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Ronit (Ronnit) Biswas is a popular businessman, entrepreneur, executive, and also investor who hails from New Delhi, India. Ronnit Biswas rose to fame after becoming the husband of the popular Indian actress, Kavita Kaushik.

Table of Biography

Early Life

Ronit Biswas was born on 5th July between the years 1978 to 1980, in New Delhi, India. There are still no clear details regarding Ronnit’s exact birthdate. Similarly, Ronit Biswas has always been an Indian citizen and has been following the Hindu religion. His sun sign is Cancer and as of 2021, he must be in his early forties. Also, Ronit’s caste is Biswas. There is no information about his parents as he has never revealed anything about them. But it is for sure that Ronit has a brother and his name is Vishaakh Biswas. Moreover, Ronnit’s brother is an Indian dentist.

Sadly, Ronit Biswas’s parents died when Ronit was very young. Ronit Biswas then had to stay and grow up at his grandparents together with his younger brother. Being a successful businessman, Ronit Biswas obviously is a well-educated personality with the goal to focus on the business sector. Biswas first went to St. Columba’s School for his schooling. After that, Ronit Biswas went to the Hindu College which is in New Delhi. From there, Ronit Biswas graduated by receiving a degree in the field of English Honors.

Ronit Biswas

Caption: Ronit Biswas with his classmate when he was young (Source: Instagram)


Apart from his professional career, Ronit also loves sports and his favorite football club is Bayern Munich. Biswas even is an avid animal lover who lives with pets like dogs and cats. Similarly, Ronit Biswas is a great devotee of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh has well. His favorite colors are black and blue and love cricket. In his free time, the businessman often goes to Junkyard Café which is in Mumbai. Ronit Biswas’s favorite Punjabi singer is Gurdas Maan.

The businessman’s favorite celebrities are Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Aamir Khan, and Akshay Kumar. Biswas’s favorite players are Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar. As we can see that the businessman also loves traveling so his favorite destination is Switzerland. Moreover, the businessman even loves to watch American TV series such as Hannibal, Prison Break, Spartacus, and The Moment of Truth.  Also, Ronit loves going to the gym, doing exercises, and driving cars.

Career and Professional Life

As mentioned earlier, Ronit Biswas is a successful Indian businessman who invests, executes, and runs various businesses. From his Instagram account, we can easily find that Ronit Biswas owns the Indian brand, “KRONicles”. Ronit Biswas even has his own business which he has been handling on his own for a long time now. Being a personality without a parent’s support from a very young age and the elder brother of his brother, Ronit Biswas had to work hard.

Additionally, Ronit Biswas also is working as the Head of Events and Brand Director for the firm, “Mangorange Productions”. The businessman has invested in other several huge companies in India. To this day, Ronit Biswas has gained a lot of experience after working with numerous other big companies. Therefore, Ronit Biswas is considered to be one of the top businessmen of Mumbai, India.

To this day, Ronit Biswas’s work has paid off and he has already become a successful businessman. However, Ronit Biswas’s work and professional life were not enough for making himself popular. All the credit for Ronit Biswas’s popularity over the entertainment industry goes to his adorable wife. His wife a very popular actress who is also an Indian and is the main reason for his popularity.

Ronit Biswas

Caption: Ronit Biswas with his wife at an event (Source: Instagram)

Net Worth

Ronit Biswas has obviously gained a great amount of money from his excellent career as a businessman. The hard work of Ronit Biswas’s has made him able to have a net worth of around $20 million. Also, the Indian businessman has gained some fortune by investing in various big companies. He also gets some money from being an executive and entrepreneur. As of now, Ronit Biswas has been living a good and luxurious life in India with his lovely wife.

Relationship Status

As mentioned before, Ronit Biswas’s wife is the popular Indian actress, Kavita Kaushik. It has been really a long time since Ronit Biswas and his wife had been in a romantic relationship before their wedding. According to some sources, the couple got to meet each other for the first time when the both of them were attending a family ceremony. Immediately after meeting each other, Ronit and Kavita started being in a romantic relationship. Finally, the couple got married on 27th January 2017.

Currently, Ronit and his wife Kavita Kaushik are living a happy and amazing married life together with his husband. Everyone can see Ronit Biswas’s love for his wife, Kavita Kaushik. Ronit’s Instagram account has more images of his wife than of himself. In fact, the couple seems to be in so much love that they share every small happy moment on their social media accounts. The couple often travels to various places and spends more time with each other. Even after being in a marital relationship for a long time now, the couple has not become parents yet.

In one of Kavita Kaushik’s interviews, she told, “I don’t want to be a mother at the age of 40”. Before Ronit, Kavita was in a relationship with the co-actor, Karan Grover. The former couple even was the participants of the Indian reality dance show, “Nach Baliye 3”. However, Karan and Kavita separated from each other in the year 2008. Other than this, Ronit Biswas has never been involved in any controversial matter and rumors to this day. Ronit Biswas a very clean and loyal person.

Ronit Biswas

Ronit Biswas with his wife on their wedding day (Source: Instagram)

Body Measurement and Social Media

Regarding the Indian businessman’s physical appearance, Ronit Biswas looks very fit and fine in every aspect. Ronit Biswas has an average height of 5 feet 9 inches or else 175 cm or 1.75 m. Similarly, the businessman has a suitable bodyweight of around 75 kg or 165.43 lbs. The chest size of the Indian personality is 40 inches and his waist size is 32 inches. Also, the size of Ronit’s biceps is 13 inches and he wears a shoe having the size of 9 (UK). Moreover, Ronit Biswas has a brown complexion with a pair of black eyes and short black hair.

Talking about Ronit Biswas’s appearance on social media platforms, the businessman has been quite active there. The Indian businessman uses Instagram and has more than seven thousand followers. Other than this, the Indian personality is not active on other social media platforms. On the other side, Ronit Biswas’s wife is highly active all over social media platforms. Ronit’s wife is active on Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, Kavita has 729 thousand followers and has 190.2 thousand followers on her Twitter account.

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Reasons why you need a lawyer in case of slip and fall injury



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Reading Time: 4 minutes


Individuals who have suffered slip and fall injuries often make the mistake of not hiring a lawyer to evaluate their case. They sometimes file for a claim and accept the compensation provided by the insurance company. But it is essential to understand that a slip and fall injury can prove to be quite traumatic. According to leading personal injury lawyers, slip and fall injuries often result in extensive medical bills that insurance companies can compensate. But unless proper claims are placed on time, these payouts are not made. Hence, if you feel you are a victim of a slip and fall injury and as a result of the accident you have suffered the loss of income, then Hire a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer in West Palm Beachto have your case evaluated. He can guide you regarding the compensation you can claim. He can even tell you whether the insurance company can cover the loss of income you have suffered. There are numerous aspects of a slip and fall injury compensation that you will not know. Only with the help of a lawyer will you be able to evaluate the strength of your case. Some reasons for hiring a lawyer in case of a slip and fall injuries are as follows:

Table of Contents

Helpful in dealing with other attorneys

Just as the insurance company and the owner of the place where the accident occurred will have attorneys representing their rights, you need a lawyer to represent your right. Consider a scenario where you went to a grocery store and slipped on a wet floor and injured yourself. As a result of the injury, you had to be hospitalized, undergo numerous tests and suffered a broken bone. All of these are not just traumatic and stressful but also expensive. As your medical bills increase, your post-injury stress will also increase. All of these need to be addressed by the owner of the place because he did not mop the floor and the insurance company covering the store. You will need your rights to be presented adequately before the attorneys of the store owner and the insurance company. If the case goes for a hearing, then you will need an attorney who will represent you and has been with you right from the beginning. Thus, you need to hire an attorney who will represent you and ensure that your rights are placed correctly through mediation, trials, appeals, and other proceedings.

A lawyer is necessary to gather evidence and talk to witnesses.

When you plan on claiming the maximum compensation for the injuries you have suffered because of the slip and fall accident, you will need a lawyer to examine your case and gather the necessary evidence. To strengthen your case, you need to gather evidence ascertaining that the negligence of a third party caused the accident and you are the victim of the incident. In most cases, liability has to be proven categorically. The liability usually rests on the owner of the place. In most of the slip and fall injury cases, it has to be proven that the accident was caused by the negligence of the place’s owner. In such a scenario, your attorney will gather all the necessary evidence to strengthen your case. He will also talk to witnesses who were there when the accident occurred. This is necessary to understand the exact scenario of the accident. As a victim, you might not be in a condition to give the exact details of the accident. But with witness testimonials and with adequate evidence, your attorney can strengthen your case. Thus, you need an attorney to strengthen your case and ensure that you get the maximum compensation.

Provide a proper evaluation of your case

As a victim, you might not be aware of the compensation that you should claim and how you should proceed with the case. It is important to remember that the attorneys representing the insurance company or the policyholder will benefit the minds and not the victims. Hence, it is only your lawyer who can give you a clear perspective of your case. He can guide you regarding the amount of compensation that you can claim. It is also essential that you hire an attorney who is aware of the rules and regulations for the slip and injury cases of the particular region. So if the accident has occurred in West Palm Beach, you must Contact a Premises Liability Insurance Claims Injury Attorney in West Palm Beach. He can help you understand the compensation you can claim. Another factor that you can be assured of when you hire a lawyer from the region is that he will have better resources when filing documents related to the case. If your case goes to trial, you will need to file several documents associated with the case to make it easier for you to get the compensation. These can be in the form of medical bills, accident investigation reports and other such related documents. With the help of an established legal firm known in that region, you will find it easier to acquire and file all the necessary documents. Accident injury lawyers always help the victims understand their rights and the compensation that they can rightfully claim for the injury. The objective of the lawyers is to help the victims understand the merit of their case and guide them accordingly. Moreover, your attorney will also ensure that you are adequately represented in court.  He will represent you through all the mediations, be it with the attorneys of the policyholder or the representatives of the insurance company. Hence, you must hire an accident injury lawyer to represent you if you are victims of a slip and fall accident. You might not be aware, but your case might merit a higher compensation, and you might be settling for a lower one.

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How Often are House Rewires Needed?



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Reading Time: 2 minutes


If you aren’t sure when your property was last rewired – or you know it’s been a long time since the last rewiring – you may need the assistance of an electrician. But how often should a house be rewired?

In this article, the experts at Michael White Electrical services – specialist electricians in Brighton – explain a little more about rewiring to help you decide what to do.

Table of Contents

How Long Should a Rewire Last?

Once your home has been freshly rewired, it should last you at least 20 years. In some cases, wiring systems have lasted as long as 40.

It is possible to replace features such as plug sockets (to add new technology such as USB charging ports, for example) without having to renew the entire system.

What if I Don’t Know When My Home was Last Rewired?

If you have moved into a property that is over 20 years old – especially if it’s a period property or one with a lot of history – we recommend getting the wiring checked as one of your first ports of call.

Even if the house isn’t particularly old or doesn’t have significant signs of wear and tear, it may be best to arrange an inspection to see if a rewire is needed.

The team members at Michael White Electrical Services offer our specialisms as electricians in Hove, Worthing and the surrounding areas, and have more than 20 years of experience in checking the wiring of properties of all ages.

We can rewire any property that is in need of an electrical upgrade – and we’ll even rewire an occupied house quickly and efficiently without causing disruption!

How Often Should I Get My Wiring Checked?

It’s highly recommended that you arrange an inspection and condition report every 10 years to make sure your wiring is working as it should. Landlords should get their properties checked every 5 years.

At a certain point, you may find that you’ll need some form of rewiring – but it needn’t include your entire property. On many occasions, a partial rewire is all that is needed to ensure that your home’s electrical systems are working as they should.

Keeping on top of your property’s wiring is an absolute necessity. Faulty electrics can be extremely dangerous, and damage may accrue gradually over the years – remaining unnoticed until there is a major issue.

It may be that your condition report reveals that no further action is required. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry – so arranging one once every ten years is definitely your best option.

As electricians near Shoreham in Brighton, we provide services all around East Sussex – so, whether you’re a homeowner requiring an electrician in Burgess Hill or a business owner seeking electricians in Worthing, we can help.

For further information, or to request a condition report, simply get in touch with our team today using the handy online contact form on our website.

We’ll be happy to provide you with any advice or assistance you may need.

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Online Opening of the World’s Largest Traditional Exhibition Dedicated to Video Games



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Reading Time: 2 minutes


It’s the return of the world’s greatest video game show. However, due to the health situation, E3 began on Saturday online, showcasing footage from Ubisoft’s forthcoming Avatar game. Owing to the rise of COVID-19, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which transforms the Los Angeles Convention Center into a virtual paradise for game lovers, had to be cancelled in 2020. Things are slowly getting back to normal, and going by online casino reviews, video gaming could be set for the biggest growth yet.

“Video games have entertained us and brought us together. They have helped us to hold out, said Stanley Pierre-Louis, general manager of the Entertainment Software Association, which has organized the exhibition since 1995. (ESA).

In a brief video, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti guaranteed that the 2022 edition of E3 will not be virtual. 

Ubisoft associated with Disney

The French firm Ubisoft was the first to give a prepared presentation, revealing the first pictures of a new adventure game based on James Cameron’s blue character sci-fi film Avatar. Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, said, “It’s a glimpse of the incredible journey that awaits you in one of the most beautiful places but also one of the most dangerous.”

Pandora’s Borders: Baptized Avatar The game, which was created in collaboration with Disney, will be released in 2022.

Is there a new Switch version on the way?

Other new features included a new downloadable update for the game, according to the company. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Siege of Paris, and new Faraway Y Rainbow Six choices are all available. Ubisoft has also revealed a new game for the Nintendo Switch in 2022 that mixes Mario and Rabbids.

Observers are expecting a presentation by Xbox (Microsoft) on Sunday, which will be the first time the company has collaborated with Bethesda, which was recently bought by the American giant. On Monday, Verizon, which will be present at the show for the first time, will address 5G and its impact on the future of video games. Nintendo may reveal information of new titles for its Switch platform, as well as a new version of its flagship, on Tuesday.

Some images of Starfield await E3

Three game images were released in September of last year. It had been discovered and verified by a YouTuber as originating from a 2018 edition of the game.

The HUD at the bottom of the screen, as well as a guy with a backpack on his back, are all there in today’s images, which we’ve known about for a few months.

Others appear to have been taken in the first person and depict a realistic space station or spaceship. A helmet is also seen, with YouTuber SKULLZI confirming its validity by confirming that it is still a 2018 version of the game.

SKULLZI also mentions that some of his sources have given him permission to talk about some aspects of the game in the near future, implying that Xbox and Bethesda will be communicating shortly about this new space series. It evokes the Space Nation Alliance, which will play a key part in the game, as well as the Black Fleet, two of the game’s factions. 

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Last modified: June 16, 2021

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