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Snap thinks AR will become the new norm in online shopping



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Augmented reality effects and filters are fun to use on apps like Instagram and Snapchat. However, now many brands like Gucci and Nike have been using AR to promote new products.

Speaking at the TNW 2021 conference, Jacqueline Rutgers, Head of Marketing, Northern Europe – Snap Inc., said that more than 200 million users engaging with AR every day. Plus, 94% of shoppers who’ve used any AR features, will be happy to do it again. She believes AR would be a norm amongst brands:

Leading brands are already leaning into AR to create brand awareness and introduce new products to customers, wherever they are, at scale with measurable results. Some of you might already be doing the same, and doing extraordinary things with AR. But my hope is that soon, it won’t be just some of you, it will be all of you.

Rutgers said that if your favorite sneakers brand is launching a new pair, you can easily try them through AR lenses, and get your friends’ opinion — which, according to her, is seven-time more powerful than an influencer’s opinion.

Plus, AR experiences can give you a conscious choice of engaging with ads instead of removing them.

Brands have been using AR more in the pandemic
Brands have been using AR more in the pandemic to engage with customers

Ommy Akh, creative technology, said that there’s certainly of AR being present prominently in the future, and that makes it a really attractive platform for brands and creators both:

So to me, it was exciting to be involved in technology, where it was very clear that there was a roadmap that was meant for widespread adoption. And having the opportunity while I was prototyping and ideating, to come up with ideas that could hopefully be integrated into everyday use.

She emphasized that before the pandemic, some companies were hesitant in using AR. But because of the limited mobility aspect, firms became more comfortable in exploring new avenues to engage with customers.

David Robustelli. Co-Founder & Creative Director – Capitola Social, social said that AR not a gimmick, but it’s a utility that’s gaining importance day by day.

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