Who is RadicalX Founder? Talha Sabri & Areeb Tariq  

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RadicalX Virtual Internships are online programs designed in partnership with top companies that provide a unique opportunity for learners to explore various career paths and global companies. 

Once students complete their Virtual Internship, they can update their LinkedIn profile, resume, or CV under the “Certifications” section with their work skills, and work experience to boost their credentials and kickstart their career growth.

RadicalX presents an opportunity to cover your dream career by gaining industrial experience.


Who is RadicalX Founder?

RadicalX Founder is Talha Sabri

Talha Sabri is RadicalX Founder. RadicalX automates DEI Early-Career Recruitment by identifying Pre-Skilled and Engaged candidates at scale through Assessment-Driven Virtual Internships.

Remote First & Distributed teams use RadicalX to inspire, assess and hire diverse early tech talent by replacing traditional early hiring signals like GPA and academic background with candidate intent and pre-skilling data.

Talha Sabri believes that talent is distributed but opportunity is limited and everyone is driven by an innate desire to learn and grow.

By equipping people with in-demand skills, we can help them redefine their careers, their companies, and their industries. 

Talha Sabri believe that if leading companies, academic institutions and governmental organizations collaborate they can push the limits of what’s possible globally.


Talha Sabri Biography

Talha Sabri have started 5 businesses and have collaborated with 140+ companies in 35+ countries including Uber, Boeing & Cisive in the last 9 years, helping some of the world’s leading companies create sustainable, profitable growth through digital disruption.

Talha Sabri recently spent 15 months in Seattle & Beijing at Microsoft’s Global Innovation Exchange, a collaboration between 10 Tech Companies and 8 Research Universities, and had the opportunity to work closely with product teams at the most innovative tech companies in the world, including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Baidu, Alibaba, ARM, Boeing, and AT&T.

Talha Sabri is enthusiastic about the opportunity for teamwork with like-minded individuals from varying professional and cultural backgrounds who share my passion for equitable education, accelerating economic mobility, and developing a globally competitive tech talent pipeline. 

By sharing the skills gained from my leadership and entrepreneurship experiences with my peers, he hope to contribute towards building impact-driven, resilient teams, which will create lasting socio-economic change.




Who is RadicalX Co-founder?

RadicalX Co-founder is Areeb Tariq.

RadicalX Co-founder is Areeb Tariq. Areeb Tariq is educator and artist and I have taught 2000+students in various design courses. 

With a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and Communication Design from Eastern Mediterranean University in North Cyprus, Areeb Tariq loves exploring the world of design through culture, people and teaching visual art. 

His ventures include Ajeeb Studios and RadicalX.






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RadicalX Founder is Talha Sabri and RadicalX Co-founder is Areeb Tariq.

RadicalX is a free-to-use platform to help students and early career professionals discover their dream careers by connecting them with innovative companies through Virtual Internship Programs.

These Internships contain a series of learning resources and projects designed to simulate the day-to-day work experience of a company employee as seen in this content.

After you complete each Virtual Internship, you can add the experience to your CV and LinkedIn in accordance with our Certificate Referencing Policy.