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Six Fall Trends You Will Actually Want To Wear GP



The fall season of 2021 and winter season of 2022 is all about saturated color, funky patterns, bold prints, and creative cuts. We have been trending towards fun and functional pieces combining the comfort style of 202 with the desire for luxury of 2021. You will be seeing a lot of sequins, animal prints, bold florals, and tailored cuts mixed in with comfy staples and utilitarian accessories.

  1. The first trend we are loving for fall is the preppy styling. From structured blazers to plaid skirts preppy styles are back in with a flair for the dramatic. Oversized cardigans, cable knit sweaters, and all the gingham/plaid looks you could want are in style this season. What we suggest is going for one preppy item toned town with some simple basics. Try an oversized structured blazer with your favorite pair of jeans, heeled calf boots, a simple blouse underneath, and minimalist drop earrings for a feminine touch.
  2. The second trend are seeing everywhere for fall is neon or over saturated colors. Whether you have a rainbow wardrobe or you stick to neutrals you can rock this look. Pick your favorite color and style an outfit around that centerpiece. When you’re playing with bold colors a monochromatic outfit can look super sleek and chic. Pops of neon on your everyday rings or earrings can be a subtle way to incorporate the trend.
  3. Structured coats are back in a big way. While we loved a puffer coat as much as the next person a well tailored trench coat can transform even the simplest of outfits. We are loving a printed coat to add some brightness to your winter wardrobe. You can even incorporate two trends by selecting a plaid or gingham coat to compliment your everyday outfit.
  4. Winter whites are here to stay and we are loving it. Long ago we threw out the no white after labor rule. First because white is a super flattering color and second because winter is actually an amazing color to wear all winter long. Why should your wardrobe be dreary just because it’s cold outside? The key to winter whites is going for an all white set. Pile on the layers to create a textural dream with structure trousers, a creamy white turtleneck, and a short cardigan for some movement. Finish of the look with a muted handbag in a neutral tone and a gold necklace for some shine.
  5. Tote bags are super in style this season as well. Dress up your farmers market tote or your work bag with a leather option. They go with every outfit, can carry all your must haves, and still look sleek. We love a utilitarian but still fashionable staple and the leather tote bag is it this season.
  6. Vests and sweater vests are here to stay. We think this style obsession started somewhere around the same time bustier tops came back into style. They serve the same basic principle even though they have a drastically different effect. A structured bustier over a billowy top can provide much needed dimension and shape. A sweater vest provides the same thing but it has a more unisex appeal. There are so many different styles to try from chunky cable knit vests to cropped ultra soft mohair or button up options. You can find the right fit and style to tone down your favorite summer dress and bring it into the fall season.

Trends come and go quickly so we summed up this season’s favorite trends that are here to stay. Many of these styles were in style last season or remained trends. We recommend starting with what is in your wardrobe that you can work with. Expand your closet to incorporate trends only when you now your love of the item will outlast the length of the trend. There are so many ways to feel stylish, on trend, and on the pulse of what’s fashionable without breaking your budget. We hope this helped you find new styles to love and wear.

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