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TechAdRevnue Review published by Xycinews was registered May 12, 2020.

About TechAdRevnue

TechAdRevnue, is a tech advertising company/Ad revenue sharing social platform where registered users can earn money both from shared Ad Revenue and by carrying out various activities on the website.

TechAdRevenue is not a get rich scheme, TechAdRevenue simply splits revenue with you for activities you carry out on our website, which helps boost our overall traffic and increase our AD value for intending Advertisers.

TechAdRevnue Review

TechAdRevenue is powered by AliTech LTD founded by James A. Folorunsho, an American based Nigerian IT geek, on November 2019, originally as a technology website.

TechAdRevenue is set to make life easier for everyone and to make you financially independent even as you stay at home and work smart with your mobile phones and laptops. So why not hop on the train?

To become a registered member on TechAdRevenue, you need to purchase your unique account activation code called the TechAdRevenue-Code from an authorized set of TechAdRevenue members known as TechAdRevenue-Code Mongers, who have been trained and approved to sell codes to other members and also attend to issues concerning registration. You can find a TechAdRevenue-CODE Monger on our Registration Page.

How To Earn on TechAdRevnue

On TechAdRevenue, you get paid for your activities and time spent on the site. There are numerous ways in which you can earn on Techadrevenue.

For each daily login to Tech Ad Revenue, you get credited with $0.15. You only get this on your first login in a day sTechAdRevenueting from 12:00AM.

While occupying yourself with interesting information and articles on the platform, you get paid. Interesting?!

For each article you read, you earn $0.02.

After reading a particular article, you have to wait for CLICK HERE TO EARN to appear below the post. click the link and your earnings will be added.

NOTE: You will only be credit once per article.

This is the section that pays the highest activity income. For every task you complete daily, you earn $0.3.

Members are advised to always check the daily task portal located on the homepage to to see what they have been assigned to do.

Note: It is ONCE daily.


TechAdRevenue gives room for members who are writers or aspiring writers to showcase their writing skills by encouraging them with some bonuses for writing unique articles on the platform.

The bonus for writing post varies from $0.25 – $2 per post, depending on the quality of the post. (Tip: Unique posts on technology, ‘howtos’ and health get higher bonus)


TechAdRevenue encourages its members by conducting airtime giveaway at different time intervals.

At different occasions, TechAdRevenue sets some tasks with instructions (Aside Daily Tasks) for members to carry out. Winners of this tasks are picked at random and will be contacted and credited immediately with airtime worth $1 – $3 of any service provider of their choice.

TechAdRevnue Affiliate Program

TechAdRevenue has the best referral system as it pays as high as 75% referral bonus to members. When you refer a friend to join TAR, you receive 75% of your down line’s registration fees which is $3.

Good news is, For our affiliate programme, everyday is pay day.

When your referral bonus gets to $6 you can request withdrawal at anytime, any day and you will get credited immediately your request is reviewed.

TechAdRevnue Withdrawal

TechAdRevenue pays users their activity earnings twice every month, on the 15th and 30th day of every month.

The withdrawal portal will be opened 24hours before the withdrawal date. This is to enable us confirm your earnings So all you need do is to place your withdrawal and wait for your alert after confirmation.

Minimum withdrawal for affiliate/referral programme is $6.

TechAdRevnue Founder – James A. Folorunsho

TechAdRevnue Registration

You make payments online via our TechAdRevenue-Code Mongers to purchase your TechAdRevenue-CODE.

NOTE: You can purchase as many TechAdRevenue-CODES as you want. Just select the amount you want ($4 per TechAdRevenue-CODE).

TechAdRevnue Login

Before you have access to TechAdRevnue login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

To login TechAdRevnue only the below is needed

  • User name
  • Password

Is TechAdRevnue Scam or Legit

Anyways, team Xycinews can’t pronounce TechAdRevnue scam or legit because we wrote TechAdRevnue Review Article.

We work with researched field report, verified evidence or users comments, so this is a potential prediction from all the information gathered.

And apart from whatever we have to say, your opinion is highly appreciated.

Don’t Forget To Support Us With Your Rating Below, This Will Also Help Other Readers

TechAdRevenue is powered by AliTech LTD founded by James A. Folorunsho, an American based Nigerian IT geek, on November 2019, originally as a technology website.

TechAdRevenue-CODE Mongers are registered and trained persons who help in the distribution of TechAdRevenue-Codes to members of TechAdRevenue. They also help in giving new members guidelines on how to register. They are specially trained for this purpose.

They seem to be legit full time.


This TechAdRevnue Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming TechAdRevnue nor is it TechAdRevenuegeted to promoting them. This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective.

There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income after joining and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual activities.

Additionally, you can’t hold the administrator responsible even when it fails because it’s an online earning scheme with laid out Terms and Conditions.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any complients whatsoever.


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Coop5050 Review – Is Coop5050 Scam or Legit




One of the questions that we need to take a close look at is if the 50/50 Crowdfunding opportunity is a scam or not.

We wouldn’t want to join a company just to learn later on that it is a scam, and we end up losing all the time and money that we’ve invested in it.

We are going to take a look at the information on the company, the products, and the compensation plan to determine if it is a legitimate opportunity or not.


NOTICE: In as much as Team Xycinews aims to deliver a near perfect review, we have a lot of Platforms on our Log to review & a lot already reviewed. Sadly this limits us from backdating to track the status of already reviewed platforms.

Kindly note that the platform information were correct as of time of publishing but might turn out to be SCAM without our notice.

Always check our article’s published date & the comment section below for users opinion. Thanks ♥️


Coop5050 Review

50/50 Crowdfunding is an MLM cycler company that you have the ability to earn money with online. The company provides a compensation plan model that you can earn money with using the popular GoFundMe crowdfunding type of service.

The idea is that you start by donating money to the person that invited you to the opportunity, then you refer people that donate to you.

You receive commissions when you fill a certain amount of donation spots on a Matrix.


Coop5050 Founder

The founder of 50/50 Crowdfunding is a guy named David T. Rosen.

The domain name “” was registered back in Aug. 2017, but the company was actually launched in Oct. 2018.

One, if not the first company David owned was called PIE 24/7 which was launched back in 2015.

Before launching 50/50 Crowdfunding, he launched a previous company called Cooperative Crowdfunding.


Coop5050 Compensation Plans

Coop5050 affiliates gift money to each other through eight-tiers of gifting payments.

Gifting payments in Coop5050 are tracked via a 2×2 matrix.

A 2×2 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with two positions directly under them:

These two positions form the first level of the matrix. The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting these first two positions into another two positions each (4 positions).

Positions in the matrix are filled by position purchases, made by existing and newly recruited Coop5050 affiliates.

Funds used to purchase matrix positions are gifted as follows:

  • $25 tier – gift $25 and receive 50% of $25 gifted in across six positions ($75)
  • $50 tier – gift $50 and receive 50% of $50 gifted in across six positions ($150)
  • $150 tier – gift $150 and receive 50% of $150 gifted in across six positions ($450)
  • $250 tier – gift $250 and receive 50% of $250 gifted in across six positions ($750)
  • $500 tier – gift $500 and receive 50% of $500 gifted in across six positions ($1500)
  • $1000 tier – gift $1000 and receive 50% of $1000 gifted in across six positions ($3000)
  • $2000 tier – gift $2000 and receive 50% of $2000 gifted in across six positions ($6000)
  • $4000 tier – gift $4000 and receive 50% of $4000 gifted in across six positions ($12,000)

Cycling appears to happen automatically so presumably upon completing a matrix, the initial gifting payment is subtracted to generate a new same-tier position.


Coop5050 Registration

Coop5050 affiliate membership is tied to a minimum $25 gifting payment.

Full participation in Coop5050 costs $7975.

Marketing copy on Coop5050’s website suggests gifting payments might be monthly recurring.


Coop5050 Login

Before you have access to Coop5050 login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

To login Coop5050 only the below is needed 

  • User name  
  • Password


Is Coop5050 Safe and Credible

Coop5050 provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company.

Coop5050’s website domain (“”) was first registered in 2018. The private registration was last updated on November 4th, 2020.

David T. Rosen first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar in 2015, as founder of the PIE 24/7 pyramid scheme.

In early 2018 Rosen launched Cooperative Crowdfunding, a matrix-based gifting scheme. This was followed by 50/50 Crowdfunding in late 2018.

In late 2019 Rosen rebooted 50/50 Crowdfunding as CoopCrowd. That brings us to the late 2020 reboot launch of Coop5050.

David Rosen is believed to run his various scams from Ontario, Canada.


Is Coop5050 Legit 

You gift in, that money is paid to existing Coop5050 affiliates. You then receive gifting payments from Coop5050 affiliates recruited after you.

The Ponzi element exists by way of gifting payments being made on the expectation of a 300% ROI.

Gift $25 and receive $75. Gift $250 and receive $750 etc.

Seeing as 71% of website traffic to Coop5050 is coming from the US, this brings the scheme under the jurisdiction of the FTC and SEC.

Gifting schemes are illegal as per the FTC Act. Ponzi schemes (securities fraud) are illegal as pert the Securities and Exchange Act.

As with all MLM Ponzi gifting schemes, once affiliate recruitment dries up so too will new gifting payments (investment).


Is Coop5050 Scam

Primarily, Xycinews Media contents is to give an overview of platforms and what they entails to help you decide if proceeding with them or Investing only what you can afford to lose.

  • Do you think Coop5050 is scam?
  • How you being defrauded?

With a lot of platforms on our desk to review for the general public, we might not be able to keep track of Coop5050 on a regular. Please help us by dropping a comment and this will help other potential investors from falling prey or proceeding to invest.

50/50 Crowdfunding is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

However, this does not make a company a scam or even a legitimate one in my opinion.

This is because the BBB has been to know to provide manipulated ratings and reviews that were supplied by third-party service companies to help better or worsen a companies rating.

I do tend to refer to the company information and also compare the reviews and testimonials the BBB has with other resources when they do supply that information.



This Coop5050 Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Coop5050 nor is it targeted to promoting them. 

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective because we strongly believe every brand needs a good background check.

Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with us via the comments box below so as to further improve this Coop5050 review.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any queries whatsoever. 



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Bingpay Review – The New Fintech App for Cheaper Payments





What Is BingPay About

Bingpay is a fintech app that is introduced by Trilber inc. The app was launched in April and is already generating a buzz on social media for its unique approach in solving fintech problems and making payments easier & Affordable.


BingPay Review

According to the company, the app main goal is “Providing Internet access and online payment Affordable for everyone”.

Due to the severe economic situation in Nigeria, Data, Airtime or Decoders are income consuming as they are done every time and probably everyday. Also, Transferring money from bank to bank attract charges that are sometimes unbearable for the Citizens.

However, Creating a platform where Data & Airtime Purchase could be done at Cheaper rate and a P2P payment system that attracts no fee is not common.

Instead of using traditional 10 digits account number for sending & recieving money, Bingpay makes it more easier to do so by providing #Bingtag for its users. Infact, you don’t even need a bank account to use bingpay.

For Example Victor a college student needs financial support of N2000 from his parents, he wants to purchase data for browsing, or purchase airtime.

But he does not have a bank account or probably cant access the ATM spot for withdrawal. Using bingpay, he can request and receive money instantly and use the funds to purchase data at cheaper prices.


The Bingpay App Services

The major services of Bingpay are: Making bills payments for Airtime & Data services, Decoder subscriptions, Water supply & Electricity easy and at a discounted rates.

Another service is sending and receiving payments easily with just a username-like system called Bingtag, Similar to cashapp’s cashtag.

So, Imagine buying airtime at a discounted rate? You could save up some extra money to spend next time. 

The difference between Bingpay data services and other fintech app is the price. You can use the app to purchase your regular data plans but at a lower rate. 

Visit Bingpay now for more.


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Synthetix Protocol Review – Trading Synths, SNX Token and DeFi Project





Synthetics are undoubtedly playing a key role in the expansion and overall adoption of DeFi protocols and products. As the appetite for decentralization grows, these solutions will only become more popular and it will be interesting to see which become the go-to platforms for the next generations of DeFi users.


Synthetix Protocol Review

Synthetix is a protocol that enables the issuance of synthetic assets on the Ethereum blockchain, supporting fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies (long and short) and commodities. 

Originally launched as Havven (HAV), a decentralized stablecoin protocol, Synthetic rebranded and now offers users a wide variety of options for synthetic asset creation and on-chain exposure to real-world currencies.


Synthetix Protocol Founder

The Synthetix protocol was originally conceived as early as 2017 by Kain Warwick. Warwick is currently also a Non-Executive Director of blueshyft, a network of over 1,200 retail locations in Australia.


SNX Token

Basically, SNX is an ERC20 token and the native token of the SNX protocol. The SNX token was initially called the HVV token when the protocol was originally Havven.

At that time, the total supply of HVV token was 100,000,000, the team also raised  $30 million in ICO by selling 60 million HVV tokens in 2018.

To buy SNX, you can go to these 3 trusted crypto exchanges Binance, Coinbase pro and Huobi.

Also, you can store them on ERC20 token compatible wallets like; Ledger, Trezor, MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Exodus, etc.

SNX token is the strength of the entire Synthetix ecosystem, and they are used as collateral to mint the Synths.

Still on the Synthetic Protocol Review you can determine the value of SNX because when users mint synths, new SNX tokens are generated.


Staking SNX Token

By staking the protocol’s native SNX token, users can synthesize their own assets on the Mintr dApp; all Synths created by staking SNX tokens are backed by a 600% collateralization ratio, which is determined through community governance. 

Stakers are incentivized to create Synths through  receiving the rights to a fixed amount of inflation as well as fees on the trading of the Synth itself, but they also incur debt when they mint Synths and to unlock their staked SNX tokens they must burn a proportion of Synths they minted.


The Steps for Staking SNX

  • First, you have to buy SNX on any exchange and connect to a Web3-Wallet (e.g., MetaMask).
  • Then visit Mintr, Synthetix’s proprietary portal interface for embossing and managing synths.
  • Connect your web3 wallet to Mintr.
  • Click on ‘Mint’ and select the type of Synth you want to mint.
  • Take into account the 750% collateralization rate.
  • Enter the number of synths you would like to mint.
  • Click on ‘mint now.’
  • Confirm the transaction in your Web3 wallet.
  • After that, your SNX tokens will be clocked automatically.
  • You can now enjoy rewards generated from trading fees. Furthermore, you participate in the inflationary behavior of the SNX tokens.



These are synthetic assets e.g. (sUSD, sBTC) that anyone can mint on Synthetix.

Basically, what traders do on the synthetix platform is to mint and trade synths (synthetic asset) for profit.

However, to mint synths you will need to lock the the SNX token as a collateral. you earn rewards as incentives for staking SNX.

These rewards come in two ways;

  • From the exchange fee generated by the synthetix exchange
  • From the protocol’s inflationary monetary policy ( SNX generated from its debt poll, and distributed to stakers on weekly basis)


Is Synthetix Protocol Safe and Credible

Having received investment from several well known funds including Three Arrows Capital, Synthetix successfully completed their public token sale back in 2018 and has since received a further $12 million in investment from venture capital firms Coinbase Ventures, Paradigm and IOSG.

Synthetix (SNX) is one of the leading platforms in decentralized finance (DeFi). Synthetix itself is primarily a decentralized exchange but also a platform for the issuance of synthetic assets.


Is Synthetix Protocol Legit 

Importantly, I always warn my blog readers first not to fall for Ponzi schemes and other investment frauds inrespective of the model, either Smart Contract, MLM, Income program, HYIP Schemes etc.

This is because these platforms involve paying longer-standing members with money from new participants, instead of actual profits from investing or selling products/services to the public. 

Obviously, this cannot be sustained and will always collapse eventually in a space of weeks or months.


Conclusion on Synthetix Protocol Review

As one of the leading DeFi protocols, Synthetix has great potential. It is very successfully enabling users around the world to create and trade synthetic assets.

DeFi protocols such as Synthetix have experienced tremendous growth in recent months. Whether this is sustainable or not will, of course, only be seen in the future. But given the trillions of dollars pooled in the Central Finance Administration (CeFi), it is not far-fetched to assume that DeFi is in all likelihood still in its infancy. 

The market share that synthetic products on the blockchain will have could undoubtedly be significant.



This Synthetix Protocol Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Synthetix Protocol nor is it targeted to promoting them. 

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective because we strongly believe every brand needs a good background check.

Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with us via the comments box below so as to further improve this Synthetix Protocol review.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any queries whatsoever. 




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  • ethereumEthereum (ETH) $ 3,853.22
  • binance-coinBinance Coin (BNB) $ 648.02
  • dogecoinDogecoin (DOGE) $ 0.673407
  • xrpXRP (XRP) $ 1.57
  • tetherTether (USDT) $ 0.999351
  • cardanoCardano (ADA) $ 1.61
  • polkadotPolkadot (DOT) $ 39.45
  • bitcoin-cashBitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 1,382.47
  • litecoinLitecoin (LTC) $ 345.91
  • uniswapUniswap (UNI) $ 40.91
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  • theta-tokenTheta Network (THETA) $ 12.33
  • solanaSolana (SOL) $ 44.69
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  • binance-usdBinance USD (BUSD) $ 0.997096
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  • terra-lunaTerra (LUNA) $ 16.83
  • pancakeswap-tokenPancakeSwap (CAKE) $ 37.66
  • aaveAave (AAVE) $ 471.04
  • iotaIOTA (MIOTA) $ 2.14
  • compound-ethercETH (CETH) $ 77.18
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  • tezosTezos (XTZ) $ 7.01
  • ftx-tokenFTX Token (FTT) $ 61.15
  • makerMaker (MKR) $ 5,634.67
  • bittorrent-2BitTorrent (BTT) $ 0.007692
  • avalanche-2Avalanche (AVAX) $ 39.29
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  • Coin (CRO) $ 0.187039
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  • algorandAlgorand (ALGO) $ 1.55
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  • thorchainTHORChain (RUNE) $ 18.53
  • daiDai (DAI) $ 1.00
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