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Due to the financial circumstances, Rastercrown needed to delay music and furthermore utilize that as a medium to seek after his monetary strength and education.


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RasterCrown Biography

Born Abe Micheal Adegboyega born April 3, 1994 is also know RasterCrown. He is a fast rising 26 years old Nigerian singer and songwriter.

Rastercrown in is from ilesha; a city in Osun State is also a Native of Osun State. He is known for his adaptability and capacity to convey great music darlings alongside his sweet tunes.

When was RasterCrown born

RasterCrown was born on April 3, 1994

RasterCrown Education

Rastercrown attended Mary Primary School but had his secondary education in Salvation Army Comprehensive High School in both located in Osun State, Nigeria.

He proceeded to African Church Grammar School. Rastercown further acquired his Secondary school leaving certification in Ayinrin Adedeji High School in Osun State.

He further obtained a National Diploma ‘OND’ in Architectural Technology in Osun State College Of Technology.

RasterCrown Music Career

Rastercrown who had his experiencing childhood in the city of Ilesha launched his melodic profession in 2013.

As we as a whole know, picking media outlets is definitely not a made simple brilliant endeavor, the story was not outlandish from Rastercrown who discovered love for music however had next to zero strong monetary support.

Due to the financial circumstances, Rastercrown needed to delay music and furthermore utilize that as a medium to seek after his monetary strength and education.

The cheerful day returned in 2017, when Rastercrown made a u-turn so as to seek after his fantasy vocation in music. During his rebound, he’s dropped melodies like Gimme Love and others which resounds in the lips of music darlings in social spaces.

RasterCrown Wikipedia

Full name

Abe Micheal Adegboyega



RasterCrown Real Age

RasterCrown is 26 years old




Osun State

RasterCrown Marital status


Years Active

Since 2013

RasterCrown Occupation

Song Writer

Net worth

Not Ascertained


Head Boi Music ‘HBM.

RasterCrown Songs

  • Gimme Love
  • Kilonshe
  • Armed Robber
  • Juicy P*ssy (feat. Opticoko)

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RasterCrown Net Worth

Not Ascertained

RasterCrown Contact

Finally on RasterCrown biography, you can reach out to him via;

  • Instagram: @RasterCrown
  • Twitter: @RasterCrown
  • YouTube: RasterCrown
  • Facebook: RasterCrown

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