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Sonos is raising prices of its speakers and soundbars by up to $100



If you were thinking about buying a Sonos speaker, you might want to do so this weekend. On Friday, Sonos announced higher prices for a majority of its most popular products. During its recent earnings call, Sonos CFO Brittany Bagley explained that supply and demand have contributed to the company’s decision to raise prices. Sonos says that while the demand for its products remains high, the company has had to fight through supply constraints to meet that demand.

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Sonos did offer some clarification to The Verge in a statement on Friday. Sonos states that it is “always assessing market dynamics — including demand, supply chain, component costs and the competitive landscape.” As The Verge notes, their statement seems to suggest that the chip shortage is having an effect on the company’s output. The chip shortage will likely last into next year, and so higher prices might be here to stay. Expect more moves like this in the months to come.

Prices on Sonos speakers and soundbars are going up

Here are all of the price increases that Sonos plans to introduce on September 12th, 2021:

  • One: $199.00 to $219.00 ($20.00 increase)
  • One SL: $179.00 to $199.00 ($20.00 increase)
  • Five: $499.00 to $549.00 ($50.00 increase)
  • Roam: $169.00 to $179.00 ($10.00 increase)
  • Move: $399.00 to $399.00 ($0.00 increase)
  • Arc: $799.00 to $899.00 ($100.00 increase)
  • Sub: $699.00 to $749.00 ($50.00 increase)
  • Port: $449.00 to $449.00 ($0.00 increase)
  • Amp: $649.00 to $699.00 ($50.00 increase)
  • Boost: $99.00 to $99.00 ($0.00 increase)

Sonos didn’t clarify exactly when these price hikes will go into effect. Presumably, if you try to buy any of these speakers and soundbars on Sunday, September 12th when stores open in your area, you will see the new prices. Providing we can’t find any more details beforehand, you shouldn’t expect to be able to find any of these products at their old prices after midnight.

In related news, chip manufacturer TSMC is raising its prices by as much as 20%. Nikkei Asia recently reported that the rising cost of chips could be passed along to consumers next year. Sonos might be one of the first major brands to hike its prices, but it won’t be the last. Apple might choose to bump the prices of the iPhone 14 line to counteract the pricier chips in 2022.

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