12 Squadco Features for Seemless Digital Transaction

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Squadco is a product of HabariPay Limited – A subsidiary of Guaranty Trust Holding Company, that provides payment solutions to businesses.

SquadCo is a payment solution by GTCO Plc (owner of Guarantee Trust Bank GTB) that was launched on the 1st of June, 2022 with the aim of providing African businesses with the best payment tools to help them grow easily.



Squadco Features

Squadco features is so amazing and Squad by GTCO offers a lot of complete payment solutions for your business. It does not really matter if you have registered your business with CAC or not.

Below is a list of the features of Squad by GTCO can help you complete seamlessly and swiftly.


Squadco Transaction Fee

Local transactions attract a charge of 1% plus N50 per transaction and 3.5% flat per transaction for international transactions. Find out more about our pricing.


Hidden charges

There are no hidden charges. All charges are listed on our pricing page or clearly visible on your merchant dashboard.


Payment links

Once you signup on Squad, whether you’re a store owner, developer, fashion designer or a content creator Squad makes it easy to accept payments for everyone.

From Squad, you can share links mapped to your bank account with your customer on various social media platforms.


Recurring payment links

With this, you can create a link that allows you request recurring and installment payments from your customers.


Simple payment links

You can also create a one-time payment link and share with your customers and you decide how long the link is valid for.


Product payment links

You can also create payment links specifically for each product and share with your customers wherever you communicate with them.


Donation links

Raise money for a cause close to your heart by creating a Squad donations link to share within your circle or on various social media platforms.


Payment gateways

The payment gateways made available by Squad are debit/credit cards, USSD, and bank transfers.



SquadPos is an innovative new technology that allows merchants to accept card payments directly on their mobile devices without any additional hardware, or POS machine.

You can simply allow your customers make payment by holding their contactless card close to your mobile device making it cost-effective and simple.



Once you signup on Squad, it enables its users to create an account in the free Habari Deals Marketplace and market their products. All for free.

Once you signup on Squad, you enjoy zero maintenance cost, unlimited products can be displayed, supports 3rd party integration and migration, and you can accept payments internationally and locally.



This enables you to receive funds from customers when they dial your businesses’ dedicated USSD code. This means you can comfortably make sales when there is no internet coverage and the customers have no cash at hand.


Virtual Account

Even when you are having “bank issues”, or just want a separate account for your business you can opt-in for a virtual account to start receiving money from within or outside your country in no time. This account is even able to receive dollar payments.



By using this platform, merchants unconditionally agree to be bound by laws, rules, regulations and official issuances applicable on the matter, now existing or which may hereinafter be enacted, issued or enforced.

These terms and conditions also comprise the agreement between Squad, its sponsored platforms and/or its affiliates and the merchant in connection with the use of its Platform.