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SHIBA INU Kills a ZERO! SHIB Price Hits $0.00001 Mark, How high will this bullish streak hit?



Despite the fact that multiple crypto markets are struggling today, Shiba Inu is not one of them. Shiba Inu price has risen 43.2% in the last week, beating the rival meme cryptocurrency’s gain of about 4.4 percent. SHIB and Dogecoin are presently the sixth and seventh most-mentioned coins on Twitter, respectively.

In the last several days, Shiba Inu has made some gains, breaking through the bearish trend. The SHIB price is up over 26.5% and appears to be on track to break through to $0.00001 once more. 

Multiple whales have been buying Shiba Inu in the last two weeks, according to one SHIB activist. So far, the greatest purchase has cost $46 million, or nearly six trillion SHIB.

The same whale later acquired 276 billion SHIB in three big lumps on Saturday: 116 billion, 159 billion, and an additional billion SHIB. The trades were completed within a matter of hours of one another. Some speculate that it is Robinhood or another service provider that is stockpiling. 

Shiba Inu lands on Opensea

Shiba Inu NFT has landed on Opensea, and it’s wonderful to see members of the community assisting one another by producing non-fungible tokens for their favorite cryptocurrency. 

In the previous seven days, the Shiba Card Collection has been sold twice, for a total of $136.28 and an average price of $68 per card.

The Elon factor!

Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu Floki photo went viral earlier today, prompting over 90,000 tweets about his dog, Dogecoin, SHIBA, Floki Inu coin, and other cryptocurrencies.

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