 are very similar. They’re about the same size and weight — both will fit comfortably in your palm and are in the region of 150g. They also share a design.

The batteries in both are identical — but the IQC is a good $65 cheaper.

davinci icq side buttons vape
Here’s another photo of my beloved DaVinci IQC.

What’s the vapor quality of the DaVinci IQC like? How does it smoke?

Like a dream. The vapor clouds are full of flavor and taste fresh. You can discern the details of the different dry herbs you’re vaping. The whole experience is damn impressive, especially for a device this compact.

Is the DaVinci IQC worth it?

I truly believe the DaVinci IQC is one of the best portable vapes on the market — especially for the price.

If I had a criticism of the IQ2, it was the company tried to fit too many new features into the vape without truly testing out how they hold up long term. The IQC is the opposite.

Here, DaVinci has streamlined the device, focused on ironing out a range of small issues in order to produce a weed vape that thrives in everyday conditions. There are no bells-or-whistles, but there don’t need to be.

The IQC is a gorgeously simple weed vape that does almost everything right. It’s close to a perfect balance of price and performance — and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to switch up their smoking.

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Naabiae Nenu-B is a Medical Health Student and an SEO Specialist dedicated to flushing the web off fake news and scam scandals. He aims at being "Africa's Best Leak and Review Blogger" and that's the unwavering stand of Xycinews Media.

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Marvel confirms ‘Hawkeye’ and ‘Ms. Marvel’ are coming to Disney+ in 2021



Halfway through July, this has already been one of the busiest years in the history of Marvel Studios. That makes it all the more incredible that we have seen less than half of the content that the studio has planned for 2021. In addition to the three new movies Marvel is releasing in the second half of the year, we also have confirmation that at least three new shows are coming to Disney+. After What If…? drops in August, Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye are still to come.

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Speaking with Variety earlier this week, Marvel Studios EVP of film production Victoria Alonso revealed that “a few other shows” are on track for 2021, including Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye.

It’s worth noting that both Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye had already been slated for late 2021. Both the Ms. Marvel page and the Hawkeye page on Marvel’s official website state as much. That aside, Marvel has had very little to say about either show since announcing them in 2019.

What are Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye about?

While WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and especially Loki helped to set up the stakes of the MCU’s Phase 4, Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye should be even more purposeful. Ms. Marvel will introduce us to Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) ahead of 2022’s The Marvels. In Marvel comics, Kamala is a Pakistani-American and Carol Danvers fangirl that ends up getting powers of her own. She also takes her name from the powerful Avenger. Vellani will reprise her role in the sequel to Captain Marvel.

As for Hawkeye, we know that the show will bring Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) into the fold. She may very well take over for Jeremy Renner as an Avenger at some point in Phase 4. We also know from the Black Widow post-credits scene that Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) will be involved.

Predictions for Marvel’s 2021 release dates

Here’s what we know about Marvel’s plans for its movies and shows for the rest of 2021: What If…? is coming to Disney+ on August 11th, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings arrives on September 3rd, Eternals follows on November 5th, and Spider-Man: No Way Home drops on December 17th.

Based on the fact that we saw some footage of Ms. Marvel last December, my guess is that it will start streaming on Disney+ in October. That leaves November as the only month left in the year without a Marvel Studios release. Therefore, I’m betting Hawkeye lands then.

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Netflix is releasing 56 original movies and shows in August – here’s the full list



Boy oh boy, has Netflix stepped it up recently or what? The streamer’s subscriber numbers from the last quarter weren’t very impressive. We have a feeling that’s due in no small part to the lack of compelling Netflix originals earlier this year. Long story short, Netflix’s movies and shows were beyond weak for the first few months of 2021. Now, however, things are really starting to pick up again. This past month alone, there were so many high-profile Netflix releases. You can see the full Netflix July releases list here. Highlights include Gunpowder Milkshake with Karen Gillan, the fantastic final season of Atypical, Virgin River season 3, and the Fear Street trilogy that horror fans loved. Now, however, it’s time to turn our attention to all the Netflix original releases in August 2021.

Wondering what Netflix subscribers have to look forward to next month? We’ll run down the full slate of new original releases right here.

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Netflix original releases: August 2021

Netflix just announced all of its upcoming movie and series releases for August 2021. There are plenty of gems in there from third-party studios, but people are far more interested in original content. Netflix has been steadily raising its subscription fees every month, after all. Each time, it says the increase will help pay for new original content. With that in mind, subscribers want to know that they’re getting their money’s worth.

In August, Netflix has 56 new original movies, shows, and specials on tap. That’s down sharply from the 69 new originals spread out over July. Of course, quality is far more important than quantity. With that in mind, it’s time to see what kind of quality Netflix has in store.

Scroll down to check out the entire release calendar of Netflix originals in August. We’ve also included links to the relevant Netflix pages wherever possible. This way, you can set a reminder to be alerted when a title is released next month.

Streaming August 3rd

Streaming August 4th

Streaming August 6th

Streaming August 9th

Streaming August 10th

Streaming August 11th

Streaming August 12th

Streaming August 13th

Streaming August 17th

Streaming August 18th

Streaming August 20th

Streaming August 23rd

Streaming August 24th

Streaming August 25th

Streaming August 26th

Streaming August 27th

Streaming August 28th

Streaming August 31st

Release Date TBD

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This free iPhone app is so incredible, it’s hard to believe it’s real



If you need to order new contact lenses or a pair of glasses, many places won’t let you do so unless you take an eye test first. And seeing as how a trip to the optometrist can set you back as much as $200, many people put off getting their vision checked even when they should.

There is, however, an interesting alternative to popping into stores LensCrafters. Warby Parker recently issued an update to their Virtual Vision Test app for the iPhone. Now, users can take an eye test from the comfort of their own homes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional eye exam.

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How the mobile eye test works

With the new app, which was previously called Prescription Check, it’s now easier than ever for individuals to check their eyes and renew their glasses or contacts prescription.

Once you download the app, you can take a traditional eye exam. Open the app and you’ll be able to read letters off the iPhone from a distance of about 10 feet. Naturally, you’ll want to do this in a quiet and well-lit room.

If the app determines that your vision is good, which is to say that your prescription hasn’t changed, you’ll be charged $15 for a brand new prescription. And as mentioned above, this is vastly cheaper than the $200 you might otherwise be charged by taking a trip to the doctor or eyeglass store.

Don’t worry, a doctor is involved in the process

If you’re wary about leaving your eye test to a mysterious algorithm, you have nothing to worry about. Once your eye test is completed, an eye doctor will take a look and assess each individual’s results. In other words, the test itself is mobile, but the analysis is still handled by a professional.

App requirements

The app itself requires iOS 14.1 or later in order to run. And seeing as how iOS 15 is right around the corner, that shouldn’t be an issue for most users.

Additionally, the app is only available for the iPhone for the time being. At this point, there’s no indication in either direction if an Android app will be coming anytime soon.

Further, only individuals between the ages of 18 and 65 should use the app. Users experiencing problems with their current prescription shouldn’t use it either. You’ll also need a copy of your existing prescription on hand. The app notes that even an expired prescription will do.

If you’re curious about checking the app out, you can download it here from the App Store.

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