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Hi guys, the name Taaooma is never strange at all, especially to love comedy lovers as she continues to attain global fame everyday.

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After her primary education, she enrolled in Concordia College, Windhoek, Namibia where she completed her secondary school education.


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Taaooma Biography

Born Apaokagi Adedoyin but known as Taaooma is a Nigerian comedianne. This 21-year-old talented young lady is from Kwara State and was born into a Muslim family of 5 and she is the last child.

Currently ranking among Nigeria top ten Nigerian Instagram comedians and recently Taaooma hit the one million followers landmark on Instagram.

Taaooma started making comedy skits in the year 2015 as she gained admission into Kwara State University, Malate (KWASU).

Back then in school, she normally returns home during the weekends and shoot as many videos as possible at home and later edit them when she returns back to school.

In an interview with Ebuka on Channels Television, Taaooma stated that she never had any intention/plan of making skits or going into comedy as a profession.

Taaooma Boyfriend – Abula

Greene Abdul Azeez aka ‘Abula’, is Taaooma boyfriend. Abula is a popular Nigerian video director.

Abula suggested that Taaooma starts making skits in order to perfect her video shooting skill.

Taaooma was clueless at the time on what type of skits to make and Abula suggested that she makes skits that depict an African mother & daughter relationship and that was how it all began.

With the help of Abula she started making skits until Abula traveled back to Lagos State and she had to do it on her own.

At some point it was really discouraging and she felt like quitting but Taaooma boyfriend Abula continued to encourage her via phone calls. Then she admired & looked up to Maraji & Twyse Ereme for inspiration & will to continue.

Taaooma biography took shape because she didn’t give up and in 2016 she tried going into standup comedy in her university and it was a total failure so she resorted to sticking with making comedy skit. In January 2018, she got her first paycheck for promoting a song in her skit.

Taaooma got her first major breakthrough when she released the video of the mother & daughter trip to school in a car skit and that was when things starting growing really fast.

Due to the workload she no longer shoots her video by herself as her videos are currently being shot by The Grenade Company, a company owned by her current boyfriend, Abula, while she edits.

How Taaooma Maker Her skits Whenever she gets inspiration, she writes it down in a book, and when it’s time to shoot, she goes through her book and shoots whichever one she is feeling at the moment.

Other Plans She currently plans on starting to make movies of her own from 2021 and she recently launched a food delivery company ‘Chop Tao‘ where small chops/snacks get delivered on order.

When was Taaooma born

Taaooma was born on February 27, 1999

Taaooma Education

Taaooma started her educational journey at Dolastar Primary school, Adewole, Ilorin Kwara State, Nigeria where she enrolled for primary education but after she & her mum left Nigeria for Namibia in 2009, she continued her primary education at Amazing Kids Private School & Academy in Windhoek, Namibia.

After her primary education, she enrolled in Concordia College, Windhoek, Namibia where she completed her secondary school education.

Taaooma returned back to Nigeria in 2015 after securing admission at Kwara State University, Malate (KWASU) where she completed her degree in Tourism and Hospitality. She has since completed her NYSC program & served in Lagos State.

Where is Taaooma from

Taaooma was born and raised in Ilorin, Kwara State, she had her early education in her birthplace and proceeded to Kwara State University where she obtained a Bachelors’s Degree in Tourism and Travel Services Management.

Taaooma Wikipedia

Full name

Apaokagi Adedoyin



Taaooma Real Age

Taaooma is 21 years old




Kwara State

Taaooma Marital status


Years Active

Since 2015

Taaooma Occupation


Net worth

Not Verified



Taaooma Awards

2019 >> Kwara State University Student Union Award Bag Of Fun

2019 >>>Gage Award Online Comedian Of The Year Winner

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Taaooma Net Worth

Not Verified

Taaooma Contact

Finally on Taaooma biography, you can reach out to him via Instagram on @Taaooma

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