Radicalx Virtual Internship Review 

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About RadicalX.co 

RadicalX is a free-to-use platform to help students and early career professionals discover their dream careers by connecting them with innovative companies through Virtual Internship Programs.

RadicalX Virtual Internships

RadicalX Virtual Internships are online programs designed in partnership with top companies that provide a unique opportunity for learners to explore various career paths and global companies. 

These Internships contain a series of learning resources and projects designed to simulate the day-to-day work experience of a company employee as seen in this content.

Why Choose RadicalX Virtual Internship

RadicalX presents an opportunity to cover your dream career by gaining industrial experience. You are presented with the chance to get on the fast track to in-demand jobs by becoming a RadicalX Certified Virtual Intern. 

Gain real-world experience through job simulations that replicate work at top tech companies and receive career mentorship from industry practitioners at leading tech companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, Tesla, Airbnb, Uber, and more.

Joining Radicalx Virtual Internship

Select Internship

Register for RadicalX, and enroll in programs that help you explore career options.

Gain Experience

View video instructions from actual employees and access curated resources to help you in the task.

Get Certified

Compare your work with model examples from the company and earn a certificate.

Get Hired

Add your certificate to your Resume, CV, and LinkedIn and get noticed by recruiters.

Types of Internship on Radicalx.co

Individual Internship

Design Virtual Internships

Explore Internships in Product Design, UX & UI Design, Graphic & Web Design, User Research, Design Thinking, Video Editing, 3D Animation & more.

Tech Virtual Internships

Explore Internships in Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Blockchain & Web Development, Data Science & more.

Business Virtual Internships

Explore internships in Digital Marketing, Product & Project Management, Data Analysis, Customer Success, People Operations, Tech Sales and more.

Career Development Experiences

Explore virtual experiences in Portfolio Designing, Resume Writing, Workplace Communication, Personal Branding, and more.

Group Internships

Product Marketing

Work in an interdisciplinary team of Product & Project Managers, Digital & Growth Marketers, Graphic & Web Designers, and Animators & Video Editors.

Product Design

Work in an interdisciplinary team of Product & Project Managers, UX & UI Designers, Visual and Motion Designers and User Researchers.

Product Development

Work in an interdisciplinary team of Product & Project Managers, Product Designers, Software & Cloud Developers, and Business & Data Analysts.

Product Growth

Work in an interdisciplinary team of Product & Project Managers, Growth Marketers, SDRS, CSMS, Account Managers and Business & Data Analyst

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