Withdrawal Guide

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ET is the utility token for the SuperEx ecosystem. Various services will require the use and consumption of ET. As a deflationary token, SuperEx will continue to repurchase and burn ET according to the time node of the whitepaper. The TotalSupply of ET (currently 1Billion) will become less, and its value will continue to increase.


About SuperEx.Live Exchange

SuperEx is a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, KuCoin, OkEx. They are Airdropping $10 worth of its Coin – ET for free any new user.

When unlocked, you can swap to USDT and withdraw. But we advise you to HODL because crypto exchanges doesn’t joke with their native assets – it can pump to $100+ in nearest future.




From confirmation, SuperEx Exchange mirrors Binance Exchange. This is a huge competition brewing, as SuperEx is American Exchange.


How to Register for

TAP HERE TO REGISTER, and follow the prompt to verify your email address with the code which will be sent on it.

After Registration, Download the app on Google Playstore using the link below, then login and check the Wallet section to see your registration bonus of $10. To get your Referral link for SuperEx Exchange, Click on the top left corner and select Rebate. Withdrawal

You can’t swap to USDT now because it hasn’t been listed, but once listed by Quarter three of this year 2022, you’d be able to swap to USDT or trade it for other crypto assets, and more info about ET will be available on CoinMarketCap.

Currently it is locked you can’t swap or withdraw it yet.

The TotalSupply of ET (currently 1Billion) will become less, and its value will continue to increase.

Invite friends to use SuperEx to trade, not only can you get the ET of the event, but also have the opportunity to participate in the SuperEx airdrop whitelist. 

SuperEx will airdrop the users in the whitelist, and the airdrop quota of the whitelist is large and randomly distributed. 

The whitelist is a gift prepared by SuperEx for users who have made great contributions to SuperEx in the early stages of development.

We observed that the team are working to achieve a Web3 Exchange. The app has a Dex Wallet – enabling you to generate a PrivateKey.